A WordPress website is only as good as its database. Every single thing from your comments, posts, user information even that awful spam is stored right in your database.

Some of it is essential for your site to function, so the extraction of those parts could cause your site to crash or even malfunction. But with other things such as your old drafts, bad tables, and even spam comments will only weigh down your database and slow down your site.

That’s why you may need a WordPress database plugin!

Those types of database plugins come in different forms. Some of those plugins are strictly designed to just backup your database before making changes. While others are here to clean your database of those files you don’t need on either a weekly or monthly basis.

So, either the plugins clean up your database or saving it for those times you just need to restore content whenever. But the whole point of the plugins featured in this post is to showcase optimisation, to help you to get faster speeds, cleaner data, and overall better site performance.

But why is it important to keep your database fast?

Having a fast database offers some benefits:

  • A faster database ensures your website runs faster.
  • It helps customers a more efficient user experience
  • Improves your chances to rank higher on search results
  • Having a fast database only contains the necessary data, so there’s less strain on your site servers.

Furthermore, it is also important to backup or migrate your database on occasion. This way, you are prepared and ready with backup files just in case your site get hacked or cause some issues on your server.

So let’s start this WordPress Wednesday with four WordPress Database Plugin options.

1. WP Optimize

Wp Optimize

The WP Optimize plugin works by cleaning, compressing, and caching your database. This all in one plugin assures that there is no need to install any additional tools for optimising your database.

You can clean your database on a schedule if you like to and also you can even compress images with the help of this plugin. As for the database optimisation, this plugin removes all of the unnecessary files, while completing tasks like compacting tables and retaining the backups.

There’s a free version is of this plugin. Also there are paid versions from $39.00 to $149.00

2. WP Reset

Wp Reset

WP Reset goes right into your WordPress database and deletes some items that you consider to be useless. As sometimes these database plugins make sense if you are trying to clean up the entire site and start from scratch. While other plugins you use them for clearing out demo posts and media.

This plugin scans for tables, posts, comments, and other database details. After it’s finished, you have full control over which of them you want to delete. This is a permanent solution for completely clearing your site of certain parts but please keep in mind that this is permanent when you delete those database details.

3. Advanced Database Cleaner

Advanced Database Cleaner

The third database on this list is the Advanced Database Cleaner. This plugin focuses on deleting items in your database that is either unnecessary or causing problems on your server.

The plugin deletes old revisions that are no longer needed and also it also can deletes items such as trackbacks, pending comments and lastly old post drafts.

This plugin provides a basic set of settings module as well with options for setting how often you would like to clean up your database and even if you want to exclude any files from the cleaning.

4. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions is a solid database plugin for your WordPress site as it takes out the trash that collects inside your database. For example, you may want to delete unused tags, spam comments or even trash those posts that you don’t need.

So here is a plugin that does it all for you with the click of a button. Some other plugins you probably come across will walk you through more complicated procedures, but the Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions plugin only has one button.


WordPress Wednesday – 4 Plugins to Clean & Optimise Your Database