WordPress is a powerful CMS that has plenty of awesome built-in functionality. Yet, the default Media Library management features may not be enough for sites that have loads of media files.

Thankfully, there are some dedicated plugins can provide added functionality into the native media toolset in WordPress. You can then manage and organise your media files the way you want while optimising how you use the media on your site.

In this WordPress Wednesday, you’ll find six WordPress plugins that can manage and organise your media content.

Plugins for Managing & Organising Content

When it comes to managing and organising your media uploads, there are numerous features to look out for to help you simplify how you manage them currently.

Solutions such as having a way to categorise your uploads, which will make them easy to filter for your content, or another solution is, a plugin that offers enhanced search functionality.

So let’s start taking a closer look!

1. Folders

Folders Organize Media Library Folders, Pages, Posts And Media Categories With Drag & Drop

If you are looking for a media library management plugin that keeps your media stuff as well organised as possible, give this plugin. This plugin allows you to quickly organise all of your pages, posts and media files in folders.

Folders is a simple tool to use that enables you to create sub-folders for different content and keep things in order. One of the features of this plugin is that you can easily drag-n-drop files anywhere and change the folders tree view as you want.

Additional features include:

  • Bulk select images and media files, and drag them to any folder.
  • Add and remove folders menu from pages, posts, and media.
  • Minimize the folders area if you need extra space.

Price: Free

2. Enable Media Replace

Enable Media Replace

Enable Media Replace is a lightweight and easy to use plugin. This plugin allows you to easily replace any existing image or file that is in your media library with an updated one. So there’s no need to delete old files, rename or even reupload them.

This plugin work well in case you want to replace or update more photos in your media library. You do not feel annoyed any longer when ever you delete a file and then upload a new one with the exact same name every time you want to update something.

Price: Free

3. FireBird


FileBird is a great plugin that is here to help you organise your WordPress media library, this little smart plugin saves time on WordPress admin dashboard.

There’s two options for FileBird free and premium version. Both versions are easy to use and include powerful features. The noticeable function you’ll see is the smart context menu that allows you to quickly right-click to create, edit or delete folders to organise your media library.You’ll not there is a drag-and-drop interface feature, so moving files around or uploading files directly from your desktop is easy.

Additional features include:

  • Smart context menu: right click to multiple actions
  • Drag-and-drop interface: arrange any files and folders in a blade
  • Compatible with many page builders and image optimisation plugins
  • Upload files to a specific folder
  • Multiple languages support

Price: Free

4. WP Media Category Management

Wp Media Category Management

WP Media Category Management is a free plugin that you can use to organise media categories via admin just like you control post categories.

This plugin allows you to sort media items in your media library using taxonomy in both list and grid views. While uploading media files, you can choose a default category.

Additional features include:

  • Use a default category while uploading
  • Bulk toggle any media taxonomy assignment from Media Library via admin
  • Use new or existing shortcode to filter the media on galleries in posts

Price: Free

5. WP Media folders

Wp Media Folders

With the fifth plugin on this list, WP Media Folder is a plugin you will be able to upload and drag and drop media into folders and sub-folders.

This plugin is such an easy to use and a time-saver plugin that helps you manage and order files and images by uploading single or multiple files directly into the folder you want, create folders, sub-folders, etc. WP Media Folder allows you to filter your media by file size or type or title.

Additional features include:

  • Create a gallery from a media folder
  • Automatically add to the gallery with new media from folder
  • Define gallery image size
  • Select image size

Price: Free

6. Real Media Library

Real Media Library

Real Media Library is an exclusive premium plugin that helps you with media management. You can organise thousands of uploaded files into folders, collections and galleries. As it’s a real file manager that allows you to manage large amounts of files in WordPress.

You’ll find there are a couple free add-ons and the premium add-on Real Physical Media available. Real Physical Media uses the folder structure you created with Real Media Library to SEO optimitse your uploads and bring additional search traffic to your site.

Additional features include:

  • Folders, collections and galleries to organise uploads
  • Shortcuts to avoid duplicates in your media library
  • Runs with great performance
  • Automatic reordering of upload (e.g. A-Z by filename)
  • Integration with popular plugins like FooGallery and Justified Image Grid
  • Compatibility with all major page builders, themes and a lot of plugins

Price: $39.00


WordPress Wednesday – 6 WordPress Media Library Plugins