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Slack is undoubtedly the most popular team communication application in the market. Its simplicity and a slight learning curve. It has made it a favourite of more than 15 million users across the globe.

Communication is certainly one of the important factors that drive your business to success. But it’s not the only one to take action on your discussions and conversations. You’ll need to concentrate on other parts too. The following slack apps can help you with that.

Slack apps and integrations can be easily added into your company’s main communication centre (Slack) and get tasks done in one place without having to constantly switch between tools. These additional Slack apps enhance their abilities to make your business more efficient.

Whether it’s assigning tasks, notifying you of any progress on a task or project. Giving or receiving feedback, tracking progress, sharing files, setting deadlines, or keeping your team members engaged and connected, you can do it all with Slack. Apps instead of using separate tools.

Leveraging the best of Slack apps provides significant value to your team and company.

The benefits of using Apps And Integrations within Slack

Enhanced collaboration
Using Slack add-on can make collaboration easier for teams. As they offer a single place for communicating, creating tasks, reporting, gaining access to files and much more.

Improved functionality
Using these slack applications allows you to use it more than just having a simple conversion. So use slack to assign track tasks, manage projects, recognise team members, and so much more.

It’s easy to use
Since users are already comfortable with slack. It gets easier for them to adapt to a new integration as they don’t have to waste time learning new tools or services right from the start.

Integrated management process
Many of these Slack bots allow you to utilise additional features right in Slack. You don’t log in and switch between multiple services or even learn how to use them.

Better communication
When you communicate and work using an app for Slack. You are less likely to have an overflowing of emails in your inbox or audio/video calls

It’s cost-efficient
You don’t have to spend extra money on various tools as you can manage all your work from a single platform as many slack apps are either free or have a low-cost structure.

So, here is 20 Amazing Slack Apps and Integrations. Make sure to check them out and shortlist the ones that suit your needs.

1. Leadfeeder


Leadfeeder indicates that the actual company visits the website every hour. Install a tracking script to make it magical. Enhance your sales intelligence by integrating with CRM and email marketing tools.

The Slack app alerts you to the Slack channel of your choice when a company that meets certain criteria (for example, visiting your website for the first time, in your target market, or already in CRM) visits you. Can be sent. Website. If you have a trial / paid version of Leadfeeder, you can connect Leadfeeder to Slack.

2. NGINX Amplify

Nginx Amplify

NGINX Amplify is a native SaaS monitoring tool for NGINX and NGINX Plus. Amplify uses static analysis tools to implement NGINX performance monitoring, track infrastructure assets, and provide an easy way to improve your NGINX configuration.

Amplify can send alert information to Slack. Several other additional notifications are available-for example. The agent does not detect running nginx instances, but it also detects proactive reports of SSL certificate issues.

3. Slack for Gmail

Slack For Gmail

Keep conversations moving forward by bringing context from an email into a Slack channel or direct message with the Slack for Gmail Add-On available in the Google Workspace Marketplace. You can choose to add a message and include attachments along with the email as well.

4. is a working operating system that gives teams the confidence to run projects and processes. It’s a flexible platform that allows teams to manage their work, meet deadlines, and build a culture of accountability and inclusion.

Slack’s integration allows you to create new items and leave updates to existing items without leaving Slack.

5. Smartsheet


Organisations need a way to get the job done, not just talk about it. Smartsheet is the best way to plan, track, automate, and report on your work, so you can quickly move from ideas to actions. With Smartsheet for Slack, teams can accomplish more together, depending on the situation.

6. Translate


Translate text into different languages ​​in four ways: global links, forms, slash commands, message links, or automatic. Display the form using the text translation shortcut. Alternatively, type / translate to get the form. Select the required language and enter the text.

Then optionally post the translation to the channel. Alternatively, use the Translate This Message action from the Slack message shortcut menu to translate the message.

