Figma is fast becoming one of the handiest apps for UI and UX designers. With the ability to use this app directly on a browser without any platform or hardware limitations certainly made this app one of the best design tools available.

Similar to Sketch, Figma also has a collection of plugins, and with these sketch plugins, you can extend the features of the app and it will supercharge your design workflow and get stuff done more efficiently.

There are more than 450 different plugins available from the official Figma plugins library. Today, I’ll take a look at some of the best and most useful figma plugins you can use to create your own workflows and design systems. And of course, all of them are free to install and use.

1. Color Search

Color Search

If you are tired of using the same old colours or looking for a creative way to put together a more exciting colour palette for your designs, than this plugin is for you.

Color Search plugin lets you find beautiful colours by searching for things. For example, you can search the word “sky” and come up with five different shades of blue. It’s a great way to add some personality to your designs.

2. Responsify


Figma has a mirroring app that allows you to live-preview your designs on mobile devices. Of course, you can’t use this method to test your app designs on different types of devices without owning them.

This plugin solves that problem as it allows you to preview your designs using different sizes of device screens quickly. It’s simple and easy to use.

3. Roller


When rapid prototyping, designers often make small mistakes that affect the consistency of the design and styles. Since it’s a rapid prototype, it’s perfectly understandable to make a few errors. But, you won’t have to worry about them when you have this plugin installed.

Roller is a Figma plugin that checks for inconsistencies in your designs and automatically fixes them for you. It will make sure you never make an error in your design systems.

4. AutoLayout


Don’t you hate it when you have to change one component within your design and then have to apply the same change to other elements in the design?

Then this plugin will make sure that it never happens again, AutoLayout plugin allows you to create layouts for similar components in your designs. So when you change one component, the changes will be automatically updated across other elements.

5. Figma Measure

Figma Measure

This plugin simply allows you to measure your design elements, components, and layouts to find the sizes. It will greatly help you to create more consistent designs.

6. Minimap


This plugin is a must-have for UI designers who work with large projects, as it simply adds a minimap into your Figma project it let you easily navigate through large workspaces.

7. Unsplash


Modern designs profoundly rely on images to make them more visually appealing. So it is no surprise than the Unsplash plugin is the most downloaded plugin on Figma with well more over 120k installs.

Unsplash has an extensive collection of free and high-quality stock photos, and with this plugin, you can easily add search to its massive library and add images into your UI designs directly from the Figma app. So that means no need to download images and reupload them.

It sounds so simple, but it can make a world of difference when working on a big project.

8. Blobs


Featuring images and illustrations inside blob shapes is a smart design strategy used in app interface designs. With this Figma plugin, you can generate those blobs with just one click.

Each shape that the plugin generates is unique. So you will have plenty of options to add more style into your app features sections and onboarding screens.

9. Logo Creator

Logo Creator

There’s no need for you to look for dummy logos or badges when putting together a concept design or a mocking up a user interface design. With this figma plugin, you can quickly design a logo for your design projects.

The plugin includes a huge library of pre-made logo designs, with more than 300 templates to be exact. You can use them instead of using a dummy logos to make your concepts and UI designs look more realistic.

10. Time Machine

Time Machine

If you are like most designers, you probably create multiple files to save different versions of your design files. And until it becomes so frustrating to keep track of the design progress. This figma plugin named Time Machine is a useful plugin that solves this problem.

Time Machine allows you to save different versions of your designs inside Figma without having to create a separate files, then you can jump between different versions for reference.

11. Palette


So if you are familiar with the Colormind tool, then you are likely aware of how it uses AI technology to generate accurate colour palettes. This plugin uses the machine learning data from Colormind to generate effective colour palettes directly inside from Figma.

While using the plugin you can generate a colour palette as well as create your own unique color schemes as well.

12. Font Awesome Icon

Font Awesome Icons

Icons are just as important as images, these day and icons can be found in all kinds of designs. And it is especially a must for UI designs for mobile, thus making this plugin essentials for those who wants an easier way to add icons to your designs.

It’s an unofficial plugin but it lets you access the entire library of Font Awesome icons directly from Figma.

13. HTML to Figma

Html To Figma

Have you ever wanted to “borrow” a few components or a layout from another website design and incorporate them into your own projects? Well, this plugin can make that job a bit easier for you.

The plugin allows you to import any HTML web page into Figma as layers and all you have to do is install the plugin and paste the URL to the web page to generate the layers. But please take note that of course, it is not capable of always creating 100% accurate results but still, it helps save a lot of time otherwise spent on handcrafting components.

14. Content Reel

Content Reel

Usually, when filling out content layouts on your UI design projects, we have to tend to rely on using the same old lorem ipsum dummy text and the old John Doe profiles. This hurting the overall look of the design and makes elements look similar.

With Content Reel plugin, you can say goodbye to those old ways and fill your designs with more creative dummy content and user profiles, it works for text, avatars, and icons as well.

15. Figmotion


Figmotion is one of the most advanced plugins you have on Figma. With this plugin, you can create animations inside Figma without having to use other software like Adobe After Effects.

As Figmotion is a great tool for adding creative animations to your web and mobile designs. Note that using this plugin will requires a learning curve but more experienced designers could find it most useful.

16. Themer


Allowing users to switch between different colour schemes (eg: light and dark colors) is a common feature in modern apps. Themer is a plugin for Figma lets you create similar colour themes for your design.

The plugin supports themes for colours, text, and even styles from your published style systems and then you can switch between themes on-the-fly.

17. Brands Colors

Brands Colors

There is nothing wrong with “borrowing” ideas, as long as you mix your own creative ideas in with them, this plugin is great for taking colour schemes from popular brands.

The plugin lets you search for popular brands and the colours they use in designs and then you can create your own color schemes using different brand colours.

18. Pattern Hero

Pattern Hero

This is an excellent plugin if you been tired of paying for patterns and downloading them, then you’ll find Pattern Hero pretty useful as this plugin allows you to create patterns with ease.

Not just patterns, but you can use it to create textures and grids as well. You can use the plugin to generate unique patterns for backgrounds and textures for graphics quickly.

19. User Profile

User Profile

This plugin has simple functionality, it allows you to fill any shape in your design with an avatar. It is most useful for creating user profiles, team pages, and concepts for testimonial and reviews sections in your web and mobile app designs.

20. Chart


Statistics and reports sections are very common in most app user interfaces and with this plugin, you can easily craft charts to feature in both mobile and web apps.

The specialty of this figma plugin is that it allows you to generate charts using custom data or even with random data, it includes 16 different types of chart styles as well.


20 Figma Plugins for supercharge your design workflow