12 New & Awesome jQuery Plugins

There many other JavaScript frameworks available, but jQuery is clearly the most popular and the purpose of jQuery is to make many of those JavaScript functions that typically need many lines of code easier to manage and write. It’s lightweight, and because it is extendable, there are jQuery plugins freely…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 6 Rich Snippets Plugins for WordPress

Ever wondered how websites get those special rich snippets you see in Google’s search results? It isn’t magic but it’s actual the result of adding something called schema markup to your content. While schema markup is invisible to humans, it’s a major help to search engines that are trying to…Read More

Freebie Tuesday – 20th of June – Alivia Script Font

Alivia, this hand-lettered typeface will turn into a diamond of your designer’s toolbox and whatever you use it for: wedding invitations, cards, stationery, publishing – the beauty of every single line, curve or swash will make the one let slip a word of amazement and great admiration. Download from PixelBuddha

Freebie Thursday – 15th of June – Homene HTML Template

Discover a fully responsive one-page template with clean design, so that you and your customers got incredible pleasure dealing with it – scrolling, studying the information it’s gonna bring, returning to it again and again. Light colors and pure minimalism are what attracts the community – and we love it…Read More

10 Simple & Lightweight Content Management Systems

A few weeks ago I posted some great hosted CMS’s that you can choose from if you don’t want to handle the general maintenance of using Content Management Systems. So this round up I would like to focus on something a bit different but still in the CMS’s realm. Anyway,…Read More

31 of the Best Made Websites from May 2017

It’s the last day for May so it’s the perfect time for all of us to take a look through some of the best websites that been produced during these 31 days. In this set of website inspiration, you will see some of the best designed websites that been made…Read More

Freebie Tuesday – 30th of May – 10 Watercolor Textures Vol.4

Treat yourself to a new collection of hand painted watercolor textures in vivid tones and use them freely in your designs. These high-quality images can be added to any project since they have a transparent background and don’t carry a paper texture. Download from Graphic Burger

10 Amazing Hosted CMS’s to Choose From

Deciding what Content Management System (CMS) to choose for you and your website can be a critical decision for the future of your business. Open-source CMSs like WordPress and Drupal get a lot of attention on blogs (including this site), but they aren’t the only options when it comes to…Read More