A directory is just a term based on how they are used. Though, all online directories typically have the same functionality, where it delivers business or personal information based on a location or category.

To make your own directory, it requires a WordPress directory plugin. Today’s WordPress Wednesday I’ve put together a guide on how to create your own directory website:

You do not need a plan to overtake Yelp or create an enterprise of your business directory, as countless companies uses online directories for either internal or external purposes.

Directories help as a user-friendly databases, where they provide search function, pictures, contact and location details. More often than not you see a map, such as how many big box stores seemingly have a directories for customers to find store locations.

What to Look for in a WordPress Directory Plugin

Making your decision depends on the type of directory you want to create. Is it to make money by charging businesses to pay for ads? Then you’ll want directory features for collecting payment.

Or is the directory being used to share information about people and not a business? You will want to find one which has fields for personal and contact information.

All of the most useful directory plugins have many things in common. Here’s what you should be looking for during your directory plugin search:

  • Options for adding new listings and editing old ones.
  • Tools for vendors who wants to share information about their business.
  • Collecting payments for those who want to charge for listings.
  • Rating and review modules.
  • Media support.
  • Bookmarking tools.
  • A location-based search with maps.
  • Front-end submission function.
  • Shortcodes and widgets for adding these listings anywhere on your website.
  • Highly customisable form fields for adjusting submissions.

In this WordPress Wednesday is a shortlist of 6 WordPress Directory Plugins, so test the waters and play around with each directory plugin for yourself.

1. GeoDirectory

Geodirectory Business Directory Plugin

GeoDirectory plugin allows you to turn any WordPress theme into a directory listing. This plugin is more focused on creating a global business directory. Still, you can form that down into specific sections of the world or only cater your list to your neighbourhood. This plugin is a multisite compatible plugin, which makes it excellent for building a network of directories or having it on multiple sites.

There are numerous add-ons that you can purchase for adding events, multi-location, pricing, and BuddyPress integrations and you’ll find that there’s also a CSV import and export tool to help you fill multiple listings at once or moving them to another site.

GeoDirectory has a front-end form for both regular users and merchants who want to add listings and the business pages can be up in order of the proximity to the user.

As GeoDirectory’s lightweight, scalable interface, it’s one of the rare free directory plugins useful for massive growth and lots of traffic.

Reasons to like this plugin:

  • It has a front-end form for people to submit listings and edit those listings.
  • There are multiple field types for you to construct custom forms and making them suited for your website.
  • Well over 20 widgets and widget areas provided in the plugin and you also get some shortcode options to be added to your site.
  • Google Analytics information can be shown for merchants with listings.
  • Forms been built into the plugin, which can be used for user reviews, business inquiries, and sharing information to friends.
  • The plugin is free, but you have add-ons for functions like custom Google Maps, list management, social importing and more.

Price: Free, but has premium paid add-ons

2. Connections Business Directory

Connections Business Directory

This plugin combines simplicity with different features that allows you to build anything from a small contact book to worldwide business listings.

The Connections Business directory plugin was built to be as compatible and configurable as possible, which makes it one of the more flexible solutions.

The core of the plugin is for free. Then, you have access to free add-ons which you can choose to use that include features for toolbars, logins, and birthday emails. But like many other plugins on this list theres are premium extensions you can buy, as for the premium extensions, you will find a list of options such like a CSV import tool, a widget pack to an option for more advanced forms.

Reasons to like this plugin:

  • The core plugin is free.
  • There’s single premium extensions, which you can purchase from $5.00 each.
  • The plugin is useful for developers who want to integrate into special systems or customise the plugin for a different type of directory.
  • There’s custom fields that are far more different than what you get with other directory plugins. Such as having custom fields for languages, hobbies, education levels, facilities, local time, and open business hours.
  • Repeatable fields can be shown for address, phone numbers, email etc.
  • Excellent support for user directories, where information on people are stored in the traditional business directory.

Price: Free, but has premium paid add-ons

3. LDD Directory Lite

Ldd Directory Lite

The LDD Directory Lite is a free solution plugin that is easy to install that who want a directory on their WordPress site. This plugin can also be downloaded from the LDD Web Design site, along with the various extensions for things like social sharing and social logins, imports/exports, and reviews.

The core plugin is free, but like many other directory plugins, there’s are extensions that vary in price. For example there’s a Directory Social Share extension that been listed for $9.99 or a Directory Social Login extension that can be bought for $19.99. But as there’s only five extensions listed on the site, so you can imagine you get most of the features in the free core plugin.

