We’ve encountered remarkable resources for designers and developers throughout the year 2023.

The sixth compilation in the series, titled “What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2023,” will showcase some of the most outstanding and beneficial plugins for WordPress, whether newly released or updated. These include plugins for analytics, site performance, booking and scheduling, gutenberg block, productivity and task management and various other plugin types.

While eagerly anticipating the advancements the web will offer in 2024, take a moment to revisit the standout WordPress plugins of 2023. Enjoy the retrospective!


Cookieless Analytics – Plugin

Cookieless Analytics

Self hosted privacy friendly analytics plugin with real time visitors counter and super advanced analytics dashboard with the most important statistics like pageviews, sessions, bounce rate, unique visitors, top pages, top referrers, etc.,

As the name states, Cookieless Analytics don’t use ANY cookies to measure analytics. Enjoy privacy friendly analytics right in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Price: Free

Bookinger – Plugin


The Bookinger is a booking and scheduling calendar plugin for WordPress that can be used to schedule various events, including classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, etc.

This plugin includes custom post types for Events, Speakers, and Bookings, along with four different widgets. The purpose and format of information presentation will determine how three of the widgets display events. You can add a reservation form using one widget.

Price: $15.00


Flash Cache – Plugin

Flash Cache

Flash Cache is a powerful plugin which optimizes the websites speed thanks to processes and technologies that reduces the overload of the websites where it is installed, improving the velocity till 10x comparing with other cache plugins for WordPress.

Price: Free

Admin Help Docs – Plugin

Admin Help Docs

Site developers and operators can easily create help documentation and notices for the admin area. Include a help section with pages of instructions, or add a help box just about anywhere on the back-end.

Price: Free


WPMinds Growth Blocks – Plugin

Wpminds Growth Blocks

The WPMinds Growth Blocks plugin adds a collection of beautiful, site-building blocks to help you customise page layouts, increase engagement, and get results for your business.

It provides everything from customisable buttons, to beautifully designed page sections and full-page layout designs via the Section & Layout block. Additional content blocks and the layout selector make it easy to get the most value out of the block-based editor.

Price: Free

Admire Extra – Plugin

Admire Extra

Admire extra is a Elementor as well as Gutenberg template library where you can choose from available designs and use them with any WordPress theme from the repository or elsewhere. These templates are fully editable using Elementor or Gutenberg block editor.

Price: Free

Spectrum Audio Player – Plugin

Spectrum Audio Player WordPress Plugin

Powerful and extremely customizable responsive audio .mp3, Shoutcast and Icecast player for your website, it runs on all major browsers and mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, IOS, Android, Windows mobile or desktop*.

Price: $59.00


Dash Todo – Plugin

Dash Todo

The Todo Plugin is a tool designed to enhance productivity and task management within the WordPress admin area. This plugin allows admins to easily create and manage tasks, keeping track of what needs to be done.

Price: Free

WordPress Wizard Guides – Plugin

Wordpress Wizard Guides

Get playfully to the correct price, service or product. With WordPress Wizard Guides plugin you can create multi step forms with ease. Create interactive price calculations, guided selling services or WooCommerce product advisors and increase your conversions to unknown limits today! Start with unlimited questions, answers and endless possibilities.

Price:  $29.00


WP Online Active Users – Plugin

Wp Online Active Users

WordPress Online Active Users plugin enables you to display how many users are currently online active and display user last seen on your Users page in the WordPress admin. The best way to show real-time online active users in WordPress dashboard.

Price: Free

Kicklander – Plugin


Kicklander is a no-code platform that allows website owners to create in-site FOMO notifications to help them leverage their ROI. With Kicklander, users can easily create eye-catching and attention-grabbing notifications that encourage visitors to take specific actions on their website.

Price: Free

FancyPost – Plugin

Gutenberg Post Blocks

The Gutenberg post blocks plugin comes with innovative collections of beautiful ready to use post blocks to display your WordPress posts in unique and attractive ways.

Price: From 19.99 (1 Site), $74.99 (5 Site) or $149.99(Unlimited)


ACF Remote Sync – Plugin

ACF Remote Sync

ACF Remote Sync extends Advanced Custom Fields, enabling quick field group migration between websites without leaving the UI. View & pull remote fields groups into your local or push field groups to a remote site in just a few clicks!

Price: $49.00 (2 site) or $79.00 (unlimited sites)


Embed Notion Pages – Plugin

Embed Notion Pages

Embed Notion Pages is a powerful tool for integrating Notion content into your website. Create and customize your content in Notion, then easily embed it on your site using the provided code. This plugin enhances your content presentation while preserving Notion’s user-friendly features. Simply generate the embed code on our website, use the shortcode on your WordPress page, and enjoy seamless integration.

