Let’s us take a look back at what were some of the best plugins and themes for WordPress for December 2023!

What you are about to read in today’s post is what were some of the best WordPress plugins and WordPress themes that have been released during the 30 days we’ve spent in December. In this roundup. I’ve divided them up into two categories lists, the first list showcases both free & premium plugins for WordPress.

The plugins you can find below in the post includes a plugin from hosting company SiteGround that serves as a WordPress lead generation tool, enabling the creation of subscription forms for automatic lead submission to the SiteGround Email Marketing service. To WordPress that revamp the WordPress dashboard with Google Material, a Wishlist plugin for WooCommerce to a new powerful page builder for level of developers.

And with the themes list, you will see another set of free and premium WordPress themes that include nearly any type of themes that you may need. WordPress Themes includes business based themes, gutenberg compatible themes, blogging themes, multi-purpose and eCommerce supported themes, you can use these themes as-is or customise them to suit your or your client needs.

Plugins – Free & Premium

1. SiteGround Email Marketing

Siteground Email Marketing

The SiteGround Email Marketing plugin serves as a WordPress lead generation tool, enabling the creation of subscription forms for automatic lead submission to the SiteGround Email Marketing service. This plugin extends its functionality by allowing the addition of a subscription option to existing contact forms, comment sections, and sign-up processes.

When used alongside the SiteGround Email Marketing service, this plugin becomes a valuable supplementary tool, facilitating the seamless conversion of website visitors into mailing list subscribers.

Price: Free

2. Material Board

Material Board

Revamp your dashboard with Material Board. Embrace a sleek and modern design that adheres to Google’s Material Guidelines. Experience this transformation without any layout adjustments, branding changes, or additional costs.

The Material Board plugin for WordPress enhances the visual aesthetics of your site’s dashboard, incorporating a more contemporary look inspired by Google’s Material Design Guidelines. It maintains your current dashboard layout without introducing significant alterations and refrains from adding any branding or promotional content. This user-friendly plugin is easily accessible and comes at no expense.

Price: Free

3. Hippoo-Ticket

Hippoo Ticket

Improve the customer support experience for your WooCommerce shop using Hippoo-Ticket, a complimentary plugin crafted to simplify communication between you and your customers. This plugin enables customers to effortlessly submit support tickets directly from your online store, specifically within their order list. As a shop owner, you can ensure swift responses, facilitating efficient and effective support.

Hippoo-Ticket provides the convenience of managing support tickets both through the Hippoo app and directly within your WordPress dashboard. The Hippoo app offers easy mobile access to tickets while on the move, and you can also handle and respond to customer inquiries directly within your familiar WordPress environment.

Price: Free

4. Prevent Users Concurrent Sign In

Prevent Users Concurrent Sign In

The “Prevent Users Concurrent Sign In” WordPress plugin boosts website security by blocking users from sharing login details and engaging in simultaneous logins. This is crucial in preventing unauthorised access and potential misuse of account information. The plugin restricts each username and password combination to a single active session, ensuring only one person can access the account at a time.

With quick and easy installation, you can find and activate the plugin in the WordPress Add Plugins page. By implementing this solution, you add an extra layer of security to your site, protecting valuable content, user data, and membership privileges. Safeguard your WordPress site today with the “Prevent Users Concurrent Sign In” plugin for enhanced peace of mind.

Price: Free

5. Wishlist for WooCommerce

Wishlist For Woocommerce

Are you a WooCommerce store owner frustrated with missed sales opportunities? Envision a world where customers effortlessly save their favorite products, converting idle browsers into loyal shoppers. Introducing Wishlist for WooCommerce – the ultimate solution to transform your store into a shopper’s paradise.

Customers can easily add and manage their wishlists, eliminating the frustration of losing track of must-have items. Quickly access favorite products whenever inspiration strikes.

This WordPress plugin seamlessly integrates into your WooCommerce platform, requiring no technical expertise. Install, activate, and witness TW Wishlist for WooCommerce effortlessly elevate your store’s functionality.

