Notion Style Landing Page Template

Presenting a complimentary landing page template meticulously designed to spotlight Project Management applications.

This web design, exclusively crafted within Figma, stands as a superb illustration of an efficient landing page tailored to effectively convey the provided service. It suits both emerging startups and established SaaS (Software as a Service) enterprises.

The layout exudes a crisp and uncluttered aesthetic, accentuated by illustrations reminiscent of Notion’s distinctive style. Comprising various sections, including compelling calls to action, prominent client logos, compelling testimonials, comprehensive product features, informative FAQs, and the option for newsletter subscription.

If you find yourself short of inspiration or require a swift solution for creating a landing page for your product or service, this complimentary Figma resource unquestionably fulfills your needs.

Download from Figma


Freebie Thursday – 2nd of November – Notion-Style Landing Page Template