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Social media is an integral part of any business today and ignoring it would mean that you are losing out on attracting new audiences. Who could turn out to be customers and even repeat customers?

To promote your site and build a following online. You would need to use a WordPress social media plugin. These plugins integrate social media functionality into your website. That allows visitors to share your content within their network.

What should you look for in a Social Media Plugin for WordPress?

The main concern with most social media plugins for WordPress and is site performance. And since these plugins have to load extra styles and scripts they often slow down your site.

So you need to find a balance between the features and performance of your site. A social media plugin that has lots of features can become less useful. If it slow down your site it can affect your user experience.

Next, you need to decide which social networks will be prominently displayed on your site and adding fewer options can reduce clutter and offers a better user experience.

Many plugins for Social media sharing allows you to show social icons either in the sidebar, in articles either below them or above them and so on. So you need to decide how you would like to display them on your website and if the plugin supports it.

So to help you out, in this WordPress Wednesday. I will present to you the 8 best social media sharing plugins that you can use on your WordPress website.

1. Social Snap

Social Snap

The Social Snap plugin is here to help you drive. More traffic and increase engagement by leveraging the power of social media. So within minutes, you can have it up and running.

Give your new and repeat visitors the ability to share your content like a fire. With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive design, it’s the leading choice for beginners and advanced users looking for a social sharing plugin.

Social Snap is loading asynchronously, and it uses vector icons so it won’t slow down your site, unlike other social sharing plugins. You have different placement options with the plugin. You can display your social share buttons as a floating sidebar, shortcode, or template tags within your WordPress theme.

2. Blog2Social


Blog2Social is a useful social media WordPress plugin. You can automate the social media sharing process. You don’t always have to be online as you can schedule & publish blog posts automatically and individually to all your social media networks.

With this plugin, you can publish all your content to profiles, business pages, community pages and groups. Also, you can define the type of content and create a backlink to the post so that you can drive traffic to your site.

This plugin supports all the leading social media sites. And it will save you a lot of time that you would otherwise spend manually sharing blog posts.

3. Monarch

Monarch Social Sharing

Monarch is another social media plugin which is by ElegentThemes. This plugin for WordPress deserves your attention. This social media plugin comes with over 30 social sharing networks. To display on your site. You can add & arrange any number of the network as you wish.

The social sharing buttons’ arrangement can make a huge difference in your social media promotion usefulness. This plugin offers you a large selection of position locations for the sharing buttons.

There’s an image sharing option feature within Monarch that you would like as normally you would need a different WordPress plugin to share media files on social networks. Monarch allows you to customise the sharing button as well as display share counts.

4. Social Warfare

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is a WordPress social sharing plugin. This plugin offers beautiful and highly customisable social sharing buttons for your website.

This plugin helps you create in-post tweet-able quotes that make it easy for users to share your messages.

Also within this plugin, it offers you an option to upload Pinterest-specific images and descriptions to help any blog drive traffic from the popular platform.

It comes with a widget that certainly will help you showcase the most popular content on your website. Depending on the number of social shares.

The Social Warfare plugin gives you a comprehensive analysis of the social data. It automatically adds UTM tracking to every shared link so you can see how your social shares are performing…

Before the next plugin on today list there’s a free version of this plugin right here

5. AddToAny Share Buttons

Addtoany Share Buttons

Another interesting free and longest existing WordPress plugin for social integration is Share Buttons. Using this plugin can help with your website to showcase in over 100 social networking, bookmarking sites and apps that can help your site to generate tonnes of traffic.

With this plugin you can add unique and customisable social share buttons in different positions like vertical and horizontal.

6. Grow Social

Grow Social

Formerly known as Social Pug, Grow Social which is by Mediavine is one of the easiest to use social sharing plugins for WordPress. With this plugin it lets you add highly customisable social share buttons that will integrate beautifully with your site which can lead to increased interactions and social media shares.

Within the free version of this plugin. It comes with 5 of the biggest social media platforms, mainly Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

For each social media platform, you can customise the social share button to your liking. So, choose to have a simple social media icon share button. A share button with a bold label to catch the eye. Or even social sharing buttons with social share counts.

You can position the social sharing buttons before and after the post content. Or have them follow your readers as they scroll up and down the page. And even in the form of a social media floating sidebar.

7. Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons is a long-standing and comprehensive player for social media integration for WordPress.

This plugin provides options and features for you to play around with. And you have the ability to design your social sharing buttons just like you want.

You can choose where and how you want to display the social sharing buttons. The design of the icons, switching on or off social counters, and so on.

Also, this plugin comes with a widget where you can place either in the sidebar or anywhere you want with the shortcode to display your profiles and the count of your followers.

8. Novashare

Nova Share

Novashare is one of the lightest WordPress social sharing plugins. This plugin is been built so as not to slow down or reduce your website’s speed or performance.

This plugin comes with numerous features that make its price worth it. You don’t need to have any tech knowledge as you can install and set this plugin either for mobile or desktop within a few.

You can create social icons from over 15 different social networks on a floating bar that can also display your share counts. Also, you have the option to customise the shapes, sizes, and colours of your social media icons to match your website branding.


WordPress Wednesday – 8 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins