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Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin for WordPress and even WooCommerce. With over 5 million active installs. And Contact Form 7 is embedded on more websites than any other plugin in its category.

Unlike premium paid plugins contact forms like WPForms, Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms. Contact Form 7 is free and simple. You can create contact forms, set up email responses. And provide different input types and formats. Such as text, email, phone number, etc.

This allows users of the site to better communicate with owners of the site. For example to receive feedback about the site or to keep people updated on new activity.

It may sound pretty specific. But with one of these add-ons you can do a lot more with your Contact Form 7 plugin. That’s why today in the WordPress Wednesday. I’m going to present to you some various add-ons that you can use with the Contact Form 7 plugin. How ever some add-ons has some premium versions of them as well.

Lastly, It’s important to note that most of these extensions are by other WordPress developers, not Contact Form 7 plugin developer Takayuki Miyoshi. So it’s always a good idea to check compatibility.

1. PDF Forms Filler

Pdf Forms Filler For Cf7

PDF Forms Filler is a great plugin that allows admin panel users to attach editable PDF files to emails and form submission responses. Submitting the PDF file correctly will populate CF7 with the correct information.

The purpose of this Contact Form 7 addon is to: Filling registration forms, Preparing contracts, Generating Certificates, Creating quotes and estimates.

You can save the completed PDF file on your web server. The completed pdf file is available for visitors to download. In this case the download option should be enabled.

To fill in PDF forms, this plugin uses an external web API. Also, you can purchase the Enterprise Extension plugin. This allows PDF manipulation to be performed locally on the web server. This plugin uses core WordPress functionality and does not require any additional software to be installed.

2. CF7 Extension for Mailchimp

Contact Form 7 Extension For Mailchimp

This is a robust Contact Form 7 extensions that offers easy setup with a powerful and intuitive interface. Get professional support for multiple mailing lists, contact forms, and API keys here. Moreover, this Mailchimp contact form 7 extension offers various options and settings that allow you to customise the contact form to your liking.

Key features of this plugin include support for custom fields, different API keys for each contact form, single opt-in, opt-in checkboxes, double opt-in, unlimited contact forms, latest Mailchimp API, opt-in/opt-out options.

The Pro version also lets you configure GDPR for your contacts, MailChimp email verification, deletion options, archiving, MailChimp segment support, and other exciting features. Several demos and screenshots are provided to help you better understand the features and options. So, if you’re looking for a good Contact Form 7 extension for Mailchimp, this should be your pick.

3. Contact Form 7 Database

Contact Form 7 Database Addon – Cfdb7

Save your CF7 submissions to any WP database with this awesome Contact Form 7 add-on. This handy WordPress database add-on for Contact Form 7 allows you to store your form submissions in any database, making it easier to track and manage your data.

The process is very easy as you just need to export the data to a CSF file and the rest of the task is done automatically by this add on. So, Get a database table of multiple contact forms. There is absolutely no configuration required to use this add-on. The Pro version of this plugin also comes with additional add-ons such as: DB Switcher, Already Submitted and CF7 Repeater.

There’s also a drag and drop add-on for uploading files, a popup message add-on for generating a successful submission message, and a PDF file export add-on for exporting a PDF version of a form from a database.

4. Smart Grid-Layout Design

Smart Grid Layout Design For Contact Form 7

Create beautiful form layouts with this smart grid plugin extension and introduce a modern graphical editor to sketch forms effortlessly. With this Contact Form 7 add-on, you can take advantage of multiple smart filling features such as: Tabbed sections, Form categories, grouped toggled sections.

Among other features are tabular input sections, reusable subforms, dynamic dropdown fields, and redesigned options in the form editor. This Contact Form 7 Extension also comes with basic documentation, FAQs and lots of screenshots to help you understand its features.

5. CF7 PayPal & Stripe

Cf7 Paypal & Stripe

If you plan to collect payments through forms, this Contact Form 7 extension can help. This add-on allows you to easily link PayPal or Stripe checkboxes, dropdown menus, input fields, radio buttons, quantity, text or description fields.

The CF7 Stripe plugin is easy to use and easy to configure. Some of the main features of this plugin are: PayPal Test with Sandbox, Payment History, Support 25 Currencies and 18 Languages, Cancel Payment URL

Pro version of this add-on Then you can send an email after payment. You can add code to the email body to display the transaction ID. If Stripe is enabled, you can also collect credit card payments.

The Pro version also supports tax fees, shipping fees, separation of Stripe and PayPal accounts, skip redirects, payment history, and more. This plugin is SCA fully compliant with EU laws and regulations.

6. CF7 for Multi Step

Cf7 For Multi Step

Turn long contact forms into multi-step forms with this awesome Contact Form 7 add-on. With the help of this plugin, you can definitely keep your audience engaged as if your contact form looks big they might lose interest in filling it out.

This multi-step WordPress contact Form 7 add-on provides an easy way to split a form into multiple steps and is less intimidating for users.The basic version of this Contact Form 7 extension comes with features such as: custom step title, native interface and unlimited steps.

This Contact Form 7 extension is perfect for forms such as quote forms, registration forms, contact forms, subscription forms, request forms, quote forms, event forms, booking forms and more. The pro version of this plugin also includes features such as a progress bar, input display, back button, step selection, and more.

