Let’s us take a look back at what were some of the best plugins and themes for WordPress for October 2023!

What you are about to read in today’s post is what were some of the best WordPress plugins and WordPress themes that have been released during the 31 days we’ve spent in October. In this roundup. I’ve divided them up into two categories lists, the first list showcases both free & premium plugins for WordPress.

The plugins you can find below in the post includes a payments extension for UK based WooCommerce stores, a free plugin designed to oversee and record diverse activities occurring on your WordPress site to anElementor add-on that enhances your website with an impressive post carousel to a Compare plugin for WooCommerce that allows customers compare products.

And with the themes list, you will see another set of free and premium WordPress themes that include nearly any type of themes that you may need. WordPress Themes includes business based themes, gutenberg compatible themes, blogging themes, multi-purpose and eCommerce supported themes, you can use these themes as-is or customise them to suit your or your client needs.

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. Wonderful Payments

Wonderful Payments For Woocommerce

The Wonderful Payments extension for WooCommerce stores in the UK enables merchants to effortlessly accept immediate bank payments from their customers. This not only reduces processing fees but also streamlines the checkout process while enhancing security.

While Wonderful can be utilised alongside other payment methods, it provides a straightforward, rapid, and secure payment solution that ensures funds settle directly and instantly into your business bank account.

Furthermore, by using this system, you’re contributing to numerous UK charities without any extra expense to either you or your customers.

Price: Free

2. Fluent Comments

Fluent Comments

Fluent Comments stands out as an exceptional comment form and spam protection plugin. It offers user-friendly functionality and is compatible with all themes except FSE Themes.

Crafted to elevate the appearance of WordPress native comments, it ensures swift performance and robust spam protection. Fluent Comments not only enhances your site’s commenting experience but also introduces engaging features for user interaction.

Price: Free

3. Styble


Styble represents the newest addition to the Gutenberg blocks plugin lineup. Packed with robust blocks and user-friendly customisation options you’ve longed for, it empowers you to create swift, contemporary websites effortlessly using the native WordPress page builder, Gutenberg editor.

With its impressive capabilities, well-designed user experience, intuitive interfaces, and exceptional ease of use, Styble ensures an unparalleled web-building experience. Bid farewell to complexity and embrace the opportunity to construct rapid and stylish websites without the need for coding expertise.

Price: Free

4. coreActivity


CoreActivity is a free plugin designed to oversee and record diverse activities occurring on your WordPress-based website. This plugin boasts a high level of modularity, with multiple components responsible for registering and managing various events.

As it stands, the plugin encompasses 23 distinct components, collectively handling 117 different events, and it seamlessly integrates with nine popular plugins for an enhanced monitoring experience.

Price: Free

5. Motion Art for Elementor

Motion Art For Elementor

A motion art effect is an enchanting and interactive visual enhancement that entails generating simulated particles resembling smoke or mist, which dynamically react to the movement of the user’s mouse cursor. This effect is crafted to offer an absorbing and immersive encounter for website visitors, enhancing the overall attractiveness and interactivity of the user interface.

By integrating this effect, websites can stimulate a feeling of curiosity and captivation, effectively enticing users into the digital realm and prompting them to engage with the content in a more dynamic and experiential fashion.

Price: $17.00

6. QRMenu

Qrmenu Restaurant Qr Menu Generator Saas

The QRMenu – Restaurant QR Menu Generator (SaaS) plugin is a dedicated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution crafted for the hospitality and foodservice sector. It’s uniquely designed for integration with WordPress websites, making it easy for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food establishments to efficiently produce and oversee digital menus on their web platforms.

Price: $35.00

7. PostsPro

Postspro Elementor Posts Carousel

PostsPro serves as an Elementor addon that enhances your website with an impressive post carousel. With over 5 post card styles to choose from, it beautifully displays your website’s posts. Additionally, you have the option to highlight your categories using the Category Carousel widget.

Price: $9.00

8. WooCommerce Compare

Woocommerce Compare

Introducing the WooCommerce Compare plugin! Now, your customers can effortlessly compare various products, making more informed purchasing decisions. This plugin elevates the shopping experience by simplifying the comparison of features, prices, and product details at a glance. We’ve harnessed advanced technologies to provide customers with the best experience, empowering them to choose with enhanced enjoyment and precision.

With WooCommerce Compare, your store becomes the ultimate shopping destination, offering a unique and distinctive shopping experience. Enjoy the ease of comparison, the confidence in making the right choice, and increased customer satisfaction—all made possible by the WooCommerce Compare plugin. Provide your customers with an intelligent and delightful shopping environment and establish your store as their top choice!

