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We’ve seen some incredible resources for designers and developers throughout 2022.

The third roundup for “What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2022” will be what were some of the coolest and helpful mobile apps for both Android and iOS that either got released or been updated. From productivity timer, powerful creativity apps, to-do lists, collaboration tools.

I’m excited to look forward to what the web will bring in 2023, but in the meantime, take a look back at the best Mobile Apps of 2022. Enjoy!


Remmo – iOS App


Remmo is an app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a remote control for your computer. Whether you have a Macbook or an iMac, this app has your back!

Price: Free

Twelve O’Clock – Android App

Twelve O'clock App

Twelve O’clock is an app that helps track your watch accuracy easily in a realistic way. It is as simple as adding one checkpoint everyday to know how your mechanical watches are performing. This is a freemium no-ads app.

Price: $1.00


Timer4Life – iOS App


Timer4Life offers you a high-level productivity timer and exciting videos with the set of smartly chosen activities that promote your focus during working hours and help you get maximum pleasure from your daily routine!

Price: Free

Urly – iOS App


URLy is a beautiful iOS app that lets you modify any part of a given URL that you pass in or create from. It also helps you protect your privacy by giving you the opportunity to removing all query items which are usually used for tracking from a URL

Price: Free


TaskFox – iOS App


TaskFox is a daily planner app for iOS. Get into the healthy habit of recording your day, events and to-dos. Daily reminders will keep you in the habit and on the path towards a more mindful and organised self. Organise your day into tasks so that you can focus on completing them one at a time.

Price: Free

Thrive – iOS App


Thrive helps you plan your life and make informed decisions. It helps you break down your plans into small, actionable and achievable steps.

Price: Free

WebflowCMS – iOS & Android App

Webflow Cms

WebflowCMS is a powerful tool to take your creativity on the go. Edit site content, post blogs, or upload photos to your website from you phone.

Price: Free


Hints – iOS App


Valuable info is quickly captured and self-organisd in one app. So take notes, links, screenshots, tasks, files, reminders, and voice memos. All of these are self-organized in the Hints app.

Price: Free

Flexishift – iOS App

flexishift ios app to track hours

A hassle-free way to take control of your hours and earnings – with overtime calculation, smart reminders, location tracking, and support for multiple jobs.

Price: Free

Traction – Android App

Traction Habit Tracker

Creating a habit is hard, it’s even harder is to know if we are doing it correctly without measuring its evolution in some way. Using traction you’ll be able to track daily when you do a habit and so you will be able to check how it evolves over time.

Price: Free


Doneit – iOS App

Doneit Reminders, To Do List

Meet Doneit, a feature packed daily planner that focuses on simplicity and organization. With Doneit, you don’t need to worry about your tasks lists ever being messy because it was designed to help you better organize all of your daily to-do’s.

Price: Free

Today – iOS App


Today is a personal Dashboard and the most complete app with lot of features (42 to be exact).

Price: Free


HyperPhoto – iOS App


HyperPhoto is a photo editor, which allows, using CoreML, to automatically cut out the main object of the photo, to make photo montages in order to achieve a profile photo , highlight products before selling them, or simply make montages for fun.

Price: Free

MagicPip – iOS App


Magic Pip is an app that can let you view all kinds of stuff in the PiP window. If you opened multiple images or a multi-page PDF, you can turn pages directly in the PiP window! You can use this app to see references or read while you chat with friends.

Price: 99c

Paste Keyboard – iOS App


Paste Keyboard supercharges the default iOS keyboard to give you instant access to everything you’ve copied on any of your devices. With seamless integration, it brings the smooth, effortless flow of Paste’s desktop experience to your mobile devices.

Price: Free with Subscriptions


Ephemera – iOS App


Unlike other apps that save bookmarks that stay unread forever, Ephemera sets a deadline that the bookmark must be read by. Miss the deadline, and that bookmark is gone. It wasn’t important anyway, right? Ephemera is available for iOS and iPadOS.

Price: Free

Activity Tracker – iOS App

Activity Tracker Day Tracker

A Real-time tracking app for tracking time spend on day-to-day activities. Keep tracking of progress and monitor time spent on each activity daily.

Price: Free


Crew for Exchange – iOS App

Crew For Exchange 2 0

Crew 2.0 was rebuilt entirely from the ground up, and today’s update is a crazy one. A completely revamped user interface, powerful markdown rendering, and new app customisations. And it now supports authenticated users from all the Stack Exchange channels.

Price: Free for App but then for Monthly Subscription it’s $1.00 per month

Potential – iOS App


Potential is designed to make your phone 10x better at helping you be intentional and build new habits.

Price: Free


Highlighted – iOS App

Highlighted App

Make powerful book highlights, and stop forgetting what you read. Highlighted makes it easy to capture, organize, revisit, and export important parts of your books.

Price: Free

Gratified – iOS App


Gratified combines AI-powered customer chat with powerful team collaboration tools. It allows teams to engage customers in ongoing text-based conversations to provide prompt and excellent customer service and build long-lasting client-brand relationships.

Price: Free


Infos – iOS App


Ever got some short info you didn’t know where to store, so you can easily find it again? This is what Infos is all about: a short notes manager for quickly capturing and looking up pieces of information (“infos”) with a simple, search-focused user interface.

Price: Free

Play – iOS App


Play is a new approach to mobile product design that lets you design, prototype, and collaborate directly from your iPhone and iPad. Experience your design as you create it, while taking full advantage of native iOS features to bring your product to life.

Price: Free


Ramp – iOS App


Spend via Apple Pay, upload receipts, add memos and custom accounting fields, submit reimbursements, view & lock cards, and request new spend, right on your phone. Everything you know & love about Ramp, but mobile.

Price: Free

Sticky Timers – iOS App

Sticky Timers

Keep track of multiple timers at the same time from the dynamic island or your lock screen with Sticky Timers. If you’re keeping track of multiple things at the same time it’s useful to have your timers available at a glance at all times.

Price: Free


Kapsule – iOS App


Kapsule (short for time capsule) is a future messaging app that allows users to record and share video messages with anyone in the future. Not in hours, days, or weeks – but in months, years, or even decades.

Price: Free

Clocking – iOS App


Clocking protects your spare time. Receive notifications when it is time to stop working, automatically clock in and out by location, and keep track of your over hours at ease.

Price: Free


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2022: Mobile Apps