Price: $29.00

6. BWD File Management System

Bwd File Management System

Enhance your WordPress file management with the powerful BWD File Management System! This feature-rich plugin provides an intuitive solution to efficiently organise and optimise your files right from the WordPress dashboard.

With drag-and-drop functionality, advanced search options, and version control, file management becomes a breeze. Benefit from increased security measures, user permission settings, and seamless integration with the native WordPress Media Library for a comprehensive file management experience. The responsive design ensures accessibility across all devices. Elevate your workflow and collaboration with the BWD File Management System.

Price: $35.00

7. WP WHMCS Sync

Wp Whmcs Sync

Effortlessly transform your WHMCS installation into a stunning WordPress website with WP WHMCS Sync.

Tailored for reseller packages, WP WHMCS Sync simplifies the process of selling services on your website. Install the plugin, connect your WHMCS to your WordPress site, and enjoy a seamless experience.

Discover the magic of WP WHMCS Sync—access the client area on your WordPress website, even if your WHMCS is on a different URL. Say goodbye to the hassle of styling the WHMCS template. With WP WHMCS Sync, choose from prebuilt style options or unleash your creativity by crafting your own style in the CSS section. Enjoy the freedom to achieve a consistent and professional appearance that aligns with your WordPress website.

Price: $29.00

8. WP Composer

Wp Composer

Elevate your WordPress site with our powerful page builder—perfect for beginners and seasoned developers alike. Effortlessly design pages using our drag-and-drop interface; no coding skills needed. Choose from 50+ elements, including AI-powered content generation for clean code. Speed up your workflow with Layout Packs and Templates. Add elegance with scroll effects, shape dividers, and a library of 3,000+ icons.

Bring content to life with animation effects and seamlessly integrate WooCommerce. Enjoy an intuitive editing experience with context menu options and save custom templates locally or in the cloud for flexible access. Seamlessly integrate with popular themes for a cohesive experience.

Price: $50.00

Themes – Free & Premium

1. Blogvi


Blogvi is a Bloglo child theme that presents a boxed width layout featuring a unique background colour and a pattern image. The theme displays a horizontal blog list style and empowers users with a wide range of customisation options for adjusting colours and typography.

Blogvi stands out as a lightweight, balanced, and customisable News Magazine WordPress theme. With its rich customisation options, you can fully tailor your site according to your preferences. This theme is perfect for both personal bloggers and multi-author platforms, catering to the needs of content publishers.

Price: Free

2. Citrus


Crafted exclusively for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other food-related businesses, the Citrus FSE Restaurant WordPress theme is designed for full site editing. Developed by a team of seasoned designers and developers, this theme comes equipped with a plethora of features and customisation options tailored to meet the specific needs of restaurant owners.

Whether you operate a quaint bistro or an upscale gourmet restaurant, Citrus FSE empowers you with the tools to establish a website that mirrors your distinctive brand and culinary style. A thoughtfully designed website can be a transformative asset, drawing in new customers and ensuring the loyalty of existing ones.

Price: Free

3. Electronic Supermarket

Electronic Supermarket

Designed for electronic retailers and gadget stores, the Electronic Supermarket is a contemporary and user-friendly digital template. Its sleek and visually appealing layout establishes an engaging online environment, perfect for presenting a diverse range of electronic products.

The theme features a clean and modern design, creating a virtual storefront that aligns with the tech-savvy essence of electronic items. The intuitively organised layout enables visitors to effortlessly explore and discover the latest gadgets and technological innovations. With a focus on accessibility, one of the primary advantages of this theme is its user-friendly interface, enabling electronic retailers to effectively manage their online inventory and showcase product offerings without requiring technical expertise.

Price: Free

4. Smartversity


Smartversity is an innovative WordPress theme meticulously crafted for educational websites, including schools, colleges, and universities. Leveraging the capabilities of block-based Full Site Editing (FSE), users can seamlessly customise their entire website through intuitive blocks. The theme provides a range of 5 global styles, allowing users to effortlessly switch between diverse colour schemes that align with their brand’s distinctive identity.

