WordPress Wednesday – 4 Comments Plugins for WordPress

The default WordPress comments functionality works just fine, particularly if you’re just starting. However, your commenters are likely your most engaged readers. So you may want to take full advantage of the access you have to them. As users ask questions, this makes discussion and also depending on how powerful…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 4 WordPress Membership Plugins

If you want to transform your WordPress site into a fully functional membership site. Then you need to obtain a membership plugin to your WordPress site. With a membership plugin, you can create a place where you can have a library of content and make it accessible only to your…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 6 WordPress Page Builders Plugins

Not too long ago, page builders didn’t exist, so it meant that everyone without any coding knowledge couldn’t create a simple sales page for their business or landing page. So with this, you had to rely on web developers and designers and those came with notable costs. Moreover, these developers…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 4 WordPress Slider Plugins

If you’re looking for ideas on how to improve the visitor experience on your WordPress site. Why not getting a slider plugins. Not only do they assist to highlight the central content on a page — but they also display it in a visually and interactive format. Furthermore using a…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 4 WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Remember the last time you called a customer support line. Just let me guess, one of the following occurred: The customer support agent sounded like they were reading from a script. You were placed on hold for a while and got told that you call is important. The customer support…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 5 WordPress Captcha Plugins & Tools

While making a site, it is important to make a site that is safe for both users and site owner. As everybody is aware of spammers flooding the websites. They misuse the site and keep posting spam comments. In this WordPress Wednesday, I’ll share some WordPress captcha plugins for those…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 4 Free WordPress Table Plugins

This week WordPress Wednesday is for those who wanting to have an Excel-style table in your WordPress site. As having a tables, you can compare features for various products easily. It is an excellent way to create easy to read lists of your data with multiple columns and rows. How…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 5 Form Builder Plugins for WordPress

Having a form builder is a must-have WordPress plugin for each and every WordPress site you build. Having a contact form on your website helps your visitors to easily communicate to your site staff without using their email box. Undoubtedly, having a contact page that has a contact form works…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 4 Affiliate WordPress Plugins

If you run a WordPress site and want to dabble with affiliate marketing to promote it? You will quickly find out that managing your own affiliate program isn’t as easy as it looks? But why use WordPress Affiliate Plugins? First, let’s talk about affiliate marketing as a concept. In short,…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 5 WordPress Search Plugins

WordPress is one of the most complete content management systems today, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Theres still some parts where the software could be fixed and done better. One of those areas is the search functionality. To put it politely, the search isn’t a part where WordPress excels…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 4 CRM Plugins for WordPress

Having a true customer relationship management (or CRM for short) software is to helps you understand your customers and how to engage them throughout the entire customer lifecycle. This is achieved by collecting and analysing data. From prospecting, marketing and to customer service, while gathering and analysing customer data which…Read More