The best new tools for designers are ones that make your life easier and your workflows faster. You’ll find some of those in this list this month for sure.

From tools that managing projects, time and invoicing, helping designers with design system, developing static sites. Various language tools for developers. WordPress plugins, themes and design resources like fonts, UI Kits and icons. So there’s something for almost every designer or developer in this list.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the last 2023 roundup for the year before the best of 2023. Please either tweet it or X to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



audioMotion-analyzer is a high-resolution real-time audio spectrum analyzer built upon Web Audio and Canvas JavaScript APIs.


Linemapper Js

LineMapper is a powerful JavaScript library for making your own branched 2D maps & branched timelines.


Autocomp Js

A super tiny Javascript autocomplete / autosuggestion library. Zero dependencies and ~800 bytes minified + gzipped.

jsPlumb Toolkit


jsPlumb Toolkit is a Javascript diagram library that allows you to rapidly create complex applications featuring visual connectivity. Highly flexible with deep integration.


Next Forge

next-forge is a boilerplate with everything you need to launch a production-ready app, including payments, push notifications, authentication, linting, error capture, product feedback loops, a waitlist, a design system and even AI integration.

Clearful Journal – Android & iOS App


Reflect on your experiences, thoughts, and emotions in your private digital journal to gain clarity, take control and live your best life.

Price: Free

SharePal – iOS App


SharePal is a lovely intuitive iOS app designed to save time, boost your productivity and organize your exchanges while preserving your privacy.

Price: $4.99

Nowi – Widget iOS App


Elevate your Notion experience with seamless checkmark toggling, instant content refresh, and versatile widgets.

Price: Free

KeyClu – Mac App


Simple and handy overview of all shortcuts for any application. Easy to use, just press ⌘ twice and hold to see the list.

Price: Free

SSL Montior – Mac App

Ssl Monitor

A simple and completely free SSL certificate monitoring app that checks for the most common issues and sends out notifications in case of failure. The app also can be used to obtain SSL certificate hash values without any scripts to run from the terminal.

Price: Free

Ducklet – Mac App

Ducklet For Sqlite

Ducklet is a native macOS GUI for SQLite. You can easily query your data, understand your database schema and view comprehensive database statistics.

Price: Free

Matilda Workspace – Web App

Matilda Workspace is an all-encompassing project management tool complete with collaborative features, including integrated chat and video conferencing. It also streamlines task and note organization, fostering a comprehensive approach to project management.

Price: Free, $17.99 per user/month, $24.99 per user/month

Miday – Web App


Miday is a user-friendly solution tailored for freelancers, contractors, and agencies seeking to simplify time tracking and invoicing processes. Effortlessly craft and oversee client profiles, define individual or team pricing structures, and customise invoicing schedules to match your work patterns.

Whether logging hours on a client project or specific tasks, Miday diligently records every moment, automatically generating invoices based on your predetermined rates. Streamline team coordination by configuring employee rates and permissions with ease. Moreover, you can conveniently dispatch invoices directly to clients via email within the Miday platform. Opt for Miday to experience a hassle-free approach to billing and time management.

Price: Free, $35.88 per user/year or $3.99 per user/month

Buska – Web App


Buska serves as a real-time monitoring tool that notifies you whenever your brand is referenced on the internet or any social media platform. It includes sentiment analysis to assess public sentiment and seamlessly integrates with Slack and Discord for efficient team collaboration.

In-depth reports transform the data into actionable insights, facilitating the enhancement of your Online Presence Management.

Price: Free, $9.00 per month or $89.00 per month



Protomaps is an open source map of the world, deployable as a single static file on cloud storage.



Cosine is an VS Code extension driven by LLM (Language Model) technology, enabling you to pose context-rich and semantic queries regarding your code, as if you had a co-worker by your side with a flawless recollection of your codebase.



Componly provides design system teams with the means to efficiently oversee and control their components. It delivers an extensive range of capabilities, such as component visualisation tools, customisable component tracking, in-depth reporting, and enlightening analytics.

Nuxt Studio

Nuxt Studio, the Git-based CMS designed specifically for Nuxt developers! Studio is based on Nuxt Content and offers an intuitive interface for editing and managing content, collaborating with team members, and seamlessly deploying changes.



Rspress is a static site generator powered by Rspack and rendered using the React framework.

It features a pre-designed documentation theme that enables you to swiftly create a documentation site. Additionally, you have the flexibility to tailor the theme to suit your specific static site requirements, whether for blogs, product homepages, and more.

Moreover, you can seamlessly incorporate official plugins to effortlessly construct component library documentation.



Effortlessly generate and regenerate .gitignore files from the command line using the github/gitignore templates.



Streamline JSON file management effortlessly with JSONsilo. Store, access, and share your JSON files with ease.

CSS Size Analyzer

Debug Bear

Analyze CSS size and catch bloat like embedded images or fonts. After running this tool, check if there are any large CSS rules that stand out. If there are a large number of smaller selectors this is harder to optimise.


Blazy Figma Plugin

Blazy revolutionises animation within Figma prototypes through a one-click solution, catering to the needs of UX/UI Designers and presenters alike. It provides advanced control, over 40 animation presets, triggers, keyframe management, customisable properties, and the ability to access CSS/React code in Dev Mode.



lightweight and minimalist CSS library inspired by the principles of neo-brutalist web design. It provides a set of simple and modular CSS classes to help you create brutalist-style web pages with ease.

Nuxt UI

Nuxt Ui

Nuxt UI simplifies the creation of stunning and responsive web applications with its comprehensive collection of fully styled and customizable UI components designed for Nuxt.