7. CodeStream Sharing

Codestream Sharing

CodeStream for Slack allows you to share these discussions with any channel or DM on Slack. Teammates can join the discussion directly from Slack, even if they haven’t joined CodeStream yet. You can also jump directly from Slack to the IDE of your choice by automatically opening the appropriate code blocks and discussions.

8. allows you to collect bugs from your customers and send them directly to your selected Slack channel. Each bug report comes with screenshots and all technical environment data and console logs so developers can rebuild and fix bug reports more quickly.

9. Shield


Shield can send Facebook and Instagram comments to a designated Slack channel in real time, from which you can take action on each comment. For example, you can hide, delete, reply to comments, and send messages to authors with a single click without leaving Slack.

10. UptimeBot


UptimeBot is a simple website monitoring tool that notifies you in the event of downtime or poor website performance. Receive immediate downtime alerts sent to the development team’s chat area. Set up multiple reviews to monitor different parts of your project.

Alerts are delivered to the selected Slack channel. UptimeBot has an incident management system that helps you coordinate your efforts to minimise downtime and determine who is responsible for resolving incidents. Great for incident resolution and task management.

As it’s built for Slack, you don’t need to switch contexts or log in to an external monitoring website. The simple interface allows you to manage your checks without leaving Slack.

11. Atlassian Assist

Atlassian Assist

Atlassian Assist allows you to manage your entire help desk from Slack. Create, assign, transfer, prioritize, and report tickets without leaving the conversation. By meeting your team where they are already working, you can get help as easily as you ask for it, saving time for both agents and requesters.

12. Tally Forms

Tally Forms

Tally is the easiest way to create a form. Helps you create any type of form in seconds without knowing how to code it for free. Use Slack integration to be notified when someone fills out a tally form and keep your latest form submissions up to date.

With the new Tally Form Send, you can send fully customisable Slack messages to channels or direct messages. Integration with Slack is free and available to all Tally users.

13. Markup Hero

Markup Hero

Markup Hero is a free screenshot, image and PDF annotation tool designed to increase your productivity and improve communication. Using this intergration allows you to quickly annotate images and PDFs in Slack channels or direct messages. No user account is required, so the whole team can get started right away.

14. Databox


Databox for Slack helps you make your most important metrics readily available. You and your team can view the data in context where the conversation is already taking place. View daily scorecards, weekly summaries, and view notifications directly from your existing Slack channel.

15. Mode


Mode is an advanced analytical solution that provides an ideal environment for analyst workflows. Write SQL, analyse in Python and R notebooks, visualise results, and share insights all in one seamless experience. Mode and Slack allow you to share team data wherever conversations are taking place, reducing insights and facilitating collaboration.

16. AWS Chatbot

Aws Chatbot

AWS chatbots are interactive agents that make it easy to monitor and interact with Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources across your team’s channels. You can quickly and securely set up your AWS chatbot on your Slack channel to start receiving notifications and executing commands. AWS chatbots allow teams to collaborate and respond quickly to events.

17. Hey Taco


HeyTaco is a social cognition platform that builds stronger, happier and more enthusiastic teams by building meaningful relationships based on gratitude. With gamification mechanisms such as leaderboards and achievement levels. It’s recognises people as fun and rewarding. By using tacos as a currency, reducing stupidity and seriousness helps promote higher engagement and more authentic awareness.

18. Tracking Time

Tracking Time

A task-based time tracking app that helps businesses manage projects, track working hours, measure productivity, and create accurate time-sheets. Now you can collaborate with your Slack team to keep track of your project progress and see what everyone is doing in real time.

19. Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker

Taking a vacation has never been as easy as pressing a button. Vacation Tracker is an easy-to-use vacation tracking tool that simplifies how you manage your team’s PTO requests, remote days, sick leave, and more directly from Slack.

20. TrackSSL


TrackSSL is a service that monitors websites and avoids the hassle of renewing expired SSL certificates in a hurry. Integrate notifications with Slack so everyone on your team doesn’t miss them. To add Slack notifications to your TrackSSL account, go to the notification area at login and click Add to Slack.


20 Amazing Slack Apps & Integrations