Price: $18.00

Themes – Free & Premium

1. Maart


Maart is a swift and adaptable WordPress theme tailor-made to excel in a wide range of online store scenarios. Designed with a keen focus on performance, it leverages a range of strategies to guarantee rapid and efficient loading times for your store. Furthermore, Maart offers extensive customisation options, enabling you to effortlessly adjust the visual identity of your store to align perfectly with your brand.

Price: Free

2. Blogun


Blogun presents itself as a lightweight, clean, and adaptable News Magazine WordPress theme. It offers extensive customisation options that empower you to tailor your site precisely to your preferences. This theme is a perfect choice for both individual bloggers and multi-author content creators. Blogun is well-suited for dynamic news outlets, newspapers, magazines, blogs, publishers, editors, online and gaming publications, personal blogs, news portals, review sites, and any creative website.

What’s more, Blogun is designed with SEO friendliness, compatibility with WPML, Gutenberg, WooCommerce, and readiness for translation and RTL (right-to-left) language support, ensuring a comprehensive and versatile solution for your website needs.

Price: Free

3. Decorative


The Decorative WordPress theme is a fully responsive choice for interior decorators and related businesses. It’s your all-in-one solution for showcasing your expertise and attracting clients. With professionally designed templates, full site editing, and integrated blogging, it’s easy to create a customised website that performs flawlessly on all devices.

Plus, it supports eCommerce integration for online sales, all managed through a user-friendly interface.

Price: Free

4. Pigeon


Pigeon boasts a contemporary and airy design suitable for portfolios, businesses, or any type of content. This versatile theme allows you to utilise its style to showcase your art, promote your business, manage events, display your portfolio, start a blog, launch an online shop, and more.

It’s responsive, ensuring it looks great on almost any device, and offers multiple header styles, navigation options, and layouts for your customisation needs.

Price: Free

5. TastyDaily

Tasty Daily

Elevate your online presence for your grocery and food store with Tasty Daily, a specialised WordPress theme. Tasty Daily merges an attractive design with powerful eCommerce features, providing an enticing platform for displaying and selling your delectable products.

Its responsive and user-friendly interface guarantees a seamless experience for customers on any device. With WooCommerce integration, managing your inventory, orders, and payments is effortless. Tasty Daily empowers you to craft an appealing and engaging online store, simplifying the process of tantalising taste buds and enhancing the success of your food business.

Price: $13.00

6. Loobek


Loobek is a WooCommerce WordPress theme tailored for online shopping. With a range of pre-designed layouts for the homepage and product pages, Loobek offers abundant customisation choices. It’s ideal for various eCommerce categories like fashion, accessories, sports, electronics, and more.

This professional WordPress theme boasts an array of features and options, including a responsive layout, Mega Menu, Elementor Page Builder, Lazy Load, Slider Revolution, RTL support, and features like Product Quick View, Ajax Search, and Ajax Cart. With functionalities like Shop Load More and Colour Swatches, Loobek is both user-friendly and highly adaptable. Building your website is a breeze, no coding knowledge required. Ready to get started?

Price: $13.00

7. Atlas


Atlas is a WordPress theme featuring a sleek and contemporary design. Its tidy structure ensures that all elements are neatly organised, making it effortless for visitors to access your content.

Utilising the widely popular page builder, Elementor, you have the creative freedom to design headers, footers, and content for each front page. Additionally, we offer pre-built demos for quick setup – a single click and your website is good to go.

Despite being Elementor-based, we’ve optimised this theme for speed, employing acceleration options without sacrificing any features.

Price: $19.00

8. DetailX


DetailX stands as a robust WordPress Theme dedicated to the automotive industry, offering a premium design for car parking facilities, car mechanics, and car workshops. This versatile theme caters to car repair shops, maintenance services, auto mechanics, body shops, collision centers, car wash services, garages, auto blogs, and other vehicle maintenance and car service-related websites. It’s equally fitting for wheels and tires shops, auto care providers, auto painting services, auto tuning specialists, body shops, and car care centers, including stores focused on car showcases.

The theme encompasses six distinct homepages, various engaging blog post layouts, a portfolio section, and a suite of custom widgets and shortcodes. In addition to WooCommerce and Elementor support, DetailX comes bundled with premium plugins such as the AI Engine plugin, Slider Revolution, the Events Calendar, and WPML, enhancing the theme’s functionality. You’ll also find an array of shortcodes and widgets for easy website management. DetailX is fully GDPR compliant and integrates seamlessly with Gutenberg, ensuring compliance with modern website standards.

Price: $69.00


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