About SomeWhat Creative

Founded in March 2010, as The Creative Project but now SomeWhat Creative to provide useful information to Web designers and developers. My aim was to inform my readers about the latest resources, trends and techniques in Web Development and Designing.

In late September 2016 I transition The Creative Project into a SomeWhat Creative, I try to persuade you with the quality of information that I present to you and not the quantity. SomeWhat Creative is a one man show.

I thought below it would be nice for you to have a bit understanding on when i published, write posts etc

Some of my regular posts, that I published on this site are
Freebie Tuesday & Thursday – these are generally a design resources that people can download from the design creator(s), I include in regular text which location you can download these free design resource. All the freebies here are owned by their respective owner, I just made a posts of them.

WordPress Wednesday – I generally post a weekly round up of something about WordPress, it range from WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, or a mixture of both Plugins & Themes including i do take a monthly look back up at what were some of the best themes and plugins from the previous month, this posts is published on the first Wednesday of every new month.

Website Inspiration from the month – I generally showcase a number of Websites that been created and/or released during the month, I published these posts on the last day of each month.

My post schedule is
Tuesday – Freebie Tuesday
Wednesday – WordPress Wednesday
Thursday – Freebie Thursday
Friday – Major post about something in the Web Industry, sometime it’s a how to, a list of new resources etc.

Saturday to Mon (but also the rest of the week) are my research, writing & editing period.



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About SomeWhat Creative