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Developers love React.js as in recent years, it has grown to become the most attractive and widely used JavaScript UI library or framework for those who might want to call it out there. With this popularity came a lot of new possibilities for both new and aged developers through tons of new jobs offers and other React based tasks that are currently in the web industry.

So, if you are just getting into this whole web development industry, and want to start learning React right now, today’s post is here for you as I have collected a list of the free and most of them are up-to-date resources to learn React.

1. Official React Documentation

React Official Documentation

The first best and free place will always be the React official documentation as it is the often the most up to date and reliable source for information about everything new and specific inside the word of React. Aside from the API documentation, the website offers a getting started guide, and an in-depth tutorial and with a few additional guides for more advanced features.

2. Learn React from Scrimba

Learn React For Free Scrimba

Learn React is a great course. In this course, it covers the same full spectrum of React topics but even more indepth. What is more, the course is available on; this a great platform dedicated solely to coding tutorials with a built-in editor, to play with the code right away when the video is playing!

3. The Beginner’s Guide to React 

The Beginner's Guide To React

The Beginner’s Guide to React is a complete full-blown course that is on This guide is here to teach you everything you need to know to get your React skills up and running straight from the sole purpose of the library to web-app deployment.

4. React Podcast

React Podcast

This React Podcast is for more advanced users of React who’d want to relax and still learn something new. While this isn’t a “learning” resource, the podcast can help you get a better grasp of the React and overall web dev ecosystem, as well as an overview of recommended techniques and practices.

5. React Enlightenment

React Enlightenment

The open-source React Enlightenment guide is one of the better sites to use through-out your journey. It’s compact but you will get straight to the point and since it’s open-source the whole thing is free to read online or download locally.

Each bit of this guide is hosted for free on GitHub and it covers a lot of best practices for new developers. You’ll learn about ES6 and JSX/templating along with basic DOM manipulation and components.

Just note this guide does not hold your hand or wait for you to keep up. You probably will be doing some Googling to answer questions you have along the way but this guide can take you pretty far and it’s frequently updated with new information.

6. React Resources

React Resources

React Resources is a website that collects and categorises a lot of different React resources from around the Web. It may not be as up to date as everything listed here, but you can be certain that you will find there pretty much everything you need just if you look close enough, that is.

7. React 101

React 101

This is a free course which is meant for those intermediate learners who at least has some knowledge of how React works. During the courses, you will build three unique components from scratch and there are lessons regarding data retrieval and localStorage.

It is impossible to remember all that you’ve learnt in React to use daily. That’s why cheat sheets are so vital to any design and development that include React!. They are that productivity time-saver that every react developer should keep close at hand for quick reference and to double-check that snippet of code you have doubts about. Here are some following React cheat sheets to help you out

8. React Cheatsheet

React.js Cheatsheet Dev Hints

9. React Patterns

React Patterns

10. React Cheat Sheet 

React Cheat Sheet


10 Great Free Resources to Learn React