WooCommerce allows you to build an online store within your WordPress site. You can various types of products whether it’s physical products, digital products, or even subscriptions. But, there’s are only a few default payment options that are integrated within the WooCommerce plugin. But thankfully there is a lot of additional payment gateway plugins for WooCommerce that you can choose, today post features 10 WooCommerce Payment Gateway plugins.

So… what is a payment gateway and how to decide on it?

Simply a payment gateway is a web-based app that allows you (a business owner), to accept and process payments such as debit and credit cards. If you are running an online store, you’ll need a payment gateway.

There are two main types of payment gateways:

  • Redirection gateway
  • Direct gateway

When a customer needs to leave your site when paying and then they will get redirected to the company’s site that manages the payment gateway, that’s called redirection gateway.

It’s the best option if you decide not to be responsible for handling your customers’ credit card information that’s including their personal details as well.

The other type happens when a customer pays directly on your website, that’s called direct gateway. This option can suit for most businesses as its more professional and it can help build trust. But, one major note make sure that your site security is always up-to-date.

Another essential thing to note is that your payment gateway must be able to accept transactions from your country and the country of origin of your customers. The best idea to prevent this from happening is to you try to mix and match your gateways, you also set up a gateway that covers your customers and you can offer alternative gateways.

1. Stripe for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Stripe Payment Gateway

This plugin is an great payment gateway plugin for any WordPress site owner whose business is spread through out various countries around the globe. With this plugin it help you to take payments from customers in over 20 countries using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, SEPA, Giropay, Alipay etc.

Along with this plugin it also has Web Payments API support, which allows customers to pay company owners through mobile payment channels.

Price: Free, but there are charges for transactions

2. Mollie Payments for WooCommerce

Mollie Payments For Woocommerce

WooCommerce Mollie Payments plugin allows you to integrate different major payment methods into WooCommerce. Mollie supports major credit cards, debit cards, local and international payment methods but also as “pay after delivery” options. This plugin makes it an extremely flexible solution for customers, and has powerful tool for business owners.

There’s no fees to use this Mollie plugin along the side of your WooCommerce store only basic transaction fees when customers checkout and the plugin even works with multisite and is WPML compatible so you’ve can created localised versions of your WooCommerce store you will be able to use Mollie checkout options with each translation.

Price: Free

3. Square for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Square

Take payments from your customers easily and quickly in person with Square. As this plugin is a awesome option for WooCommerce store owners who also maintain a physical store-front.

The plugin allows you to sync your inventory between your online WooCommerce store and the Square POS and the installation and use are simple all thanks to a clean and user-friendly interface.

Price: Free

4. Paypal for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Paypal Checkout Payment Gateway

Any business owner who using WooCommerce to run their WordPress store can use this feature-rich plugin to sell their products and services in a safe environment. And, Paypal is the most widely used and trusted payment processors so customers feel comfortable using it.

This plugin has In-Context Checkout which meets all necessary security requirements for an eCommerce site. Also, it should not change the theme of your website in any way.

Price: Free


Fondy Woocommerce Payment Gateway

The FONDY gateway plugin can makes it easy for you to accept payments over 100 countries across the EU and beyond. Simply install the plugin to add FONDY as a payment option in your WooCommerce store, but also note that you will need to signup for a FONDY account to get your Merchant ID and Secret Key.

Then your customers will be able to pay with their choice of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, PayPal, Swift, direct debit, COD and more. And you can even customise and add branding to your merchant portal to make the checkout process seamless.

Price: Free

6. Cryptoniq

Cryptoniq Cryptocurrency Payment Plugin For WordPress

Cryptoniq is a feature-rich paid for WordPress payment gateway plugin that allows you to integrate payment tools using Cryptocurrency. This WordPress plugin was developed to make payments as convenient as possible for the customer and the seller. This plugin currently supports four types cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Etherum, LiteCoin & Doge. Best of all, this plugin doesn’t involve third-party services and transaction fees.

This plugin is useful for those business organisations that make business deals of larger amounts and perform transactions in cryptocurrencies. Just keep in mind that this is a WooCommerce extension. If you don’t want to install and use WooCommerce don’t worry.

Price: $24.00

7. WorldPay for WooCommerce

Worldpay For Woocommerce

This premium WooCommerce payment gateway plugin allows you to ccept credit card payments via your WooCommerce store.

Your customers can checkout with any major credit card including Visa, Mastercard, Amex, JCB and even Diners or debit cards. However, a WorldPay account is necessary to use this plugin, as all payments are managed and processed via their servers.

When customers checkout they enter payment info securely via WorldPay, and once their order is validated are redirected to a confirmation page on your site. You can easily sell any products or downloads such as music, video, eBook, PDF or any other digital media files on your site while using this plugin.

Price: $79.00

8. WP SmartPay

Wp Smartpay

Accept payments using Paddle with the super easy WP SmartPay integration. With plugin you will have the power of Paddle right in your WooCommerce store. This means you can accept almost any type of payment method such as Visa, Discover, Apple Pay, wire transfers and more! Plus it makes managing your store taxes a breeze, since Paddle collects and remits your sales tax for you.

Everything is handled by Paddle and WP SmartPay so you don’t have to create your own invoices. WP SmartPay also enables you to accept one time and recurring payments, design a seamless checkout process to boost conversions and add custom coupon codes to enhance your store. Plus it’ supports more than 20+ currencies and 11+ languages. This plugin has automatic updates as long as your plugin license is active.

Price: $99.00


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