7. Post My CF7 Form

Post My Cf7 Form

Manage your Contact Form 7 submissions like posts from your dashboard with this great Contact Form 7 add-on. This plugin allows you to map form fields to post fields. There is also a form key here that can be used to identify the form by key.

Available features include:
Taxonomies: Easily map select, radio, or checkbox input fields to taxonomies. This Contact Form 7 extension autofills form field elements. The new user interface also allows you to assign posts to posts.

Multiple Draft Submissions: Visitor can manage multiple submissions from one of her pages. Auto-create functionality is also available for larger multi-field forms.

Powerful Form Design: This extension is compatible with the Smart Grid CF7 add-on so you can design powerful forms with repeating field inputs, multi-tab inputs and switchable collapsible sections.

This plugin also provides CF7 fields, authors, special fields such as featured images and thumbnails, pre-populated form fields, and filters for CF7 list tables.

8. Drag-n-Drop Multiple File Upload

Drag N Drop Multiple File Upload

This is a simple and useful Contact Form 7 extension that allows your visitors to upload multiple files at once. You can select multiple areas to upload files and add powerful drag and drop options.

More features include file size and file type validation, custom file type, settings multiple language, cool progress bar.

Premium version of this Contact Form 7 extension can preview images, customise auto-delete, compress files, change upload folder, change WP upload directory, upload chunks, colours options, duplicate submission prevention, remote file storage, and enhanced security. You will also love the power of this extension and its optimised code.

9. Date Time Picker

Date Time Picker

By simply adding a CSS class you can enabled as a time picker, date picker, or datetime picker in your CF7 form. You can add multiple classes, but you must add a separate scope for each class. The pro version of this plugin also supports an unlimited number of websites.

Some of the main features of the Pro version are: Light and Dark Theme, Translate 51 Languages ​​ 24 or 12 Hour Time Format, Change Interval or Time Step, Provide Selectable Minimum and Maximum Time

Also this contact form 7 WP Multilingual Add-ons that are fully compatible with Plugin. You can also disable today, past dates, or specific weekends. Also, you can specify holidays, allow minimum and maximum date selection, hide or show AM or PM and more.

10. CF7 Widget for Elementor

Cf7 Widget For Elementor

If you’re looking for a way to create custom contact forms without coding in Elementor, this Contact Form 7 for Elementor extension is for you. This Contact Form 7 extension allows you to create custom themes with drag and drop options using a great visual editor. Experience real-time visual editing with actual output. No programming knowledge is required to use this plugin.

Take full control of your design. You can choose and manage form structure, layout, fonts, spacing, typography and even colours. The main features of this plugin are: full theme control, drag and drop functionality, custom design options, easy customization and anti-spam features

You can also integrate over 20 marketing tools into this Contact Form 7 – Expand. There are also various form fields where you can enter phone, email, URL, hidden fields, date address, etc. You can always secure your form submissions and filter, edit, delete or export data with Elementor.

11. Ultimate Addons

Ultimate Addons For Contact Form 7

Extend the functionality of your CF7 forms with this extension, providing all the basic and advanced options to give your contact forms a professional look.

The main features of this Contact Form 7 add-on are:

Conditional Fields: Allows you to show or hide contact form fields based on conditional logic.
Placeholder Customisation: This feature allows you to change the placeholder text colour, background colour, font style, font weight, and font family. You can easily change the style of your form without writing any CSS code.

WooCommerce Products: CF7 allows you to add WooCommerce products to your forms as a dropdown list. This helps you create WooCommerce requests and easily get customer feedback on your products.
Form Styling: Customise your contact form to your liking by changing colours, font styles, background colours, font sizes, font weights, padding, label borders, inputs, buttons, and other components. Can be styled.

This WooCommerce Integration Add-on provides an easy way to integrate Contact Form 7 with WooCommerce.

The Pro version of the Contact Form 7 extension offers features such as WooCommerce checkout, front-end post submission, custom post types, WooCommerce-specific product selection options, WooCommerce product taxonomy, multi-step button editing, and more. Essentially, the Ultimate Contact Form 7 Pro add-on gives you everything you need to take your business to the next level.

Overall, this WooCommerce Contact Form 7 Extension is a great tool to help you improve your communication and service with your customers.

12. Honeypot for CF7

Honeypot For Contact Form 7

This simple add-on to the awesome Contact Form 7 plugin adds basic honeypot anti-spam functionality to stop spambots without the need for ugly captchas.

The honeypot principle is simple. Bots are stupid. Some spam is delivered manually, but the majority is sent by bots created with specific methods to send spam to different types of forms. As such, they blindly fill the field, so to speak, regardless of whether the field is filled or not. This is how honeypots intercept bots. An additional field is added to the form that, when filled, triggers the honeypot and marks the submission as spam.

In addition, version 2.1 of the plugin offers an optional delivery time check. It checks how long it takes to submit a form and rejects the submission as spam if it falls below a user-defined threshold. This is based on the idea (which is backed up by testing) that spam bots submit forms super fast (typically 1-2 seconds) while humans take longer to submit.


WordPress Wednesday – 12 Contact Form 7 Extensions & Add-ons