Toggl is a well-known time monitoring app, and recently they’ve added Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire to their list of features.

Apps like Toggl, which primarily measure time, have become more popular as a result of the advantages that time tracking may offer to teams and companies. Processes for billing can be streamlined, billable and non-billable hours can be determined, and productivity can be checked.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for a time tracking tool or if you already use Toggl but think it lacks some features.

With so many of these apps available, picking one can often be difficult.

For your team’s benefit, we have created this list of the top Toggl alternatives.

Why Search for Alternatives to Toggl?

The first thing to think about is why you would need a Toggl substitute in the first place.

Even if the app is fantastic and has many essential functions, some of its components might not be exactly what you’re looking for.

Toggl might not be for you if you’re searching for a program that provides you with a full variety of capabilities. There are no invoicing or scheduling capabilities available in the app.

Although it excels as a time tracking tool, Toggl’s options are constrained outside of that context.

Also, even though the tool provides reporting analytics and monitoring options, some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with what is provided and have expressed a want for more.

Although Toggl has a free version, it may not have all the features you’re looking for, and compared to some of Toggl’s alternatives, you may need to pay more to access additional capabilities.

So let’s look at 8 Toggl alternatives you might want to take into account if it appears that the software is not right for you.

1. Clockify


You can keep your timesheets correct wherever you work using Clockify, a free Toggl alternative that allows you to log time effortlessly across many devices. You can keep track of your hours by manually entering time into your timesheets or utilising the timer.

You can visualise your weekly work in visual form using the calendar view. You may update time entries, pull reports, and quickly identify the days that you are most productive. Moreover, there is a Google Calendar integration option for Clockify.

A billing function in Clockify enables you to generate invoices using the time you’ve tracked. There is no need for manual labor because the program will produce invoice items based on the tasks you completed and the amount of time spent on each one.


  • Free with basic features
  • $4.99 per user/month for the Basic plan
  • $6.99 per user/month for the Standard plan
  • $9.99 per user/month for the Pro plan
  • $14.99 per user/month for the Enterprise plan

2. Harvest


Harvest is a good Toggl substitute since it combines time monitoring with effective profit and expense tracking features. From the primary interface, you can manage your time, see how much time you’ve spent on each work that has been given to you, and quickly create new projects.

The reporting tools in Harvest provide you with thorough yet succinct insights of team performance and project health. So, you are not need to review the data of each member of your team individually. Reports can also be exported in different spreadsheet formats.

Sadly, Harvest doesn’t have any tools for activity tracking. You won’t be able to fully comprehend how hours are spent, even though you may be able to accurately track how many hours your staff spends on projects.


  • Free for 1 user
  • $10.80 per user/ month for the Pro plan

3. TimeCamp


TimeCamp serves as a Toggl alternative that requires less setup time and enables you start tracking time right away. All you need to do to get started working is have the app open as it automatically searches terms associated with certain clients or projects. The timer can be manually started and stopped as necessary.

Performance benchmarks can be established by tracking your team’s app and URL activity with TimeCamp. Also, it has timesheet and scheduling features, which will greatly improve your team management experience.

Although TimeCamp includes a balanced collection of time tracking features, its absence of GPS functionality makes it a poor choice for field teams.


  • Free for limited features
  • $6.99 per user/month for the Basic plan
  • $9.99 per user/month for the Pro plan
  • Contact their sales team for the Enterprise plan

4. Time Doctor

Time Doctor

The goal of Time Doctor is to increase team productivity. It has time and activity tracking capabilities that let you see how your team is doing so you can streamline your workflow.

With the help of Time Doctor’s Distraction Alerts feature, you can be warned when you’re wasting too much time on websites that aren’t linked to your job. If employees have been sitting about, the app will also let you know. This function makes sure that the time that is being recorded was truly worked.

Time Doctor doesn’t have any invoicing facilities, so even though you’ll have time records to work with, you’ll still have to manually compile and send invoices to clients.


  • $7.00 per user/month for the Basic plan
  • $10.00 per user/month for the Standard plan
  • $20.00 per user/month for the Premium plan

5. Paymo


Paymo is another amazing Toggl substitute. Although Paymo has less time monitoring options than the other apps on this list, it makes up for it with other features like task management and file sharing.

In essence, Paymo aids in ensuring that the project is successful from start to finish. Paymo makes it simple to log your time and can assist you in keeping track of project expenses. This is perfect for those who frequently forget to clock in or juggle several things at once.

Additionally, Paymo has reporting tools that let you evaluate the resources you’re using. For full transparency, you can also export these reports and distribute them to clients.


  • Free for 1 use
  • $4.95 per user/month for the Starter plan
  • $9.95 per user/month for the Small Office plan
  • $20.79 per user/month for the Business plan

6. DeskTime


DeskTime’s time tracking feature immediately begins when you turn on your computer, and it ends when you turn it off.

DeskTime has a URL and app monitoring capability as well as productivity measuring tools, like many other time tracking programs.

The software is an excellent tool for office employee tracking because it tells you who is on time, late, or absent. DeskTime, however, does not function well for specific jobs like managing social media, as it categorises time spent on websites like Twitter as being unproductive automatically. DeskTime is designed for typical office teams, so if this is your work environment, this software is an excellent fit.


  • Free for the Lite Plan
  • $6.40 per user/month for the Pro plan
  • $9.60 per user/month for the Premium plan
  • $19.21 per user/month for the Enterprise plan

7. Everhour


A wonderful alternative to Toggl is Everhour. This web application properly counts time, produces thorough reports that show you how your team manages its time, and gives you more control over your projects.

You can use your chosen platforms with your projects thanks to Everhour’s support for a variety of integrations. Nevertheless, there is no desktop or mobile version of the software; it is only accessible online.

Everhour is less than perfect for teams who aren’t always in front of a computer because it lacks a GPS tracking capability. Other than that, Everhour is a versatile program for scheduling team hours.


  • Free for up to 5 users
  • $5.00 per user/month starting at 2 users for Lite Plan
  • $8.50 per user/month starting at 5 users for Team Plan

8. RescueTime


RescueTime, is the last alternative for Toggl on this list. This alternative assists you in keeping track of your productivity by keeping track of the time you spend on various tasks throughout the day.

Its major function is to keep track of the URLs and programs you utilise. They can also be divided into two categories: “productive” and “distracting.”

Payroll and invoicing functions are not supported by RescueTime, thus you will need to locate alternative software. RescueTime does, however, have FocusTime, which disables websites that can divert you from your job. When you’re having trouble concentrating or attempting to meet deadlines, this tool comes in useful.


  • Try a free 2 week trial then plans start at $6.50/mo

The 8 Best Toggl Alternatives