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The gaming industry has grown exponentially over the decades. Whether you’re a gamer, developer, or reviewer, now is still a good time to start a gaming site.

You need a website that is attractive, easy to use, responsive, looks great, and instantly engages your audience. No problem with these templates.

The gaming themes listed here have beautiful designs, customisable page templates, and include various niche features from gaming forums to live streams and esports leagues. Your biggest problem is not finding a great theme, but choosing one!

WordPress Themes for Gamers

Most WordPress Themes For gamers are responsive and features load of media. Many of the themes below also feature drag-and-drop composition and editing, allowing you to set up and manage your website without being a professional web designer.

If you’re considering it, check out the below themes that make it easy to incorporate advertising and eCommerce as well.

1. Necromancers


Necromancers is a WordPress theme for eSports and online games.

This theme has a design and style suitable for creating gaming sites. With the appearance of the Necromancer theme, visitors immediately know what the site is about. In addition, you will find all the templates you may need for your project, such as pages for publishing player profiles. Necromancers also integrates with the SportsPress plugin so you can easily save and publish match information on your website.

As for Necromancers’ other features, the side-scrolling blog template is really eye-catching and should impress your audience. The loading animation effect is also a nice touch and fits very well with the overall style of this theme.There is also a streaming archive site for linking to content posted on other sites.

Necromancers includes background images and icons to decorate your website.

Price: $69.00

2. Armadon

Armadon Theme

Armadon is a WordPress theme suitable for various gaming sites.

This theme is for those who are building websites for either esports communities, gaming tournaments, publishing game reviews, etc. So, instead of offering multiple demos. This theme offers modes that you can customise to your needs. The homepage is full of elements and can be easily customised to suit your website.

This theme creation method allows you to edit all advanced layouts and templates directly from the WordPress editor. Armadon is compatible with many useful plugins to extend the functionality of your website. This includes GamiPress, which is a tool for rewarding users and gamifying websites.

So if you are looking for a gaming theme that comes with loads of template, then you should check out the Armadon theme.

Price: $48.00

3. Plaxer

Plaxer Theme

Plaxer and its theme demos are eye-catching and give your gaming site a unique look.

It certainly has the right design if you want to create a website with a style that your visitors will instantly recognise as the website for gaming or eSports. So, if you look at the Plaxer template, you will see that there are options made specifically for Steam, eSports, and a website for game developers. But as well as a more general set for general gaming sites.

Depending on the demo and template you choose, you can add a large slider to your site’s home page to share images and videos with your audience. No matter which demo you choose, you can add a slideshow to your website thanks to the included slider tool. Other elements used include a video player for sharing footage of the game, a partner logo carousel, and social media feeds where images from accounts can be viewed on sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Plaxer includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin so you can tweak every template or create your own theme from scratch without writing or editing any code.

It has full eCommerce support through WooCommerce integration and a variety of online store templates, Plaxer does more than just allow you to sell products online and collect payments through your gaming website.

Price: $59.00

4. Overworld


Overworld WordPress theme has some nice animation effects which give your gaming website an eye-catching look. They do the effect to keep visitors entertained while browsing the website.

The theme developers have added a few touches to the overall design of this theme. Some examples are custom mouse pointers, page load animations, and scroll effects, all of which are enabled by default. However, once you’ve imported the demo content into your WordPress dashboard, you can set preferences to customise how these elements and most other aspects of Overworld work.

It’s been packed with stylish templates for websites to make this a competitive option among other popular gaming WordPress themes. Includes a selection of high-quality home page layouts made for general gaming websites, esports websites, gaming news and reviews websites, and individual gamer websites and blogs. Also the theme has a set of templates that are ideal for eCommerce stores selling gaming products and related items.

If you’re looking to create a website to support a gaming tournament, Overworld may have all the pre-built content and templates you need for this type of project.

Price: $85.00

5. PixieFreak

Pixie Freak

PixieFreak is a WordPress theme for esports and games for teams and tournaments.

So if you’re a solo gamer, part of a team, or an eSports competition or tournament organiser, PixieFreak can be a useful theme for creating a website for your gaming. A ready-made game website demo that can be imported into WordPress almost instantly, quickly laying the groundwork for a new website. With several different demos to choose from, chances are you’ll find the right option for you in the PixieFreak pack.

The template library that makes up the theme demo has everything you need to post information online about your team or individual activities.

There is also templates for hosting game events such as tournaments, competitions and meetups. Support for plugins such as bbPress makes it easy to add community features such as discussion forums, user profiles and activity feeds to your gaming site.

You can also sell your products online with this theme’s eCommerce support. Whether you sell digital downloads or physical products, PixieFreak’s compatibility with its WooCommerce plugin makes it easy to add an eCommerce section to your gaming website. Not only can you set up your website the way you want it, you can also easily customise the design of the PixieFreak theme. However, this theme does not include a page builder.

Instead, you can install the visual editor plugin of your choice and use your favourite customisation tools to personalise your site. With so many great free and paid page builder plugins available for WordPress, you have no choice when it comes to starting editing your website design with the PixieFreak theme.

Price: $69.00

6. Xion


Xion is a WordPress theme for indie game developers. The theme only has one demo, but it’s very creative to help you create visually appealing site. This theme is aimed at game developers, but it should also be an attractive option for anyone creating gaming website. However, Xion is easy to customize, so if you like the look of this theme and are working on a different type of his website, it won’t take much effort to make the necessary changes.

Thanks to the ready-made templates that come with Xion, it’s easy to add pages to his website that show the games and projects he’s been working on. There is also a template for showcasing your development studio and a complete set of blog templates for posting the latest industry news and updates from your studio.

If you want to sell games or other products through your website, Xion provides all the eCommerce support you need. Just enable the recommended WooCommerce plugin, add a few products, and Xion’s ecommerce template will properly present those items to your audience.

If you need to launch a quality website for your game development studio or similar project, Xion should be on your shortlist.

Price: $59.00

7. PlayerX


PlayerX is a feature-rich theme for creating gaming and esports websites. Just take a quick look at the theme demo of PlayerX. It reveals that this is a theme focused on building gaming websites using WordPress. All packed with template designs that are styled to please gamers with appropriate colour schemes and eye-catching graphics. This style is applied throughout the theme demo, from the home page to all internal page templates.

Thanks to the wide selection of templates and layouts in the PlayerX pack, this theme is suitable for many gaming websites. These include websites for eSports projects, game studios, and game publishing promotions, to name a few. You can view various options on the PlayerX demo website, including layouts for publishing news, live feeds, portfolios, and more. This theme also has a high level of eCommerce support, so you can easily sell items from your game website or create an online store to sell game-related products.

This pack also comes with a premium page editor tool that allows you to edit any template using the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You can also modify the website in other ways. The theme also have social media integration features that simplify the process of posting social content on sites like Facebook and Instagram while building a following.

Price: $79.00

8. CyberPulse


CyberPulse caters to gamers, game studios, and other related projects. This is a versatile game theme that can be used in many ways. One option is to launch a gaming eCommerce store to showcase and sell your latest products both physical and digital. Another option is to create a website for the esports team, complete with league tables, player profiles, image and video galleries. Creating a gaming news site or blog is another use for this theme, for which the demo is a good fit.

The features include a night mode that can be set as default or customised based on visitor preferences. There are also custom plugins for storing and displaying information about tournaments, games, teams and players. If you want to display YouTube content on your website. CyberPulse supports it by default. This theme has enough good WordPress theme demos for games to appeal to a wide audience.

Price: $69.00


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