Welcome to the fourth of my yearly round of the “What’s New for Designers & Developers for 2021”.

Today’s post roundup will be showing you what were some of the best and greatest web applications that either got released or been updated during 2021.

Not every web apps that been featured in each of my roundups will be featured in today’s post, as I feel that this list could be enormous. So let’s get in to it.

January’s Top Picks

Site Change – Web App

Site Change

SiteChange is a cloud based tool allowing users to quickly setup monitors for website changes. The service has 99.9% uptime with quick email responses as soon as a change is detected.

Price: Free to $50.00 per month

Worksuite – Web App


Worksuite aspires to be your one-stop solution to handle and automate business tasks and save your time so that you give more time to core business decisions by creating space for every team, department to share knowledge, information and keep work organised.

Price: Regular License Starting at $45.00 *One time payment payment

No Track Website Stats – Web App

No Track Website Stats

Welcome to the future of web analytics, See only what you need to with simple install and simple to use to get an overview of your sites performance. Free to use while in beta. Contains features such as unlimited sites for tracking, and a weekly update email

Price: Free

February’s Top Picks

Bunnyshell – Web App

Bunny Shell

Bunnyshell is a self-service DevOps automation platform that helps teams cut downtime and deliver reliable applications and services at high velocity.

Price:  Starting $49.00 per month

GingerTag – Web App


GingerTag is a no-code easy-to-use privacy-friendly analytics tool for websites and web-apps. Learn what users do on your website without digging through numerous reports.

Price:  Starting $8.00 10k pageviews per month, billed annually

SiteChange – Web App

Site Change

Sitechange is a really simple ticket system for retainer clients to request website updates. All of your clients’ requests flow into one easy-to-use ticketing system, built specifically for website maintenance services.

Sitechange logs the time that each request takes to complete, and if your clients receive a set amount of time each month, their balance will be updated automatically.

Requests are automatically grouped by company and page title, so it’s easy to see a history of changes and other open requests from the same client when you’re working on their site. Your clients can also login and submit site change requests effortlessly.

Price:  Starting $39.00 per month

March’s Top Picks

Ruffly – Web App


Ruffly accurately estimates project delivery, helps development teams visualise different scope scenarios and updates timeline in real-time. So no more late, over-budgeted and wrongly scoped projects.

Price: Try it for Free

Swifter – Web App


Regular email sends people to a browser, causing drop-offs and low conversion. Swifter enables interactive shopping and 1-click checkout inside email leading to higher conversions and more revenue.

Price: Free for use within reasonable limits.

Zepel 2.0 – Web App

Zepel version 2.0

Zepel is the project management software that takes you beyond simple issue tracking. This way, you can plan features, track progress of your entire product development process, and ship customer-focussed software painlessly.

Price: Free to $5.00

April’s Top Picks

Analytick – Web App


Analytick makes it easy to understand your analytics gathered from your websites all around the internet. You can easily view, access and download the data to understand where your visitors are clicking and what they are doing. We do not share your data either

Price:  7 day trial then $29.00

Group & Work – Web App

Group And Work

Group & Work is a project management tool thats eliminate the hassle of organising your work. Completing projects and tasks will seem like a walk in the park. With it’s smooth UI, powerful AI and workflow automation you can be more efficient and effective every day.

Price: Free

Entrypage – Web App


Entrypage is a super simple micro wiki for any project. Use it as the front page of your projects to keep clients and/or team mates in the loop.

Price: Free to $4.00 per month

May’s Top Picks

Bucket – Web App


Bucket is feature analytics for SaaS companies. Using product analytics feels like being a deer caught in the headlights. Bucket is cutting scope and focusing on features. Take good care of your features, and the product will take care of itself.

Price: $49.00 to $99 per month

Subtrac – Web App


Subtrac makes it easy for all types of companies to track their subscriptions and recurring payments, to make sure money isn’t being wasted and subscriptions are being used.

Price: Free to $599 per year

June’s Top Picks

Moyo – Web App


Moyo allows you to create UX research projects; design testing scripts; schedule testing sessions; gather and collate participant feedback and create a report of your findings.

Price: $29.00 per month

Test Uptime – Web App

Test Uptime

Free Website/Server Uptime Monitoring & Status Pages. Easy & reliable uptime and performance monitoring solution, with highly customizable and white-label status pages. A Free forever product.