Price: Free

StoreGrowth – Plugin


StoreGrowth is a robust plugin exclusively built for WooCommerce users. It consists of five indispensable modules that elevate your sales and enrich the shopping journey on your online store. Seamlessly integrated into your WooCommerce setup, StoreGrowth empowers you to maximize your sales strategy and achieve unparalleled conversion rates.

Price: Free

MotionMagic – Plugin


MotionMagic is a remarkable extension for Gutenberg that enriches it with captivating CSS animations for every block. It effortlessly integrates on-scroll, on-hover, and on-click animations.

It seamlessly harmonizes with any Gutenberg template kit, such as spectra, stackable, otter, kadence, qubely, and more.

When users choose an animation within the Gutenberg editor interface, they can instantly witness its impact on the inspected block, providing them with a preview of how the animation will be displayed on the front end. The plugin ensures that all animations coexist harmoniously, even allowing the same block to have all three types of animations simultaneously defined.

Price: Free


Awesome View Count – Plugin

Awesome Post View Counts

Awesome Post View Counts is a robust WordPress plugin crafted to display the view count of your posts to your visitors. With this powerful tool, you can gain valuable insights into your audience’s interests and preferences, empowering you to curate more captivating and relevant content that deeply resonates with them.

Price: Free


GutSlider – Plugin


GutSlider stands as a tailor-made Gutenberg Block, enabling effortless creation of sliders or carousels without the necessity of coding expertise. Swift and lightweight, it exclusively loads scripts solely on pages featuring the block. This feature boasts extensive customisability, seamlessly integrating with any theme and showcasing compatibility across the entire spectrum of WordPress themes.

Price: Free

Citations – Plugin


This Plugin introduces practical citation functionality to the WordPress Block Editor, aiming to streamline the process of adding references to your content.

Price: Free

Builderius – Plugin


Achieve a competitive edge with Builderius’ tools built for best practices and modern web standards. Build fully accessible websites, improve performance scores, and rank higher in SEO with ease. Easily use data from any source with Builderius.

Price: 1 website $59.00 or Unlimited sites $129.00

BerqWP – Plugin


BerqWP represents an advanced WordPress plugin meticulously crafted to elevate the performance and user engagement of your website. At its core, BerqWP is geared towards enhancing Core Web Vitals, effectively aligning your site with contemporary performance benchmarks designated by search engines.

Through BerqWP, you’re not solely accelerating your website’s speed, but also laying the foundation for enhanced search engine standings and an elevated user experience that resonates with your visitors.

Price: 1 website $59.00 or Unlimited sites $129.00


Auto Coupon for WooCommerce – Plugin

Auto Coupon For Woocommerce

Allow a coupon to be applied automatically by checking the “Auto apply” option on the edit coupon page.

Automatically add the coupon to the customer’s cart or the admin order page if the specified restrictions are met. Please enter a description when you check the “Auto apply” box; the description will be displayed in the customer’s cart if the coupon is applied.

Price: Free

Bookt – Plugin


Introducing Bookt, a meticulously crafted WordPress Plugin built to streamline your scheduling needs, both for yourself and your team.

Whether it’s scheduling online Zoom meetings and automatically generating meeting links for all participants or facilitating paid services with seamless payment integration during the booking process, BooktPro has got you covered. Explore the key features below:

Price: $59.00

Plasmic Audio Player – Plugin

Plasmic Audio Player WordPress Plugin

Introducing Plasmic Audio Player, a powerful, responsive, and extremely customizable, versatile player with playlist support with .mp3, Shoutcast, and Icecast supported formats, seamlessly running on all major browsers and mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android, MAC, and Windows, elevating your website’s audio experience to a whole new level.

Price: $69.00


Filter Plus – Plugin

Filter Plus

Filter Plus is a WordPress and WooCommerce Product Filter Plugin that empowers users to incorporate multiple filtering functionalities, including options for filtering by Ratings, Tags, Price Range, and more.

Price: Free

Sites Monitor – Plugin

Wp Sites Monitor

Sites Monitor enables professionals to oversee their WordPress websites through a single WP installation. This is achieved by synchronising metrics from individual sites to a designated monitoring site that you’ve established.

Price: Free & Premium $79.00 per year


Disclaimify – Plugin


Disclaimify is a streamlined WordPress plugin crafted for affiliate marketers, bloggers, and website owners. Its purpose is to effortlessly notify web visitors about potential compensation when making purchases through affiliate links.

Price: Free

Majestic Support – Plugin

Majestic Support

Majestic Support for WordPress is a ticket system that elevates customer support. This plugin generates and manages support tickets online, offering features like email piping, unlimited agents, customizable replies, invoicing history, and file attachments.

Price: Free


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2023: WordPress Plugins