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If you are interested in building a web app or becoming a developer, learning JavaScript will help you as it’s the no.1 language to learn in web development plus it has a heap of useful frameworks and libraries such React, Node.js and jQuery which made web development even easier.

In today’s environment, I highly encourage people to learn to code or at least know how to build a web or mobile application on your own.

Now, the important question in all of this is which courses should you choose to learn JavaScript? There’s are loads of options available in terms of books, tutorials, paid and free courses.

There are even websites where you can use to interactively learn JavaScript. Today in this post of I’ve listed eight courses you can learn JavaScript in 2020. You can start learning JavaScript whatever way you want, but my advice is to start with the fundamental, before learning the JavaScript language before diving into any framework or library.

Also, These resource listed below are even great if you are an advanced coder, plus it enables you to learn additional programming languages with ease.

1. Quick JavaScript Fundamentals

Javascript For Beginners Quickjavascript Fundamentals

Like I mentioned above with “start with the fundamental”, so why not start with a course that shows you some fundamentals This is a great course to start learning JavaScript from scratch. It touches every aspect of JavaScript language in detail and shows you how to get the most from the language of the internet.

In this JavaScript course, you will learn the common building blocks of JavaScript programs like the DOM, conditions, syntax, operators, loops, object, functions, etc.

Price: $94.99

2. Introduction to JavaScript: First Steps

Introduction To Javascript First Steps

This is an introductory course for the complete beginner to JavaScript. This is another course that provides the fundamentals of the language. Topics include variables, operators, functions, arrays, objects, and loops. After this course, you should be ready to further your learning advanced to advanced classes or other resources.

Price: Audit the course for free, and if you like it it’s $39.99 (per month) that includes unlimited access to all 175+ courses and completion certificates

3. Learn to Program in Javascript: Beginner to Pro

Learn To Program In Javascript Beginner To Pro

This is another free JavaScript course for developers who want to learn JavaScript in depth.

Within this course, you will not only understand how JavaScript works but also learn advanced concepts such as closures, prototypes, and learn to write your JS frameworks.

Also, it will teach you how to write solid, good JavaScript code by avoiding common pitfalls and mistakes other coders make.

Price: Free

4. Leveling up to ES6

Leveling Up To Es6

This course is for those who know JavaScript already but wanting to learn all the features of ES6 so that you can write better and concise JavaScript code then this course is the best to join.

In this ES 6 course, you’ll learn how to use the ES6 features, understand when these particular ES6 features should be used and learn why these ES6 features help you write cleaner and concise code

Overall this course is great to level up your JavaScript knowledge with the latest features provided in ES6.

Price: $19.99

5. Javascript Essentials

Javascript Essentials

The course is ideal for anyone who is starting out with JavaScript from scratch but also ideal for those who has some experience in coding.

This is a basic course to learn JavaScript, in this course, you’ll learn all the basics of the language such as arrays, functions, operators, objects like a window, DOM, and more.

Also, you will learn how JavaScipt works, some basic APIs, and in the end, you will develop a mini JavaScript project by using the knowledge you’ve gained in this free JavaScript course.

Price: Free

6. Interactivity with JavaScript

Interactivity With Javascript

Join the 121,524 and counting who’ve already enrolled in this course, within this awesome course which is free to learn JavaScript.

The course covers concepts such as variables, looping, functions, and even a little bit about debugging tools. You’ll not only discover how the Document Object Model (DOM) is used by JavaScript to identify and modify specific parts of your page, but also how to interact with DOM.

Price: Free

7. JavaScript Basics: Start Coding in 5 Minutes

Basic Coding In Javascript

This is a huge free course to learn JavaScript. This course has more than 56 hours of content and covers everything a JavaScript developer would needs to know. You’ll find more material in this free JavaScript course on Udemy than any other similar courses.

Price: Free

8. JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts

Javascript Understanding The Weird Parts

The course is an advanced course that is noted is for everyone. you will grasp how JavaScript works and its fundamental concepts.

The course will help you understand advanced concepts such as closures, prototypal inheritance, IIFEs, and much more. Within this course you also learn how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes that other JavaScript coders make while it will help drastically improve your ability to debug problems in JavaScript and help you build your own JavaScript framework or library.

Price: $109.00

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