So it’s time to say goodbye to your current hosting company. Sometimes you might find that you have outgrown your current provider or you’ll find that the customer support isn’t that great. While other times its something to do with the lack of features or its performance is the issue. whatever the problem is, there comes a time when you may need to move your site to another host.

In this WordPress Wednesday I’m covering some outstanding WordPress migration plugins, as you can find that if you do it manually it can be a risky and time-consuming job as they’re worried they’ll crash it.

These plugins that are featured in today’s post will download and transfer all of your site files, from plugins to media files, and themes to your entire database of users without seriously affecting your downtime. Also using a migration plugin works wonderfully to protect your SEO endeavours, so you don’t lose your search ranking.

1. All-in-One WP Migration

All In One Wp Migration Plugin

The first one on today list is All-in-One WP Migration, this is a free migration plugin. This plugin allows you to export the whole site with all your themes, plugins, media files, and database.

Once the exported file finished getting all the files it will then compressed in a .zip format which can be stored on a local computer or if you decide you can put it up in the cloud drive. Nevertheless, you can only access the cloud storage with a premium plan.

The import feature is quick and easy to follow, the imported site will be exactly identical as the exported version and is supported on any web host with a WordPress installation.

Price: Free

2. Duplicator

Duplicator Plugin

Duplicator is one of the most popular complete site migration WordPress plugin that lets you migrate your site to a new host without any trouble. A bonus of this plugin is that it also works as a backup plugin that lets you clone your site and save it on your local drive.

The plugin creates bundles of your plugins, themes, or your entire website, which can be moved to almost any web host.

Duplicator allows users to move a live website to the localhost if they want to make changes to their site. There’s a premium of this plugin as well that comes packed with additional features such as backup scheduling, cloud storage to keep website backups, and multi-thread support for bigger website migration and backup.

Price: Free

3. UpdraftPlus

Updraft Plus Plugin

Like I mention above with Duplicator it’s also backup, but this plugin UpdraftPlus is the opposite as it is primarily a backing-up plugin but it’s also can be used as a migration plugin with just a single click.

UpdraftPlus will conveniently backup all your files, like your database, themes, plugins, and more in a separate file. The backup copy of the website can be saved on various cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3, their own UpdraftVault.

If a backup has been made somewhere else, you can import them with a drag-and-drop or via FTP. After completing the import, you can search and replace the migrated site database with a copy of your backup. Like other plugins mentioning on this list, there’s also a premium version too.

Price: Free

4. WPvivid


WPVivid is a backup, restore, and migration free WordPress plugin that helps you generate a full site backup, store files on the cloud, plus perform a simple site-migration. You can select whether you want to migrate your entire site, or specific files, or even just the database.

It supports site-migration from a staging environment to a new server, or from a staging environment to a new domain, or from one live server to another. And it even migrates your site to a sub-directory if you want.

WPVivid is an easy to use plugin and it provides you with full control over the size of the backup file and you can also set up how many backups you want to keep.

Price: Free

5. Migration Guru

Migrate Guru Plugin

Another great plugin is this Migration Guru, this plugin is fast, easy to use, and allows you to migrate large amounts of data without manually doing it.

With Migration Guru, you don’t need to download a backup file or keep them on any cloud storage. Rather, the backup will be stored on its dedicated server, and once the restoration or migration is finished, the backup will be automatically deleted.

Price: Free

6. Clone

Wp Clone Plugin

Clone is a WordPress plugin that was developed by WP Academy is back after 3 years of neglection with new contributors that got added to the plugin.

This is the last plugin on this list, and this plugin is a free solution for making a backup, but as well as for copying and moving your WordPress site from one host to another.

It’s a simple and user-friendly plugin, and the process for site migrations starts with a single click.

Price: Free


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Outstanding Migration Plugins