Today’s WordPress Wednesday post is here for those who are looking for a currency converter plugin for your WordPress site.

By adding a currency converter plugin right into your eCommerce site, it becomes easier for you to do business internationally. That is because it allows your customers to see the price of your products in their currency, which in turns improves user experience.

Reasons why you should use a currency converter plugin

  • If you are running an online business that has international buyers, having a currency converter plugin on your site is a must and here are some benefits.
  • Expand your business: By using a currency converter plugin, you can stretch out to a larger customer base from different countries and it can help your international customers to convert prices to their currency.
  • Lessen confusion with customers: With a currency converter plugin, it can streamline international payment acceptance for your business.

Business exposure: With a bigger userbase, your business will also get a bigger exposure, and it can help grow your business with international exposure you can even lead to higher traffic.

1. Currency Switcher for WooCommerce

Currency Switcher For Woocommerce

Currency Switcher WooCommerce is a currency convert plugin that allows you to extend the price per product based on the geolocation of your users.

This plugin will automatically detect the IP address of the customer and will switch the currency of the products to the customer’s local currency. Plus you additionally have the option to add a currency switcher on your site widget. While as you the admin, you can change the order of your currency with the admin panel.

Price: Free

2. CBX Currency Converter

Cbx Currency Converter

CBX Currency Converter is a currency converter that you can try. This plugin, you can effortlessly calculate and display current exchange rates to your customers.

This plugin supports 94 different currencies, and it lets you select a default currency on your site. The plugin offers you the flexibility to select the number of decimal points you want to show after the currency. This helps your customers get the exact value.

Price: Free

3. WooCommerce Multi Currency Store

Woocommerce Multi Currency Store

WooCommerce Multi Currency Store is another currency converter plugin that will help you turn your site into a multiple currency store.

The plugin lets you add an endless number of currencies to your store, also this plugin has some flexible customisation options, where you can change the converted prices.

Also using this plugin it can helps your site detect the geolocation of your users so that the currency will be automatically displayed to their local currency. And to keep track of your sales, you can view the number of sales you have made per currency.

Price: $30.00

4. Easy Digital Downloads – Currency Converter

Edd Currency

Easy Digital Downloads Currency Converter is a currency converter extension that will work with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. With this plugin, your customers can effortlessly convert any of your product prices to their local currency.

This plugin automatically detects the geolocation of your users and display the currency based on their location. Your customers can select the own currency from a drop-down menu that you can add and you can manage your website’s currencies with the in-built drag-n-drop functionality that this plugin offers.

Price: $39.00

5. WooCommerce Multi Currency

Woocommerce Multi Currency

WooCommerce Multi Currency is the last currency convert plugin on today’s post, this plugin helps you accept payment in different currencies and you can use it to set the exchange rate manually. But, it does have the option to set it automatically.

So when a visitor lands on your site, this plugin will automatically detect their geolocation and display the price in their currency. Also with this plugin, it will keep you updated about the exchange rates, via an email each and every time there is a change in the rates.

Price: $32.00


WordPress Wednesday – 5 WordPress Currency Converter Plugins