Modern, minimal, high quality UI kit. Built for product designers focusing on crafting products 0 to 1. Includes all the essential components, product examples and common flows ready to design web apps



Pivotlar offers the ultimate solution for simplifying WordPress hosting management. With Pivotlar, provisioning your Virtual Private Server (VPS) on your preferred cloud service and setting up multiple WP sites becomes as easy as a single click. Bid farewell to the time-consuming process of VPS configurations and let Pivotlar take care of everything, ensuring your website is live within minutes.

But that’s not all – Pivotlar seamlessly integrates with your Cloudflare account, facilitating swift DNS configuration to make your site accessible in no time. Furthermore, we provide effortless SSL installation, guaranteeing secure browsing for your visitors.

Music Pack for Elementor – Plugin

Music Pack For Elementor

The Music Pack for Elementor offers a comprehensive solution designed for musicians, artists, music bands, music producers, and individuals within the music industry. This package encompasses specialized post types, Elementor templates, and custom Elementor widgets.

Price: Free

Filter Plus – Plugin

Filter Plus

Filter Plus is a WordPress and WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin that empowers users to incorporate multiple filtering functionalities, including options for filtering by Ratings, Tags, Price Range, and more.

Price: Free

Sites Monitor – Plugin

Wp Sites Monitor

Sites Monitor enables professionals to oversee their WordPress websites through a single WP installation. This is achieved by synchronising metrics from individual sites to a designated monitoring site that you’ve established.

Price: Free & Premium $79.00 per year

AiAya – Plugin


AI Aya represents a groundbreaking WordPress plugin, thoughtfully designed to provide content creators and website owners with an all-encompassing solution for effortlessly producing website content, captivating imagery, and graphics. Fueled by state-of-the-art AI technology developed by OpenAI, AI Aya reshapes the content creation process.

Price: $54.00 per year

Vmark Video Watermark – Plugin

Vmark Video Watermark Plugin

The Vmark WordPress Video Watermark plugin enables you to add watermarks to your videos, even if you are using shared hosting.

This plugin operates without the need for FFMPEG on your server and functions effectively on shared hosting, provided that you have the “exec” function enabled. If you haven’t enabled “exec,” we can assist you with that as well.

Price: $25.00 per year

Hello Agency – Theme

Hello Agency

Hello Agency is a versatile Full Site Editing (FSE) theme, organised into blocks, making it exceptionally adaptable for a wide range of websites. It features 8 global styles, allowing users to effortlessly switch between various colour schemes in mere seconds, aligning with their brand’s unique identity. Additionally, the theme comes pre-equipped with over 20 free, pre-designed patterns for diverse homepage sections, ensuring ease of customisation.

Price: Free

Sonoran – Theme


Meet Sonoran, an adaptable and cost-free WordPress theme crafted to meet the unique requirements of bloggers, writers, and content creators spanning different niches. This responsive and stylish minimalist theme boasts a contemporary and uncluttered design, rendering it an ideal choice for a wide array of websites.

Price: Free

Foodie Blog – Theme

Foodie Blog

The Foodie Blog template for WordPress is an enchanting and feature-packed Full Site Editing (FSE) design, meticulously crafted with food bloggers, culinary enthusiasts, and creators of food-related content in mind. It provides a delightful platform for showcasing culinary creations, sharing recipes, and connecting with a food-loving audience. This theme stands out for its visually pleasing and highly practical design.

It harmoniously blends elegant typography, tasteful colour schemes, and well-organised layouts to establish an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly digital space.

Price: Free

Elesa – Theme


This is a sleek, contemporary, and unique WordPress theme tailored for electricians, electrical companies, electricity repair services, lighting shops, or any other electric-related websites? For businesses in this industry, a website plays a crucial role in customer attraction. With the Elesa theme, you can craft a remarkable and visually appealing website that draws inspiration from electricity, perfectly mirroring your vision and customer-oriented approach.

Price: $19.00

Zion – Theme


Zion represents a highly versatile and flexible theme, meticulously designed to cater to a wide array of specialised websites. Be it a Startup Agency, Business Consulting firm, or Brand Marketing enterprise, Zion’s clean, modern, and captivating design sets a new standard for user engagement.

This technology-driven theme serves as the ideal platform for launching your innovative startup or website, seamlessly combining cutting-edge features and aesthetic appeal to captivate your audience.

Price: $29.00

Avigo – Theme


Avigo is a versatile, robust, visually stunning, and high-performing website theme. It is well-suited for corporate entities, agencies, freelancers, individuals, and businesses of all kinds.

This theme integrates seamlessly with Elementor, a user-friendly drag-and-drop PageBuilder for WordPress, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free website creation process. Avigo is designed to be fully responsive, adapting gracefully to various screen sizes, including mobile and tablet devices, to ensure an excellent browsing experience across all platforms.

Price: $39.00

Roseka – Font


Doris – Font


Deuterium – Font


PowerUp – Font


Vercetti Regular – Font

Vercetti Regular

C-Flow – Font

C Flow

Greeny Ecology and Environment – Icons

Greeny Ecology And Environment Icon Set

Audio & Video Animated Icon

Audio And Video Animated Icon

Automotive 3D Icons

3d Automotive

3D MacOS App Icon

Macos Apps 3d Icon Set

3D Social Media App Icon

Social Media App 3d Icon Set

Awardly – Reward & Achievement 3D Icon Set

Reward & Achievement 3d Icon Set

Agento – Framer Template

Agento Agency Website Framer Template

Document Manager

Document Manager

Rafaela Device Mockups

Rafaela Device Mockups

SaaS Website Template Design

Benefiq Saas Website Template Design

Omega Design System

Omega Design System

To Do List Productivity App – UI Kit

To Do List Productivity App Ui Kit

eCommerce Dashboard Admin UI Kit

Ecommerce Dashboard Admin Ui Kit

Taskio-Task Management Dasboard UI Kit

Taskio Task Management Dasboard Ui Kit


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