With 13 complimentary ready-to-use patterns, Smartversity simplifies the design process for key homepage sections such as banners, hero sections, about us, testimonials, call-to-action elements, recent posts, and more. For those in search of enhanced design options, the theme goes above and beyond by offering 7 premium patterns, providing a total of 20+ choices to enhance the visual appeal of any educational institution’s website.

Price: Free

5. Wavy


Wavy is an ultra-modern blog theme that embraces the latest trends. With a strong emphasis on speed, vibrant colors, and unique animations, this theme is a perfect fit for various blog genres, including personal, technology, AI, comics/anime, biography, and Tutorial/Programming websites, thanks to its built-in syntax highlighter.

Remarkably lightweight, Wavy requires just one plugin for all its features. Engineered using multiple techniques for excellent Google Insights Scores, the theme prioritizes code quality and SEO. It offers easy customization through a user-friendly interface and includes 12 custom widgets and a robust Theme Options Panel for streamlined administration.

Wavy seamlessly integrates with AMP in Transitional Mode for home, archives, author, and single post pages. Additionally, it supports multiple languages, including English and Spanish, with easy translation capabilities for any language of your choice.

Price: $29.00

6. Orken


Orken transforms your agency’s online presence with its quintessential theme, introducing dynamic features and an advanced toolkit for creative professionals. With a contemporary and versatile ethos, Orken offers an all-encompassing solution that unlocks the full potential of a user-friendly drag-and-drop page builder seamlessly integrated with an intuitive interface. Whether choosing pre-designed templates or starting from scratch, Orken guarantees a fluid website building and design experience.

Create compelling layouts, showcase tech prowess, and share insights with Orken’s built-in blog. Notably, Orken fully supports online marketplaces through robust WooCommerce tools, seamlessly elevating your software and tech services into an eCommerce experience. Elevate your online presence with Orken, where simplicity meets sophistication in the dynamic realm of software and technology.

Price: $69.00

7. Zilly


Meet Zilly, the ultimate Grocery Store WooCommerce WordPress Theme—modern, efficient, and tailored for online grocery stores. Crafted on Bootstrap 5, Zilly offers responsive layouts and a host of unique features. Its user-friendly design includes four multi-page homepages, two Product pages, four single product pages, and two Blog pages—all importable with a single click, seamlessly integrated with WooCommerce.

Powered by Elementor Page Builder, Zilly ensures quick customization with drag-and-drop simplicity. The theme boasts a robust admin panel for easy adjustments to general settings, logos, colors, fonts, and more. Enjoy exceptional customization flexibility to build a medical store website swiftly.

Zilly is SEO-friendly, designed to enhance your drug store’s Google ranking. With premium Review & Schema Pro, you can publish posts, generate schema, and add rich snippets to boost content CTR and organic search traffic. Elevate your online grocery store with Zilly’s modern design and powerful e-commerce functionalities.

Price: $29.00

8. Rappod


Rappod stands as a robust WordPress theme tailored for Beauty & Skincare Store WooCommerce establishments. Utilising the latest Bootstrap version as its backend framework, Rappod boasts an impressive and fitting design for your store, with a focus on categorising products seamlessly. The theme emphasises aligning products by categories while integrating components to highlight special items.

Built on the Elementor plugin, Rappod allows easy drag-and-drop customisation. Moreover, it is compatible with three Multi Vendor plugins (MultiVendorX, Wc Vendor, Dokan) for building Multi Vendor websites.

Rappod features widgets for top-selling products, banner sliders showcasing featured and trending items, and smooth navigation for product categories. The search function is comprehensive, allowing customers to refine searches based on categories, availability, product conditions, brands, price ranges, sizes, colors, and more. In essence, Rappod is the ideal theme for your Beauty & Skincare Store WooCommerce needs.

Price: $19.00


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