Freebie Tuesday – 16th of April – Justice Hub Landing Homepage

Introducing Justice Hub, a comprehensive UI kit tailored specifically for legal professionals and court-related services. Boasting a responsive landing page and seamless integration of Tailwind Variables, customization becomes a breeze, allowing users to personalize color schemes, typography, and layout options to perfectly align with their legal brand identity. Justice Hub…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 11th of April – AyEstate – Real Estate Website UI Kit

Introducing the AY Real Estate Website UI Kit, featuring 18 meticulously designed screens that embody sophistication and functionality. With its intuitive interface and seamless responsiveness across all devices, this kit offers the ideal solution for enhancing your online real estate presence. Completely customizable to suit your specific project requirements, AY…Read More

Freebie Tuesday – 9th of April – WindMill: Free React SaaS Landing Page

WindMill is a free React template meticulously crafted for crafting professional landing pages, leveraging the power of Tailwind CSS. Presently, it offers a demo tailored for SaaS applications, with ambitious plans to expand into other categories including agency, portfolio, and blog. Available in both light and dark modes, this template…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 4th of April – Tangram: Objects & Patterns

Tangram, a Chinese puzzle, challenges you to fashion shapes using seven flat polygons. Luckily, the creator of this vector collection has solved it for you, presenting original minimalist designs hassle-free. Comprising 24 objects and 24 patterns, the set depicts animals, mountains, houses, trees, people, and more. Each file is fully…Read More

Freebie Tuesday – 2nd of April – XDesign Brand Identity Mockup

For those who perceive branding and stationery design as mundane, it’s likely they haven’t stumbled upon the perfect mockup. We urge you to give this one a try and witness how it injects vitality into your creations. This mockup streamlines your workflow, allowing you to infuse a professional touch into…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 28th of March – Retro Music CD Cover Template

Are you in the midst of crafting a design for a retro music album? Look no further than this free retro cover template, designed to evoke the nostalgic ambiance synonymous with this genre. With its vibrant style and distinctive purple gradient accents, this template creates a visually stunning design that…Read More

Freebie Tuesday – 26th of March – Panda Free Library of 10,000+ Icons

Panda is an exceptional library housing over 10,000 free icons meticulously crafted for effortless integration into user interfaces. What sets this collection apart is its unparalleled diversity, featuring icons spanning across numerous categories, all thoughtfully organized for ease of use. This Figma resource serves as a versatile Swiss army knife…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 14th of March – Textured Glass Effect

Enhance your design with the captivating depth and dimension of this glass texture effect. Entranced your audience effortlessly with just a couple of clicks, thanks to the Smart Object layers featured in this PSD effect. Simply insert your graphics into the designated layer, remove the placeholder, and save your work.…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 7th of March – Anaglyph Distortion Mockup

Anaglyph, a stereoscopic 3D effect achieved by presenting the same image to each eye in different colors (often opposing ones), creates a captivating illusion when viewed through specialized glasses. These glasses allow the brain to fuse the two flat images into a single three-dimensional experience. However, even without the aid…Read More