With more than 12 million people using Slack. It became the tool they everyone opens up first in the morning to get the workday started.

It’s created a better communication tool for teams in all ways. And as it’s a platform that brings together the key benefits of all the other tools. The speed of instant messaging and the strength to check in from anyplace. The aforementioned messaging and collaborative software brings your professional communication all in one place.

The most beneficial thing about this chat tool is how effortlessly it has replaced those old long and disordered email threads. Quite apparently, the character of the business is changing swiftly. Therefore more companies and teams are looking for one tool that has multiple functionalities than multiple tools that have one functionality.

However, not everyone is completely happy with Slack. As some prefer not to pay a premium for the unlimited search functionality as the free version caps at the most recent 10,000 messages. While others prefer a self-hosted solution, which Slack doesn’t currently offer, or even have more control over their team’s communication.

If you’re one of them who is looking for a different chat software other than Slack. I’ve made a list of 6 Slack alternatives that are much handier and easier to use. Some of the following alternatives includes a free plan so you can try them out before parting some money on them.

1. CA Flowdock

CA Flowdock Chat Client is a great alternative for slack

Flowdock by CA is a real-time chat software that brings all of your conversations, work items, and tools into a single place. While Flowdock helps you prioritise work, solve problems, search and organise across teams, locations and even time-zones.

What sets Flowdock apart from Slack is the way it offers teams a platform to talk and collaborate. You can invite project stakeholders to join your flow to participate in discussions, see updates, and receive notifications. Simply locate work items, requests, or attachments by utilising the search and filtering capabilities within your Inbox.

Price: There is a 30 day trial and if you liking this chat client than it’s $3.00 per user per month

2. Fleep

Fleep Chat Client

A simple and straightforward slack alternative. Fleep is a flexible messenger that integrates with email and offers an ideal way to communicate. As you probably won’t see with the competitors that Fleep you can communicate with any other Fleep user, across organisations and regardless of teams set up.

As it’s an open network and users can be part of multiple teams. So everything is in a single place and easy to keep track of. So your files and messages are stored securely up in the cloud and are accessible from any device as long you log in from.

Price: Fleep has a basic plan which is free which is best for students, friends and communities while there’s a business that cost €5.00 per user, per month for businesses

3. Chanty

Chanty Chat Client

Chanty is an AI-powered Slack alternative which it is on the mission to humanise business processes through artificial intelligence. It promises seamless team communication, double more room for files making it useful to store and share multiple files.

Chanty was designed to boost collaboration with the easy crystal-clear user interface. While it also supports the AI trend, which saves time and increases team productivity.

Price: Free for ever if you have a team that has 10 or less users, but if you got more than 10, then you’ll need to purchase the business plan at $3.00 per user/month

4. Rocket Chat

using rocket chat client if you are looking for a slack alternative

Rocket Chat is an open-source platform which is similar to Slack but it less intimidating. This replaces tools like eMail, HipChat, and of course Slack.

With this chat client, you can communicate and collaborate with your team, such as chat in real-time, screen sharing, file sharing and even access audio/video conferencing.

Rocket Chat is accessible from any device that has internet access, it has apps for Windows, Mac, also apps for mobile or tablet devices and iOS and Android mobile apps.

Price: There’s a community plan which is available for free, the pro plan for businesses starts at $3.00 per user monthly or $36.00 per user annually.

5. Wimi

Wimi Teamwork Chat Client

Wimi is all you need to organise work and teams, communicate efficiently, and make certain that everything you’ll need is right in one place. When it comes to nurturing teamwork and collaboration among team members Wimi beats Slack.

Within Wimi, you’ll find there is a centralised workspace for each project or activity. This is where you can invite members and get things completed. So as an alternative to Slack, Wimi exceeds team communication as it additionally Wimi offers files management, tasks, calendars and video conferencing.

Also, organise your team conversations in projects channels to keep everyone in sync.

Price: Wimi is free for 3 users then it’s starts at €15.00 per user/month

6. Twist

twist is an alternative chat client

Twist is a communication tool from Doist. This client is for teams who believe that there is more to work than keeping up with group chat apps. Twist offers a more relaxed and more organised way to work together where conversations are organized in threads.

With Twist, threads keep all your conversations separated by topic. So replies won’t get hidden all in an endless stream of group chat. Its a fabulous tool to immediately connect your team to the information they need with all the context of the beginning conversation.

Price: Twist has a free plan and an unlimited plan starting at $5.00 per user/per month


6 of The Best Alternatives to Slack for 2021