WordPress Wednesday – 6 Best WordPress Backup Plugins

If there’s one thing you should never forget about having a website, it’s backups. This can mean the difference between keeping your business online if the unexpected happens or losing it forever. Securing your website has never been easier with WordPress as a robust platform. Of course, I’m talking about…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 10 WordPress Gaming Themes

The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the decades. Whether you’re a gamer, developer, or reviewer, now is still a good time to start a gaming site. You need a website that is attractive, easy to use, responsive, looks great, and instantly engages your audience. No problem with these templates.…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 12 WordPress Multisite Plugins

Using a WordPress multisite network is probably the easiest and most efficient way to manage multiple websites. Not only can you use the most popular content management system. But you can also take advantage of one of its most powerful tools. As having a multisite networking allows you to manage…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 12 WordPress Themes for Architects

It doesn’t take long leaps to realise how much designing structures and building websites have in common. Both require organisation, a clear plan of action, and a wealth of creative thinking to produce a worthwhile end result. You may know exactly how to get started when planning your new structure,…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 12 Best WordPress Dashboard Plugins

As WordPress site owners, we all know how important the WordPress admin dashboard is. Great, but could be even bigger. To improve your workflow, you can customise your WordPress dashboard to make it even more awesome. For example, you can change the default WordPress dashboard widget with a custom widget.…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 5 Popular Lazy Load Plugins

Looking for the best lazy loading images plugin for your WordPress site? If you’re new to lazy loading, you should know that your website loads much faster. This is done by showing only the content the user is looking at. As the user scrolls down the page, the next lot…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 5 Best WordPress CAPTCHA Plugins

If you are looking for the best CAPTCHA plugin for your WordPress website, then this WordPress Wednesday is for you. So, if your website has forms or comment sections, then you need a CAPTCHA plugin for your WordPress website. This helps to prevent bots from spamming comment sections. But more…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 8 Best WordPress Caching Plugins

Your website may have dozens of hits each month. Higher numbers in the hundreds, thousands, or millions may appear. Given that your website likely serves the same or similar content on a regular basis. Wouldn’t it be nice if the server could remember these files and serve the website each…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 10 Amazing WooCommerce Themes

When it comes to creating an online store, nothing beats WordPress and WooCommerce. Both options are easy to use and offer an impressive level of functionality. This is why there are a growing number of WordPress themes built specifically for building ecommerce stores using WooCommerce. Whether you want to create…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 6 Best Heatmap Tools and Plugins

Do you want better insight into how your users are interacting with your website? or how far they have scrolled and how they are actually using the site. In this WordPress Wednesday post, I’ll show you the 6 of the best heatmap tools and plugins for your WordPress site. First,…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 8 Premium IT WordPress Themes

If you wanting to create a professional but yet stylish website for your IT business, then this WordPress Wednesday is the right place for you. In this WordPress collection of 8 premium IT WordPress themes which covers a wide variety of styles, purposes, and projects, so there is a good…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 6 WordPress Malware Removal Plugins

WordPress is a popular platform website. As a result, it attracts a lot of attention and may even attract unwanted attention from hackers and their malware. The WordPress team at Automattic is constantly working to make WordPress a secure CMS. But it’s an ongoing process, a tug of war, as…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 10 Transportation & Logistics WordPress Themes

If your organisation provides transportation services to the local community. Or you are offering a global logistics and moving services to broad audience. So one of the below WordPress themes helps promote your business and everything it offers. Features in these transport related WordPress themes. Unclude home page layouts, some…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 10 Event WordPress Themes

Running an Event is an exciting project. Especially when so many events been canceled in 2020. However, a successful event requires many organisations, promotions, and most importantly, impressive and informative websites. We’ve put together a list of the best events in the 2022 WordPress theme. To help you create the…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 6 WordPress Real Estate Plugins

If you are a real estate agent who wants to ensure the success of your business, creating a real estate website is a must. Make sure your website is not only visually appealing, but also powerful, user-friendly and very functional! There are many WordPress real estate plugins you can use…Read More