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Mailchimp has been a popular choice for users for over a decade, but for some reason Mailchimp is on the verge of losing its credibility. It originally started as an email marketing software. But now Mailchimp’s unique selling point is that it’s an integrated marketing platform.

What makes Mailchimp popular?

Mailchimp used to be one of the best email marketing services out there. It gained popularity with its famous “Free Forever” plan allows for 10,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers. But now it changed to just 500 subscribers and only 2,500 emails per month.

Also considered the most beginner-friendly email marketing tool. The user interface, documentation, low cost, and numerous tutorials make it easy to understand and get started.

However, businesses can’t move forward without data. With its thorough reporting, you can know how your campaigns are performing. To mention that people also like the ready-to-use templates with a simple and brilliant editor.

With a bunch of features, segmentation and A/B testing are also two notable options from Mailchimp. And new and old users find the drag and drop email editor very useful, and it gives them more freedom.

But now here is the bitter part. Mailchimp isn’t for everyone. After years of excellent service, Mailchimp can no longer keep up with current tech trends and with the recent hacking attempts some people are certainly now wanting to switch from Mailchimp…

And this is why?

Like the hack and changes in the email marketing industry, Mailchimp has not been able to adapt to all the new things that other services have successfully applied. Whether it’s innovative ideas or amazing options like automation. And User wasn’t happy with Mailchimp.

Another feature that has people quickly turning away from this giant is the new change in pricing plans. While you aren’t receiving any benefit from unsubscribed users. But Mailchimp wants to charge them as well.

Also, another thing is that making this platform worse is its support. It becomes increasingly supportive and frustrating. Users elsewhere complained of not getting answers to their problems.

The Best Mailchimp Alternatives People Love

Whether you’re switching from Mailchimp or just starting a new journey with a robust non-Mailchimp platform, this post is for you. There are many email marketing services out there with better features and easier to use services such as pricing and user interfaces.

Here are some of the best Mailchimp alternatives to jump-start your email marketing campaigns.

1. Sendinblue

Send In Blue

Sendinblue is another top email marketing tool on the alternative list. Email marketing itself is a powerful business promotion option and Sendinblue simply facilitates the whole process. Also it has an integrated SMS service to help with your marketing.

Contains all the innovative tools you need to successfully promote your business. You can participate in activities ranging from email newsletters to automated emails, Facebook ads and SMS marketing.

Would you like to customise your automated emails? The good news is that Sendinblue allows you to create emails for different users based on different parameters.

Plus, the template builder lets you design your email as precisely as you need it. Ultimately, it overtakes other competitors with additional features like live chat, a forever free plan, and favourable pricing.

2. Drip

Drip Email Marketing

Drip is another email marketing service that has been getting around a lot of attention lately. This is especially goof for eCommerce and online businesses. As it’s the perfect solution to take your current state to new heights.

And it comes with a lots of out-of-the-box features to boost your business. In particular, you can collect leads from different locations and inspire more people with your vision.Manage your users based on how they interact with your website.

After you collect your data, Drip helps you organise it using tags and other options such as custom fields and events. At the peak of your customer’s buying journey, Drip lets you know when it’s time to send the right emails.

As already mentioned, Drip is the most suitable tool for eCommerce. Here’s how to easily connect WooCommerce, Shopify, and other eCommerce tools. Finally, there are advanced customisation options that can do a lot for your business growth.

3. Mailjet

Mail Jet

Mailjet is also an attractive Mailchimp alternative that will benefit your business. Users can use this revolutionary tool to achieve glorious success in automating and building connections.

For starters, Mailjet lets you compose your email any way you like. The email editor is so good that anyone can create powerful emails without any technical know how. It’s drag and drop sections keeps the original structure and customise them with all the elements you want.

Please select what you need from the left sidebar. There’s a text box for writing your message, a call-to-action button, and an image area for inserting product images and other graphics.

More blocks to perfect the look of your email and match your style. Add social links below the body of your email to keep people connected across all channels. Use dividers to separate sections in the smartest way.

The HTML block is the most attractive part of the editor. If you know how to markup, use an HTML editor and create whatever comes to mind.

What’s even more interesting is that every element has a myriad of additional settings. All elements can be further customised using colours, fonts, backgrounds and many other possibilities.

4. Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the most useful email marketing services. For many small businesses. This service is a good choice for many reasons.

Beginners with no tech-savvy platform experience? Can use the drag-and-drop editor to take your email templates to the next level. Next level means creating great designs.

You cannot achieve your business goals without analysing your performance. Constant Contact’s eye-catching, well-organised reports help you understand your campaigns. Then you can decide where to go next.

All basic functions are available. From managing your lists to tracking open rates, get it all in one dashboard. Send a welcome message to new subscribers for a more complete connection with prospects.

Constant Contact’s email automation feature allows you to send emails on demand. Place the instructions in the settings and you’re all set. Similarly, you can use built-in tools to connect with existing customers.

Last reason is its compatibility with popular WordPress plugins like NinjaTables and WPFluentForms. Plus, being an all-in-one platform, you can create surveys, submit forms, and more

5. AWeber


AWeber is packed full all the best features to take your marketing steps further. The perfect solution for email marketing. So, connect more people to your business and grow with your email communications.

If you are looking for a compelling set of top features in an email marketing tool, AWeber has you covered. Create a blog newsletter email with auto-fetched articles.

In addition to beautiful out-of-the-box templates, you’ll also enjoy the tremendous benefits of analytics and email segmentation. Automation tools help you do everything without hitches or delays.

So sends emails when they should and send them to the right people. In addition to automation, you can also see which emails perform better with the help of split testing.

List management and autoresponders are also useful options that cannot be ignored. With all these top-notch features and a relatively fair pricing plan, AWeber could be the best Mailchimp alternative.

6. MailerLite

Mailer Lite

MailerLite is brilliantly designed for smooth and efficient email marketing. This is one of the better Mailchimp alternatives with lots of options that allow for a great environment for beginners. You no longer need to hire front-end developers to make each campaign stand out.

From there you can take advantage of other options such as pop-ups and email segmentation. Plus, get more leads with the built-in signup form. Use landing pages to attract new audiences.

Advanced reporting tools are another great feature of MailerLite. Analyse all the data you get from it and design your next strategy. You can improve the quality of your campaigns by running A/B test


6 Best Mailchimp Alternatives for 2023