When it comes to operating a business, customer support is a top priority. As customers are likely to purchase from you more if they know they can count on you for help.

A Help Desk is a fundamental part of any customer support. Here, customers can raise issues and problems they are encountering. Here’s the chance for you to communicate with your customers about your product or service. This where you can get an opportunity to resolve the queries of your customers.

However, this is not as easy as it seems, you need to have a decent system that can help you keep track of these issues. There’s where using a Help Desk plugin for WordPress can simplify the task for you.

This WordPress Wednesday I’ve compiled a small list of only 5 Help Desk Plugins that can work well with your WordPress site.

1. Zendesk


Zendesk is an all-in-one answer to all your help desk plugin requirements. It has features such as support ticket management, live chat functionalities, and even business phone services; so you will nevermore need another help desk plugin.

Though, Zendesk is not free and will require you to make an account with them to use it. Zendesk pricing differs depending on which plan you decide to take. But one good thing about it is that you can choose an all-in-one plan which either has everything or you can pick and choose only the features you need. And each and every option comes with a 30-day free-trial.

Price: WordPress plugin is Free

2. SupportCandy

Support Candy

The next version of the popular help desk plugin “WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System”, SupportCandy offers so many features out of the box and one of the best features is that this plugin is free and there are many great offerings that help you get started with this plugin. Like other plugins on this list, there are additional premium add-ons that you can purchase.

This plugin focuses on being simplicity and functionality. The plugin is fully compatible with GDPR.
SupportCandy also has paid plans that has differs features depending on which plan you decide to purchase.

Price: Free

3. Awesome Support

Awesome Support

Awesome Support is comparable to Zendesk as a SaaS help desk solution furthermore it’s FREE

Setting up the Awesome Support plugin is amazingly easy with the assistance of the setup wizard. You can have your help desk up and running in a few minutes after installation and activation.

It’s user-friendly, for everyone, and it utilises the WordPress dashboard and UI remarkably. So if you know your way around your WordPress Admin area already, you will instantly feel comfortable using this plugin.

Awesome Support is GDPR and Gutenberg ready, also you can integrate this with WooCommerce, also its translation-ready, and responsive.

There’s over 25 add-ons, this isn’t counting the premium features that can be purchase and added on individually, it’s impossible to list everything Awesome Support does in this simple list but I encourage you to visit their site to get the full features of what this plugin can do.

Price: Free

4. Catchers Help Desk

Catchers Help Desk

Catchers Helpdesk is a great help desk plugin that got features for support managers such as ticket statuses, ticket history, and customer profiles. Catchers Helpdesk also allows you to save common replies as canned responses, that means you can save time while being helpful.

The standard version of the plugin sufficient for you to get you started, but if you want to extend the plugin, they’re some official addons that can be purchased to help you out. WooCommerce integration, reports, and additional contact form fields can all be added via add-ons to make the plugin even more powerful.

Catchers Helpdesk has a free version but Nevertheless, the functionalities are limited, so you can always decide to buy the premium version (starting at $99).

Price: Free or Premium starting at $99

5. WSDesk


WSDesk is a full support system for WordPress. It’s simple, you just need to install and use the setup wizard to get started. All of your agents can be added as there is no extra charge since you are managing your support platform, it goes the same for tickets.

There is no limit on the number your customers can submit through WSDesk. Also, you can even assign agents, statuses (unsolved, pending, solved) and tags to keep your tickets organised. Plus WSDesk stores all of your data on your site,

WSDesk has built-in options to make your support easier, so enable settings for email notifications, automatic ticket close after inactivity, and more. You can even check up on your team using the agent ratings and ticket reports and even more.

Price: Starting at $89.00


WordPress Wednesday – 5 Help Desk Plugins for WordPress