25 Craft CMS Plugins for Developers & Designers

Craft isn’t just a CMS as it does instead provides a complete digital experience for any developers, designers or content creators. The main characteristic that makes Craft CMS stand out from the rest is the flexibility it offers to developers. This CMS simplifies the complete website development with scalability that…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 5 WordPress AMP Plugins

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is an open-source project for mobile-first web initiated and supported by Google. The goal of AMP is to deliver content to mobile readers amazingly fast by offering lightweight versions of your web pages, which increase overall engagement and, ultimately, help you get better results with…Read More

What’s New for Designers & Developers for September 2020

As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity. So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers for September 2020, below I’ve…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 5 WordPress Weather Plugins

Are you looking to display weather forecasts on your WordPress website? By having a weather WordPress plugin, you can show weather forecasts on your site whether it’s from your location or another area. This can be an exceptional option if you manage events that will be held outdoors. This WordPress…Read More

8 Golang Frameworks for 2020

Google’s Go language, known as Golang is an open-source programming language. Released in 2009 for public use, and the major advantage of Golang is that it’s easy to use as well as implement. Firstly, what is Golang used for? Being an open source, compiled programming language, Golang is actively used…Read More

31 of the Best Made Websites from August 2020

It’s the last day of the August, so it’s the perfect time to showcase some excellent website inspiration this time I’ve collected thirty one of the best websites that been either made or published during August. In today’s post, I’m publishing 31 of the best websites that have made that…Read More

12 Great Gatsby Plugins for 2020

GastbyJS is a Static Site Generator that you can use to build super-fast websites. Getting started with GatsbyJS is so easy and a great tip to help you get a bit further ahead is to download one of their starter templates so you can get your site up and running…Read More

WordPress Wednesday – 5 SMTP Plugins for WordPress

If you have any type of WordPress site that accepts any type of communication either via a membership site or an eCommerce store your WordPress site will need to send transactional emails to users such for example, order confirmation emails, password reset emails, etc. However, by default WordPress is configured…Read More

Freebie Tuesday – 25th of August – MacOS Big Sur Free UI Kit

This freebie is a macOS 11 Big Sur free UI kit which is for sketch and Figma Desktop UI library. This kit is for building web and desktop applications, so boost up your workflow with the free neatly organised structure of elements and styles. Download from LS Graphics

26 VSCode Extensions For JavaScript Developers

Visual Studio Code (VSCode) is a lightweight but powerful cross-platform source code editor that runs on your desktop. Thankfully extensions for VSCode are here to make our lives less stressful, but these extensions can help us be more productive, efficient, and even helps us to become better developers by learning…Read More

Freebie Thursday – 20th of August – Curved Glass Photo Frame Mockup

This photo-realistic mockup for Photoshop features a curved glass photo frame, with customizable image placement. You can update the colors, add your own logo, patterns or any other design elements to the photo frame. The mockup is high resolution, well organised and easy to use. Download from MediaLoot

WordPress Wednesday – 6 WordPress Translation Plugins

Although English continues to be the most common written language online, you can reach more international internet users by translating your website content into other languages. This can be all down to choosing a WordPress translation plugins, there are many cost-effective ways of publishing content in multiple languages, you can…Read More