Looking to incorporate an age check gate on your WordPress site? Opting for a pre-built WordPress age verification plugin is a more straightforward choice compared to developing a custom solution.

While age gates aren’t legally mandated in most major jurisdictions, numerous businesses in age-sensitive sectors prefer using an age gate to exert partial control over their visitors’ age. These sectors commonly include alcohol, tobacco, gambling, and more.

Furthermore, the necessity for age verification or age gates varies based on the website’s content or services and the laws of the specific country or region. Several countries have enacted laws to shield minors from accessing age-inappropriate online content.

For instance, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) incorporates provisions concerning the processing of personal data of children. Likewise, countries like the United States have specific laws such as the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) regulating online services directed at children under 13.

Websites dealing with sensitive content or services targeted at minors may need to implement age gates or verification mechanisms to comply with local laws and regulations. However, these requirements differ, and it is crucial for website operators to be cognizant of and adhere to specific rules in the jurisdictions where they operate.

1. Age Gate

Age Gate

Age Gate is a user-friendly, free age verification plugin designed for WordPress. This plugin enables effortless content restriction based on the user’s age.

The plugin provides three input options for implementing age verification on your WordPress site. You can opt for a dropdown menu, allowing visitors to choose their age, permit users to input their date of birth, or present a straightforward Yes/No option for age verification.

Additionally, Age Gate offers the flexibility to decide whether to apply age restrictions to the entire website or specific pages based on age criteria. Moreover, you have the option to set distinct age restrictions for individual pieces of content using the plugin.

Enhancing the customization experience, Age Gate grants various options to modify the appearance of your age restriction message. You can incorporate a logo, alter the background color, introduce blur effects, add a background image, and more.

2. WooCommerce Age Verification Popup

Woocommerce Age Verification Popup

The WooCommerce Age Verification Popup stands out as the next feature-rich plugin on our lineup, tailored for WooCommerce stores. A premium extension, this plugin is particularly valuable for those operating WooCommerce stores that deal in products such as tobacco, vaping items, medicines, fireworks, or other goods requiring age verification.

The plugin boasts four verification methods, allowing users to conveniently input their age, select their date of birth, check a box, or opt for a straightforward Yes/No response.

Notably, you have control over where the popup appears, giving you the flexibility to activate it across your entire website or selectively on specific pages like the cart, checkout, my account, and shopping pages.

To further enhance customization, the plugin provides various options for modifying your popup. You can integrate a background image, choose a color scheme, adjust border height and text size, and more.

For users seeking additional features, such as prebuilt templates and the capability to incorporate different elements into the popup, OptinMonster is a recommended alternative. This tool seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, offering robust display rules and expanded customization options.

3. Age Verification

Age Verification

Age Verification for WordPress is a no-cost plugin designed for WordPress users seeking to implement an age limit on their websites. This user-friendly plugin provides essential features for beginners.

The plugin introduces an age verification popup to your site, restricting access to content for visitors who do not meet the specified age requirements. Once a user successfully verifies their age, a cookie is stored for 30 days, eliminating the need for repeated age verification.

Despite its simplicity, the plugin presents limited options for customizing the age verification box. Users can only incorporate a background image, logo, title text, message text, and modify the yes/no button text using the Age Verification plugin.

4. AgeChecker


AgeChecker.Net emerges as a third-party age verification platform catering to eCommerce websites. Leveraging identity networks and a proprietary database, it specializes in authenticating customer ages during the checkout process.

This versatile plugin seamlessly integrates with various eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, and more.

Functioning primarily on checkout pages, the plugin swiftly verifies approximately 90% of user ages in the United States by tapping into its extensive data sources. In cases where data is unavailable, customers are prompted for ID verification. Subsequently, AgeChecker.Net’s 24/7 live team manually validates the submitted documents. If a customer is found to be underage, their access to the product or service is promptly disabled.

Beyond age verification, users have the flexibility to customize settings such as the minimum age requirement, digital signature specifications, and order blocking based on the customer’s location. Notably, the plugin ensures compliance with regulatory standards, including those set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and adheres to federal and state regulations in the United States.

5. Easy Age Verify

Easy Age Verify

Easy Age Verify stands out as an age verification plugin tailored for WordPress, featuring pre-built settings and messages specifically designed for alcohol, vape, and adult businesses.

The plugin prides itself on its user-friendly interface, requiring minimal configuration. Enabling age verification is a straightforward process — users simply need to activate age verification, choose their industry, and let the plugin handle the rest. Additionally, there’s an option to exempt age verification for logged-in users.

However, it’s worth noting that the free version of the plugin has limitations when it comes to customization. In particular, users are unable to modify the appearance of the age verification message in the absence of an upgrade.


WordPress Wednesday – 5 WordPress Age Verification Plugins