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Writing down your goals isn’t the same as accomplishing them. And not knowing how to manage your time can honestly make you stray from the path. Attempting to achieve all of your goals at once isn’t going to give you the results.

No goal is too ambitious if you structure your goals properly such as breaking them down into smaller tasks and visualising the progress using progress bars. Which just jotting your goals on a paper can’t provide.

So it’s a good idea to switch from the classic pen and paper into something digital such as a goal tracking app.

A Goal Tracking app makes it a snap to write down tasks and track their progress through completion. Many goal tracking apps have features such as checklists and reminders that ensure that everything is on schedule. And also they can boost motivation which encourage you to use resources more efficiently.

There are plenty of great Goal Tracking apps on the market. So in this post, I took out the hard work and created this post to help you find a goal tracker that will help you accomplish your objectives.

Below are the 6 of the best goal tracking apps you can use.

1. Trello


Trello is a different kind of goal tracker, that can help you grow as a person. And achieve long-term goals. Whether you are for a way to pack healthy habits into your busy schedule or become more disciplined and productive work-wise.

This app can give you a proper direction and help you build healthy habits and systems that will allow you to cross the finish line. With Trello, you can create cards and break down goals into milestones and make projects “fun-sized” to make them more manageable to achieve.

Within Trello, you can create daily, weekly, and monthly checklists to separate your efforts. Also, you can assign emojis and labels to every sub-goal on the list. It also, lets you set priorities and dates for upcoming goals and have them displayed on a list, and while you can write off the ones you’ve completed.

Each goal or a set of goals that you create is shown on a board, so you can have a clear overview on what your progress on your goals and change the order in a click. Trello allows you can delegate responsibilities and assign goals and sub-goals to other members in your team, and monitor their progress, and share it with anyone else.

2. Lattice


Lattice is among the perfect goal tracking software for high performing teams who works remotely from each other. With this software, you can fix broken goal setting, set objectives straight. So everyone knows their impact and purpose which can lead them to try their best to drive performance and productivity forward.

This solution features a people-driven approach. And helps teams set and achieve goals that will motivate and engage them more. Instead of setting and tracking goals in that classic spreadsheets, Lattice instead automates that part of the process, so you can run on schedule.

With Lattice, you can access quick insights to your team’s performance using the out-of-the-box reporting it has. Where you can use this info to make decisions that will help to reach the goals with less effort.

3. Clockify


With Clockify, you can track your goals in a breeze. This tracking app works on any device. Within the app, you can break down complicated goals into manageable ones. With these sub-goals, you can track the time that these people get assigned to spend on. You can check your goal status and your progress from a single page.

The app comes with a built-in advanced time tracking that can help you see where most of your and your team members’ time gets spent. And improve your time management skills. You can set estimates for each task. Then track hours needed for its completion and compare the expected vs actual time.

4. Asana


A lot of people believe Asana is the best goal setting app, and there are a few good reasons.

Using this service can help you to accomplish goals, supports and encourage your team to work wisely to achieve goals in a shorter time.

It provides clarity and unites your team around goals, making sure everyone is on the same page and boosting team performance. It gives everyone an understanding of their skills, strengths and inspires individual action on your goals.

Also, you can set goals and add as many sub-goals as you want. Then assign and prioritise them. The goal tracker inside Asana provides you with an easy and convenient way to track your progress on goals via colourful charts and discuss progress with your team.

Using this software will show you an overview of all goals on easy to control dashboard. It also has advanced search and reporting capabilities. So you can compare the performance on goals, departments etc.

5. Habitica


Habitica is a free goal progress tracker that can help you to become more productive. This app is a game-like UI and mobile app that can make it fun to track habits, achieve goals and reward you.

Using this service is simply, first you need to create an avatar, then set daily goals and create to-do lists. And then check off the tasks you’ve completed as it unlocks in-game features such as magic skills, mysterious pets, battle armour, etc.

But a warning if you slip up. Your avatar will back-slide, which you should take as a sign to reinforce your efforts towards accomplishing your goals.

Like any game, you are allowed to play Habitica alone. But you can also invite your team members to join and challenge each other. This app lets you set up different groups for working on different goals and add members.

6. ClickUp


ClickUp is a user-friendly goal tracking software. No matter if you want to simply break bad habits or set goals that will make you and your team more productive. This software can help with scheduling, tracking, and achieving your goals.

With ClickUp it lets you give context to your goals by adding names, due dates, assignees, breakdowns. You can organise those goals into folders for different teams, initiatives.

This software goes a step further than other goal tracking apps that you find on the market. It encourages you to break down goals into targets that are easier to achieve.

The Dashboards in ClickUp give you the big picture of everything that is happening in your organisation. And it comes with customisable widgets that can help you gain a more in-depth insight into your goals.


6 of the Best Goal Tracking Apps for 2022