10 Time Tracking Apps to Boost Productivity

In today’s fast-paced work environment, time is a precious resource. Whether you’re a freelancer, a remote worker, or part of a bustling office. Managing your time effectively is crucial for productivity and success. This is where time tracking apps come into play. Revolutionising the way we work and helping us…Read More

Navigating Project Agility: Top Agile Management Tools

Agile serves as the foundational framework for numerous triumphant projects. There exist well over a hundred companies that have embraced this adaptable approach to development. However, not all teams can seamlessly and efficiently execute Agile projects. The central Agile principle of delivering rapidly and frequently is straightforward, yet numerous teams…Read More

The 8 Best Toggl Alternatives

Toggl is a well-known time monitoring app, and recently they’ve added Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire to their list of features. Apps like Toggl, which primarily measure time, have become more popular as a result of the advantages that time tracking may offer to teams and companies. Processes for billing…Read More

10 Best Agile Project Management Tools

Agile is the backbone of most successful projects. There is are beyond hundreds of companies that has adopt the flexible development approach. However, not all teams can implement Agile projects effectively and efficiently. The key Agile concept of shipping fast and often is simple, yet many teams struggle with it.…Read More

10 Best Notion Alternatives

Without a doubt, Notion is one of the best productivity apps available today. Its all-in-one workspace concept has completely revolutionised the way we think about productivity, allowing us to combine our separate everyday tools into one giant super tool. Just because Notion is a great tool doesn’t mean it’s the…Read More

10 Best Pomodoro Apps & Timers for Work

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the most effective productivity tools that been ever used. It’s a cleverly simple system that helps you avoid procrastination and distraction and get things done. Any timer or timer app will work with the Pomodoro technique. But certain Pomodoro apps can make the this…Read More

8 Best Trello Alternatives in 2022

Trello is a popular Kanban-style collaboration app that is popular for its ease of use and fun interface. However, if you’re looking for a project management app that can be easily extended for use in large, complex projects, it could be better than Trello. This post explains why Trello isn’t…Read More

7 Agile Project Management Tools in 2022

Agile gets the job done. The agile methodology brings out the best in teams as it forces them to do the research and the testing first. It presents itself as a user-centric method of development. Successful projects that are a hit with their users means happier teams and fewer headaches…Read More

5 of the Best Time Tracking Apps

People usually track their work hours because they need to create invoices for clients and get paid. While others track their time to see how long various tasks can take. Or simply to make sure that your flat rate project does not cost more to complete than it brings in.…Read More

6 of the Best Goal Tracking Apps for 2022

Writing down your goals isn’t the same as accomplishing them. And not knowing how to manage your time can honestly make you stray from the path. Attempting to achieve all of your goals at once isn’t going to give you the results. No goal is too ambitious if you structure…Read More

18 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Browsers are increasingly incorporating more extensions, plugins and add-ons, which are often developed by their users, making the browser more powerful, and help us increase our productivity. The majority of us use Chrome. And it makes sense to consider Chrome extensions. There are other browsers are available. But Chrome is…Read More

18 Time-Saving Slack Integrations in 2021

So, you are here for the best Slack integrations, apps & bots. Let’s get straight to it, but first… What are Slack integrations? Integrations for Slack are add-ons and apps that help you connect it to other software solutions. So integrations can send you alerts, make it more comfortable to…Read More