Price: Free

Squarl – Web App


Stop the information overload in Microsoft Teams and regain control. Squarl is a tool that brings all that matters to you into one place. No need to think about where you put the data. When you put it in Squarl, you will find it back quickly.

Price: Free

July’s Top Picks

Suppdesk – Web App


Suppdesk is a tickets manager with an easy workflow. A multi language helpdesk that can be used by support teams that want to open a channel of communication with its clients and have all this data in a place

Price: From $299.00 annually

ThreadStart – Web App

Thread Start

ThreadStart is a Twitter scheduling SaaS for content creators. It can save & schedule threads, help organise you’re content and show you analytics of your postings. It was built from a personal need to assist from idea to finished thread.

ThreadStart helps you save time by automatically splitting large texts into threads and numbering them for you. You can post them right away or schedule them for later with personalised posting time suggestions based on your audience’s activity.

Price: Free to $19.00 per month

August’s Top Picks

BugBug – Web App


BugBug allows you to automate testing without coding, so anyone can check if their website or application looks and works as it should.

Price: Free to €299.00 per month

Pause – Web App


Pause is a time-off management tool that helps startups, agencies and SMEs balance happy teams and on-track projects.

With Pause, you can take time off, know colleague’s availability, create transparent policies, and plan better together. There’s many intuitive features such as simple application processes, transparent leave policies, instant updates, locked critical dates, and more.

Lastly this app works where you work—Slack, Calendar, mobile, and browser—to make time-off management and team planning a breeze.

Price: $1.00 per month

September’s Top Picks

TaskClue – Web App

Task Clue

TaskClue is an affordable CRM created specifically for freelancers and small businesses. With our suite of tools, you can easily manage tasks, track work time, send invoices, and get paid – all from one app.

Price: Starting from $12.00 per month

Loqbooq – Web App


Loqbooq is a web app that lets you agree and commit to project decisions in your team. Decisions and the what, when and why are permanently recorded. So, Loqbooq serves both as a documentation tool and helps to keep even your long-running projects sustainable.

Price: Free to $ 2.99* / active user / month

October’s Top Picks

Billie Invoice Generator – Web App

Billie Invoice Generator

Billie invoice generator is online invoicing software that helps you craft professional invoices

Price: Free

Due Work – Web App


Due.Work is a support widget that you can integrate into your product from which your customer can raise an issue, share feedback or read interactive help guides. We have merged the concept of Feedback and Tickets together.

In Due.work a Ticket is raised in the form of private feedback which can be later made public by admin to help other users solve the same problems themselves by reading to it or discuss on the same.

Price: Free, $199.00 per workspace, even contact them for a bigger plan

November’s Top Picks

Thursday – Web App


Thursday is where remote teams do their socials. It is a place to hang out with your team and play games in small groups. No sign up required. Nothing to install.

Price: Free

At My Desk – Web App


atmydesk is a web app that helps remote teams connect more informally, like we used to in the office. We do this by creating a remote work strategy, paired with our tool, that enables coworkers to connect via short video chats.

A good way to think of this is that Slack is to pings, as Zoom is to meetings, as atmydesk is to quick syncs and chats. We are creating a space for coworkers to truly connect in a non-disruptive, more human way.

Price: Free

December’s Top Picks

Brunch – Web App


Brunch is a platform for digital collaboration. It helps digital marketing experts manage feedback on live website. You can add your feedback with no website access, no code and a lot less time spent. The tool is built for digital agencies as well as in house teams and can reduce the feedback process to a few click. It cuts our any long email threads or print screens commented in email. It makes live easier for all parties involved.

Price: From Free to $79.00 per month

Constructor – Web App


Constructor is the lightweight tracking tool for software teams who don’t want a ton of process. With a clean UI, a deep GitHub integration, and assignable comment threads, Constructor helps developers and managers stay focused and collaborate smoothly.

Price: From Free to $5.00 Per User/Month

Swetrix – Web App


Swetrix is a privacy-oriented and simple web analytics platform. This analytics methods absolutely do not rely on cookies, but at the same time we can provide you a number of metrics, such as unique visitors. The point of this project is to make web-analytics as simple as possible. Now when looking at your website data, you can easily understand your customers.

In addition to page view tracking, it supports the tracking custom events (e.g. when a user registers or clicks a button, the scope is unlimited). We also support many other features, like dashboard metrics export, GDPR exports, email notifications and more.

Price: From Free to $110.00 per month


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2021: Web Apps