Are you looking to display weather forecasts on your WordPress website?

By having a weather WordPress plugin, you can show weather forecasts on your site whether it’s from your location or another area. This can be an exceptional option if you manage events that will be held outdoors.

This WordPress Wednesday I’m posting 5 different weather plugins that let you add a widget directly onto your site. However, before we start, let’s find out if you would benefit from a weather widget on your site.

Well, not every site needs a weather widget, but adding a weather widget can be remarkably useful for some niches such as event sites, travel and tourism or a news site. So now let’s take a look some weather plugins that will let you add a weather widget to your WordPress website.

1. Location Weather

Location Weather

Location Weather is the first free weather plugin that you can look out for. This plugin is a minimalist and lightweight solution that will display real-time weather forecasts on your site.

Along with this plugin, you can set a default location or let the plugin auto-select the location. Also, you can set a widget title, show/hide date, and loads more.

Price: Free

2. Weather Atlas Widget

Weather Atlas Widget

Weather Atlas Widget is the second free weather plugin that will help you display a responsive weather widget to your website. You can use several weather icons to show conditions like rain, sun, cloudy skies, and more.

This plugin will fetch the weather forecast from any place around the globe and display an accurate report to your users. Also, it offers multiple widget options and you can display the current weather conditions hourly and long-term in detail.

Price: Free

3. Simple Weather

Simple Weather

Simple Weather is a premium weather plugin that lets you display the weather forecast anywhere on your website. You can select a country and city for which you want to display the weather.

Simple Weather lets you add a description like sunny, mostly cloudy, thunderstorms, and more to explain the weather conditions more clearly. The plugin offers great flexibility in terms of customizing your weather widget as well.

Price: $18.00

4. Astero


Astero is a powerful weather plugin that lets you display the weather forecast on your site. This plugin uses the HTML5 geolocation to detect the exact location where your site visitors and then the exact weather report of the place where they live.

You can also look for a city or search for a place using its postal code. Astero supports videos and images, as well and you can use them in the background of your weather forecast.

Price: $19.00

5. Elfsight Weather Plugin

Elfsight Weather Plugin

Elfsight Weather Plugin is a great tool that can help you display the weather forecast of any location. It lets your users check the weather simply by adding the name, the postal code, and even the coordinates of the location. This plugin gives the accurate details about the humidity, temperature, pressure.

You can also display the weather forecast for the next 12 hours or the entire week. The plugin lets you take control of the appearance of your weather widget, too.

Price: You can start with the free option


WordPress Wednesday – 5 WordPress Weather Plugins