If you want your SaaS to be successful you will at least need to have a high-quality site to present it and thanks to many of the theme options that are in this WordPress Wednesday collection of ten SaaS WordPress themes, creating an effective site has never been easier.

Although there’s not a myriad of themes in this category, most of the SaaS themes included here does include many different theme demos. So, there certainly you find an option to choose from to present your software service.

While you are around shopping for a theme for your SaaS it’s a good plan to check out the home-page layouts to see if they have any elements that you’ll require that you need for your project. As SaaS sites serve to be focused on generating new customers, look for conversion-related elements such as call to action buttons that will encourage your visitors to sign-up, pricing tables for comparing your options, and sections to publish feedback from your existing user base.

Many of these themes features do come with a page builder tool that is capable of editing the theme demos and other pre-built content you have access if you decide to edit them. Many of these tools additionally come with their own set of elements that you can add to your pages, which gives you the option of expanding on the demo content to ensure it meets your requirements.

In essence, this WordPress Wednesday post, showcasing SaaS themes that all have effective designs and should have everything you need, however, it shouldn’t be a big problem if you need to make any size changes to them to get them looking just right.

1. iSoft


iSoft has an appealing option for anyone planning to create a SaaS-based site using WordPress.

The theme comes with three purpose-built SaaS demos also as well it has many other options that work well for this type of projects, such as mobile app showcase demos, product landing pages, and a cloud software design.

iSoft includes other features that can be found elsewhere, however, they are wrapped up in a nice design that can help you promote your SaaS. Some of the features that you get in this theme include a selection of different layouts for homepages, individual templates that make up the iSoft demos and the useful widgets that can be added to any of the pages included in the theme are pricing table, image slider, and testimonials panel; and the built-in forms that let you accept queries.

If you want to display screenshots from inside your SaaS, or other visual content, the theme comes with multiple layouts and templates for publishing them to your website. Creating this content, you can choose from a range of grid layouts and structures to ensure your images are displayed in the right way.

There’s is a blog layout in this theme for publishing updates and news on your site, while there’s WooCommerce support just in case if you want to take payments online, sell products and services from your site, or carry out other eCommerce.

Price: $49.00

2. Pixxy


Pixxy is another SaaS WordPress theme, this particular theme has 17 ready-to-go site demos in the theme package, not all of them are uniquely SaaS focused. Still, you do get many options that are optimised for creating SaaS site to choose from. Besides, the rest can easily be customised to suit your needs thanks to the inclusion of a drag-and-drop visual editor.

The pre-built content includes the features you’d expect to find such as a panel for displaying screenshots, a pricing table for quick comparisons of your different packages, testimonials carousel for sharing feedback from your users. Other elements on the theme homepage layouts include an email opt-in form for allowing visitors to join your newsletter and collapsible areas for publishing content for your audience.

Adding a blog to your SaaS site is very straightforward too, thanks to the library of blogging templates in the theme package. If you want to share the latest information from your project or use content marketing to attract more visitors, you can quickly get started with Pixxy. If you want to add an eCommerce solution to your site to sell physical items and digital downloads directly to your audience. Pixxy has everything to offer as it is fully customisable so you should have no problem building the right site for your SaSS product.

Price: $49.00

3. SassMax

Saas Max

SaasMax has eight different homepage demos to help you find the right appearance for your service.

SaasMax theme has pre-built homepage layouts to ensure you can efficiently promote your service online. Regardless of what the purpose of your SaaS, the templates that are in this theme, includes the homepage and landing page layouts, these all have been built with conversions in mind. Thanks to the call-to-action buttons and other conversion-focused elements you can use a range of content to help encourage your visitors to sign up and become users of your app, SaaS.

To assure that you can flush out your site with all the content your visitors will be expecting to find, SaasMax comes with templates for the about, contact, and news sections of your site. This theme has been built around the powerful Elementor page builder plugin, you can quickly create unique designs for the other pages your site might need, or instead, simply use the default page template that is included in this theme.

You can also customise your SaaS site, in addition to using the recommended page builder tool, include editing the display settings through the theme options control panel and choosing from the four header layouts. Additional features, such as the animation effects, can help add another dimension to your site if you choose this theme.

Price: $29.00

4. TheSaaS X

The Saas X

This WordPress SaaS theme works well for creating a startup, software, and SaaS site, to help you start your site, this theme includes three SaaS-focused homepage layouts to choose from. There are also other layouts, designed for software apps and creating marketing websites.

The SaaS X theme developers have taken a block approach to build this theme, you can rearrange the elements that make up the pre-built layouts. You can mix and match the blocks from the different templates to create your own designs.

There are well over 100 block templates in the SaaS X theme, so you should be able to construct some custom layouts that help you promote your software service. Other relevant examples of these blocks include call-to-action options, pricing table layouts, and a reviews and testimonials block for sharing feedback from your users.

Tailoring your SaaS site is easy as it includes an integrated page builder tool to edit the pre-built content and customise the appearance of the blocks. The code is said to be friendly with the developers, so if you are looking to create a truly custom SaaS website then this theme could be a good starting point.

Price: $79.00

5. Obira


Obira has many different SaaS-focused layouts for you to choose from.

Having the homepage right for your SaaS site is vital if you want to increase signups and grow your business. The Obira theme gives you eight different homepage layouts to choose from, all of which can work well for most types of SaaS projects. The designs all have a similar overall style but the content and elements can vary enough to provide you with a real range of options for the homepage of your site.

Obira uses the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin which is included in the Obira package at no extra cost so you should find it easy to tweak the demo layouts and add your text, images and other content to them. Also, the theme comes with four different header layouts that you can apply to your site. Adding a blog to your site is straightforward too, thanks to the post and archive content layouts. The theme also has a full set of eCommerce templates if you wish to sell products and services.

Obira includes MailChimp integration that allows you to quickly start an email newsletter for your website, the optional Google Maps connectivity for displaying interactive maps on your site, and the library of portfolio templates for showcasing your service.

Price: $49.00

6. SaasLand

Sass Land

SaasLand is the last SaaS WordPress themes on the list but the actual theme has a fully up-to-date feature list.

This theme has a library of 15 different homepage layouts you can choose from for your WordPress site. These designs have SaaS focused in mind, so you should be able to find a suitable option for your site with this theme.

Along with the homepage layouts, there are also templates for all the other content your site is likely to need. With templates for the registration and sign-in pages will have a uniform look throughout. The FAQ, contact, and pricing page templates help keep things looking consistent and are sure to save you time when putting your site together

Promoting your services and the features of your SaaS should be straightforward too, thanks to the selection of templates that were created specifically for these purposes.

Creating your pages is easy too with this theme, so for starters, you can pick and choose from a library of over 200 elements to assemble your layouts. Plus you’ll find a good selection of different header layouts that you can apply to your site and its pages, footer layouts are not in short supply either. SasSLand also includes the powerful Elementor page builder tool has been tightly integrated into this theme.

Price: $59.00


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