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Welcome to the third of my yearly round of the “What’s New for Designers & Developers for 2021”.

Today’s post roundup will be showing you what were some of the best and greatest apps for your mobile plugins that either got released or been updated during 2021.

Not every app for mobiles that been featured in each of my roundups will be featured in today’s post, as I feel that this list could be enormous. So let’s get in to it.

January’s Top Picks

GA.TODAY for Google Analytics – iOS App

Ga Today

Setup widgets for a variety of metrics across today, yesterday, the last 7 days or the last 30 days. The large widget also adds dimension information like social media referrals and source / medium. Tap for a full in-app dashboard.

Price: $3.99

Chestry – iOS App


Connect all your social media accounts in one place. Save their links and posts in one profile and share this profile with your friends. With the Chestry iOS App, you can now access your content and the content of your friends even easier and more convenient.

Price: Free

February’s Top Picks

Belion – iOS & Android App


What if you had the chance to see your wallet getting fatter with money with each passing second while working?

Belion will reward your working time with that exact feeling. When it comes to your professional life, especially, working from home, It is not uncommon to feel demotivated, stale or even bored. Belion is specifically designed to help you overcome those problems.

Price: Free

Trexy – iOS App


Trexy allows you to track your own expenses. You can also track lending and borrowing records between your family and friends. Multi-currency comes in handy regardless of which currency you spend on. Expenses are grouped by category in monthly pie-chart.

Price: Free

March’s Top Picks

Obsidian – iOS App


Obsidian is a secure, reliable and decentralized solution for OTP (One-Time Passwords) based on the iCloud Keychain and synchronised between iOS and MacOS.Just enable 2-Factor Authentication in all your accounts (e.g. Google, Instagram) and let Obsidian manage the rest.

Price: Free

Expires! – iOS App


Each of us has things around us that have an expiration date such like domain names, hosting etc. Most of them require our action at a given time or in advance. Forgetting many times means a problem or at least some complications like angry clients.

Price: Try it for Free

April’s Top Picks

Usage – iOS App


Usage is a tool to monitor your device’s activity, data usage, connection speed, and more. It comes with 21 new iOS 14 widgets!

Price: Free

TinyDo – iOS App


Focus on one important task today. You decide what to focus on. After you set today’s task you can’t change or delete it. Keep a streak of days you finished your daily task.

Price: Free

Pigments – Android App


Pigments helps you create, edit and export beautiful color palettes right from your phone.

Price: Free

May’s Top Picks

Plutus – Android & iOS App


Plutus is a green app that allows users to easily store and access receipts from any retail or online store. Our goal is to eliminate paper receipts altogether and reduce our carbon footprints.

Price: Free

Mosaic – iOS App


Mosaic is a personal finance management app designed and built for the new generation of adults.  Struck in the right balance between power, simplicity, and flexibility. Which this app give you a full view into your finances without needing to manually deal with budgets.

Price: Free

June’s Top Picks

Mabel – Android & iOS App


Mabel is the only inbox you’ll ever need for design and frontend news, curated by real people. Learn from the very best from the community and stay up to date in a delightful way.

Enjoy reading high-quality articles without the hassle of subscribing to multiple newsletters, aggregators and other sources. There is a Pro subscription models which gives you the abilities to search the archive, enable dark mode and bookmark links.

Price: Free & Pro Options at either .99c per month or $9.99 yearly

CupBuddy – iOS App

Cup Buddy

CupBuddy is an easy-to-use app that helps you properly understand how much caffeine you intake and reduce it to an acceptable level. Track every cup and get metabolism forecast and caffeine washout notifications. Drink responsibly!

Price: Free

July’s Top Picks

Underlist – iOS App


Underlist is a mobile app to help you organise your life on your iPhone, iPad, and or Mac computer. On it, the user has the ability to manage records in lists, separators, and schedules.

For lists, the user has the ability to organise them in folders and lock them through a biometric validation or a passcode.

Price: Free

ATaskTimer – iOS App

A Task Timer

A Task Timer  which is here to make you as productive and alert person.

Price: $2.99

August’s Top Picks

Calliope – iOS App

Pro Voice Recorder

Calliope represents the simplest way to create audio mixes and memos collections. A project allows recording and importing audio segments that can be trimmed and merged in a few taps.

Price: Free

AllConvert – iOS App

All Convert

AllConvert is your simple, fast file converter for any file type. Numerous types such as PDF, GIF, HEIC, MP4, MOV + others are already supported in order to be able to offer you a more extensive experience. In addition, with our practical extension you can import content directly from various apps into AllConvert, and import it directly.

Price: Free

Sofa 3.0 – iOS App


Most of the apps we use today are designed for work. Sofa is one of the few productivity apps intentionally intended for play. Create lists of apps, books, board games, movies, tv shows, podcasts, music albums, and video games to enjoy later.

Price: Free

September’s Top Picks

Titls – iOS Widget


Titls is a small iOS app that lets you create titles and then use widgets to organize your iOS home screens.

Price: Free

Website Ping Widget – iOS Widget


Effortlessly keep track of your websites uptime with WebMeter. WebMeter uses iOS Widgets to frequently test your sites reach ability. Since WebMeter runs on your phone, you can monitor non-public websites such as your iOT devices.

Price: Free

Spending Tracker – iOS App

Spending Tracker

Budget Card is a personal finance app for budget planning and spending tracking. Simple to use, it only takes two steps to record an expense. And it has all the features you need, intuitive and simple.

Price: Free

October’s Top Picks

Invoices – iOS App


Create professional invoices in a few clicks. Perfect for small business owners, freelancers, contractors. Extremely easy and intuitive to use mobile invoicing package. Send invoices using professional templates, PDF invoices, manage clients all in one app

Price: Free

Noir – iOS App


Noir is a Safari extension for iOS (15) that automatically adds a dark mode to every website you visit. It makes browsing the web at night so much better.

Price: $2.99

November’s Top Picks

Codable – iOS App


Codable is dedicated online community chats for developers of all levels. The platform aims to bring people together to engage in conversations about their craft and collaborate with other developers.

Price: Free

Metascan – iOS App


Metascan is a powerful all-in-one 3D capture tool with professional features. Create photorealistic 3D models of objects from photos, or walk around and quickly capture spaces using LiDAR.*

Price: Free

December’s Top Picks

Todoodle – iOS App


Todoodle takes a different approach to productivity: less is more. No more calendars, color coding, or long lists. Just pick one thing to do each day, cheer on your friends, and celebrate the small wins. That’s it.

Price: Free

WidgetGrid – iOS App

WidgetGrid is iOS Widgets Builder

WidgetGrid is a new way to turn Google Spreadsheets into data-driven widgets on the home screen. You can start from templates to create widgets. You can edit your data in spreadsheets and customize the design of all kinds of widgets in WidgetGrid.

Price: Free


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2021: Mobile Apps