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Once or twice a month I do a monthly round up of new resources for graphic designers, web designers and developers which get posted normally around the first, second or even the third week of the month and which you can see an archive of these roundups right here.

If you like to submit any resources to the site I would just like to ask you to please read the very simple rules below before submitting your awesome resource:

  • All resources that is submitted needs to be at the highest quality and be original.
  • Do not submit random articles.
  • The resource have to have a link to it.
  • No submissions are allowed to be from a directory listing site will be accepted.
  • Please fill out all fields of the form and check for any mistakes before hitting the submit button!
  • Don’t use all CAPITAL LETTERS when submitting a resource just because it is really annoying to read and I won’t read it at all.
  • Be nice and don’t spam me with the same resource or i will “just look over it”
  • Screening: I screen every resource that been submitted through the form before I post it on Some What Creative.

Thanks for reading the simple rules above, so if you now feel that your resource meets the criteria, by all means submit it to us down below.

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