With LDD Directory Lite, you can take the simply provided shortcode and add it to any page or post on your site. This automatically generates the directory, which makes for one of the more light-weight, but powerful solutions.

You can customise the look and feel of this directory plugin however if you want and connect it to Google Maps and/or a social media website. The directory plugin has a clean and modern design, and it is perfect for those who don’t want to mess around with many features.

Reasons to like this plugin:

  • Most of the directory tools are entirely free in the plugin.
  • The five extensions doesn’t cost a lot, but there is a chance you don’t even need to purchase them.
  • The directory is created instantly with the help of a shortcode.
  • The directory plugin integrates with some social tools and Google Maps.
  • You can customise the email notifications and maintain listings from the back-end.
  • Users can edit their listings from the front-end.

Price: Free, but has premium paid add-ons

4. Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

If you are looking for more flexibility with your WordPress directory plugin, than choosing this Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro plugin is right. This plugin is a robust solution that integrates into any existing WordPress site, and it supports any directories such as a movie rating site or a platform for classifieds.

The Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro is for free. Still, like many other plugins, there are premium upgrades that you can choose to your directory such as WooCommerce Integration, PayPal/Stripe payment gateways to paid listings.

Within the Advanced Classifieds plugin, there are unlimited custom fields solution that you can add anything type of fields such as radio buttons, input boxes, and the plugin allows you to assign categories to your listings.

The functions are also impressive, with a whole area for businesses to manage and renew their listings, view payment history, and more.

Reasons to like this plugin:

  • The main features are for free. Only add-ons you will have to pay for are the Stripe or PayPal payments.
    Email notifications can be sent out when certain events happen.
  • The plugin has powerful revenue features for charging users and setting up plans.
  • The availability for having an advanced search feature with options to search by keyword, category, location etc.
  • Supports uploads for images and videos.
  • Provides unlimited locations with the ability to point in on specific neighbourhoods and cities.
    You get an unlimited number of custom fields for accommodating whatever types of businesses you list in the directory.

Price: Free, but has premium paid add-ons

5. Business Directory

Business Directory Plugin

The Business Directory WordPress plugin includes all core directory features such as fully customisable form fields, image support, and payment acceptance. The core features of the plugin are free when you download the main plugin, but you have the option to download add-ons for a premium price.

You can turn your directory into something as powerful but you will have to pay for add-ons, but you can still have a solid directory without purchasing any add-ons, this plugin is great for those who want a fully functional directory without having to pay anything, the plugin is lightweight and is ready to go on your site.

Reasons to like this plugin:

  • The core is free and most of the features in there should give you what you need.
  • Payment support been included in the core plugin.
  • Form fields are as customisable, which allows you to make your submission forms as unique as possible.
  • A CSV can be uploaded if you already have a large list of businesses to add to your directory.
  • This plugin has image options with tools for changing thumbnail sizes, adjusting image orders.
  • A reCAPTCHA tool been built-in.
  • Front-end submissions are available.

Price: Free, but has premium paid add-ons

6. Sabai Directory

Sabai Directory Plugin For WordPress

Sabai Directory is a premium plugin that sells for $29.00 and this plugin is here to create a directory site structure for businesses, restaurants, and stores, and it also comes with multiple maps that can be switched using Google Maps.

This plugin is one of the best bets for getting close to a platform like Yelp, and you can set whether the listings are shown on a grid or map, and you can even insert a search bar so users can search via keywords, categories, or locations.

The custom fields can be created and managed via a visual form editor, the fully interactive map is a great feature, with its hover and click animations and draggable areas, it is easy for a user to find the business they want.

With all of the features included in the price, you can expect more tools such as reviews, ratings, multi-location support, page flagging, media uploads and email notifications, and you can even set it up to collect recurring payments through Stripe or PayPal.

Reasons to like this plugin:

  • All features are packaged into one plugin, so you get it all for the price of $29.00, and it gives you customer support for six months.
  • The interactive listing search is smooth and easy to use.
  • The plugin provides filters for limiting searches based on ratings, pricing, location, or date.
  • Users can create their own content and upload it to their listing.
  • The custom fields are implemented with a visual editor, the plugin also provides all the custom fields you need.
  • You can create paid listings.

Price: $29.00


WordPress Wednesday – 6 WordPress Directory Plugins