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We’ve seen some incredible resources for designers and developers throughout 2022.

The fourth roundup for “What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2022” will be what were some of the coolest and helpful web apps that either got released or been updated. From uptime monitoring solution, design platform, collaboration tools, tools for engineering, client management.

I’m excited to look forward to what the web will bring in 2023, but in the meantime, take a look back at the best Web Apps of 2022. Enjoy!


ElasticWebinar – Web App

Elastic Webinar

ElasticWebinar is an automated webinar software. You can launch it directly from the browser, so there’s no download is required. It’s an easy setup, it has email reminders, hosted registration page, simulated events, real-time chat, statistics. And with this app you can try it for free right now!

Price: Free/$43.00/$75.00/$168.00 per month

DigStack – Web App


DigStack is a collaborative whiteboard without the learning curve. Invite anybody to collaborate by simply sharing a link to your board, these ‘day passes’ allow you to easily collaborate with people outside of your organization.

On the whiteboard you’ll find just the right features to host an effective brainstorm or collaborative meeting with times, voting, emoji’s and celebrations. You’ll then easily export your boards, or keep them around for reference. You can lock your images so they don’t distract. Free and unlimited boards for personal use, for startups and for non profits.

Price: Free/$1.75/$2.80/$4.90 per month


PingNow – Web App

Ping Now

Pingnow is a very simple and easy to use website uptime monitoring solution (SaaS). Just define your URLs to monitor and be notified via email whenever their status is changing (e.g. from online to offline).

Price: Free to $10.00 per month

Weecheck – Web App


Weecheck is a new way to validate emails and helps you decrease bounces, increase deliverability, and land your emails in the inbox every time. It is the fastest verification solution on the market. Import your dirty list and export a clean.

Price: Free to $59.99 per month


Noodl – Web App


Noodl is the world’s first professional design programming platform. It enables designers, innovators, and developers to create powerful web apps with visual programming. It is purpose-built to help explore and realise creative potential without limits.

Price: Free for Pro plans are free until 2023, then $7.00 USD / user per month starting in 2023

Web-Analytics – Web App

Web Analytics helps you collect analytics like never before. See how users interact with your website and receive unparalleled insight about how to improve your website and increase conversions with an easy-to-use UI/UX.

Price: Free for 1 website to $39.99 Monthly for 10 websites

Stand – Web App

stand up web app

Stand provides asynchronous stand-ups, discussions, mood tracking and accountability for your team. We created stand to help teams communicate and work more efficiently.

Price: $29.00 to $79.00 per month


Freelancer OS – Web App

Freelancer os for notion

Freelancer OS is an all-in-one operating system to manage and grow your freelance business in Notion.

Price: $59.00 to $199.00

Pingniner – Web App


Pingniner is a powerful monitoring solution for servers, websites and more and it comes fully packed with all the features you need to monitor your entire infrastructure: awesome dashboard, advanced stats & graphs, highly customizable alert triggers, reliable incident notifications and more.

Price: From $6.95 per month to $44.95 per month


Stage – Web App


Stage is the easiest tool for designing interactive mobile apps. Whether you’re a designer or not. Stage will help to visualize and share your ideas with every team member, in real-time. No design skills required.

Price: Free to $27.00 per month

Lampoint – Web App


Lampoint is a web application that aims to simplify team collaboration between company employees. Sending and filtering different message types will help teams to have organized, focused, and more productive work.

Price: $7.00 per user per month


PhotoRoom – Web App

Photoroom Web App

PhotoRoom is now available on the web to create professional product images. Remove a picture background, erase any unwanted object or detail, choose a professional background. This  tool is as easy and intuitive as the PhotoRoom app.

Price: Free

Alpina Rollouts – Web App


Rollouts is a simple platform for managing feature flags, allowing you to remotely deploy new features & run experiments on a smaller pool of users before making the release available to everyone!

Price: Pick & Choose starting at $6.00 USD per month or Choose the All in One Bundle at $62.00 USD per month


Insightly Analytics – Web App


Data-driven insights from Git & Jira to gain visibility into dev teams. Improve speed, throughput & quality of releases by clearing bottlenecks in your engineering process. Identify signs of burnout & use healthy metrics to measure & improve dev productivity.

Price: Free to $40.00 per month per Engineer

Encore – Web App


Encore is a Back-end Development Engine, purpose-built for a flow state developer experience when creating cloud-based back-end applications and APIs. Stop spending countless soul-crushing hours writing repetitive glue code. Start having fun again.

Price: Free to $99.00 Per Month/Member


Imitate Email – Web App

Imitate Email is a fake SMTP server that enables developers and users to test email flows during development and testing without accidentally sending real emails. Hosted in the cloud, it also comes with an embedd-able web widget enabling users to see their test emails alongside the application that they’re building.

Price: $15.00 per year to $999.00 per year

Shortcut – Web App


Shortcut is a fast, uncluttered project management platform for Agile software teams to plan, build, and launch better products. It combines just the right amount of simplicity and structure to keep software teams happy and productive. Free for up to 10 users.

Price: Free to $12.00 Per User/Month


Spot – Web App

Spot Virtual

Spot is the complete solution for teams to connect, collaborate, and build culture. Bring the work experience to the next level by combining a unique spatial experience with a powerful team-chat implementation.

Price: Free to $17.00 per user / month

Feathery – Web App


Feathery is a low-code platform helping startups and product teams build customizable, developer-friendly forms. Get started for free today.

Price: Free, $150.00 per month to Custom Pricing per month


Wrighter – Web App


wrighter is a modern WYSIWYM #tag based markdown editor on the web. wrighter’s “bites” help you manage unorganised thoughts which you can later use while writing, you can use wrighter to even publish your blogs or use it just as an editor without signing up!

Price: Free

Penpot – Web App


Penpot is the first Open Source design and prototyping platform meant for cross-domain teams. Non dependent on operating systems, Penpot is web based and works with open web standards (SVG). For everyone and empowered by the community.

Price: Free

Clientary – Web App


Clientary is a full-suite platform to manage Proposals, Estimates, Projects, Hours, Invoices, Payments, Staff, and Clients all in one place. We help businesses win clients and save time.

Customizable document themes and branded client portal means Clientary can help businesses fully personalize their most important interactions with prospects and clients.

Price: Free to $59.00


Literal – Web App


You might want to ask what is a multiplayer app analytics tool? So, Literal pulls together app screens, analytics and API calls, and live data into a multiplayer whiteboard so app teams can discuss literally the same thing — all at the same time!

Price: Free to $299.00 per month

Port – Web App


Port is a Developer Platform made to make life easier for developers and DevOps in an organisation, by creating a single platform that acts as a single source-of-truth for all of the infrastructure assets and operations existing in the organisation’s tech stack.

Price: Free to $19.00 per month


Bugasura – Web App


Track, manage, and close issues faster with our web-based bug tracker. It’s fast, flexible (integrates with major dev stack tools), and collaborative (add teams, vendors and even customers!).

Price: Free for up to 5 Users / Pro $5.00 per user/month

Bordio – Web App


Bordio is a productivity platform for organizing all your tasks, events, and projects in one single place. Schedule your activities right in the calendar or put “someday tasks” on the waiting list and review them later. Build a complete plan for every day.

Price: Free while in Beta


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2022: Web Apps