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One of the best ways to promote games as either an indie developer or even a fan base around your favourite game. Is to have a website. It’s doesn’t matter if you are an indie developer that makes games or starting a new gaming league. It is vital to have your independent information hub where your fans and customers can learn more.

Gaming is one of the most profitable industries in today’s world. Also having a YouTube gaming channel is enough to earn you millions of dollars and subscribers by streaming and producing gameplay videos. But having another platform such as a website will help you to not only be more discoverable online. But also to promote and sell your official merchandise etc.

So thankful to WordPress, you can now comfortably set up a website. With all these functions without having to spend a lot with developers. In this WordPress Wednesday. I’m featuring a shortlist of 8 of the best gaming WordPress themes. With these themes you can use to set up a professional-looking website without a nuisance.

1. Overworld


Overworld has some interesting things to keep your visitors entertained while browsing your site if you do use this theme you will notice that it has some interesting animation effects that give you an eye-catching look.

In this theme, you will see some nice little touches to the overall design of this theme. The examples comprise the custom mouse cursor, the page load animations, and the scrolling effects that are all on by default. If you need some help with inputting how your content looks you can import the demo content into your WordPress dashboard, you are free to go through the settings to customise.

The theme has been packed with stylish templates for your site. Here includes a selection of high-quality home-page layouts that have been created for general-purpose gaming websites, eSports sites, gaming news and review sites, and personal gamer websites and blogs.

Also, there is an amazing set of templates that can work really well for eCommerce stores that sell gaming merchandise and related products. If you want to create a website to support gaming tournaments. There is a high likelihood that Overworld has all the pre-built content and templates for this type of project.

Price: $75.00

2. Plaxer


If you want to create a site with a style that your visitors will instantly recognise as a gaming or eSports site, then you should choose Plaxer.

When selecting this theme, you will notice that there are functions that have been created especially for streaming, eSport and game dev sites, but as well it suited to a typical gaming site.

Deciding on a demo and set of templates to use depends on what you want the website to look like. Such as it could be including a large slider on the homepage for sharing images and videos with your audience.

However, regardless of which theme demo you choose. You can still add slideshows to your site, thanks to the in-built slider tool. Additional theme components you can also use include a video player, a carousel that you can show your partner logos, and social-media feeds.

Inside this theme is the WPBakery Page Builder plugin, so you can mod all of the theme templates or create your own page designs from scratch.

It has fully WooCommerce integration and has a set of eCommerce templates. This them is more than competent in enabling you to sell products online or collect payments.

Price: $59.00

3. Respawn


Respawn is a modern gaming theme for WordPress that has a varied selection of theme demos.

No matter what type of gaming site you want to create, Respawn has a demo to match your goals. Among the theme options, you will find a demo for building a gaming magazine site, a theme demo for promoting eSports events, or other theme demos that are for players and streamers.

If you want to create an online shop selling any gaming-related products, then there is probably a demo that has been built for that purpose too.

Checking out any of the home pages of the Respawn theme demos, you will see that they all feature a wide range of elements. Elements ensure you can build the type of site you need to.

Getting started with this theme is straightforward too, thanks to the one-click demo content importer tool. Just pick a demo, then import it into your WP Dashboard. Lastly, you need to start adding your content.

If you need to make any customising work, all of the theme templates can be edited with the Elementor drag-n-drop page builder tool.

Price: $59.00

4. PlayerX

Player X

PlayerX is a feature-packed theme for creating gaming websites.

You should have a quick look at the PlayerX online demos. As it makes it instantly obvious that the theme is focused more on creating gaming sites.

The designs you find in this theme have all the styles that gamers should appreciate with appropriate colour schemes and striking graphics.

This theme has a solution for eSports projects, gaming studios, and promoting gaming releases etc. You can view the various options on the theme demo site. You will see that the layouts in this theme are for publishing news, live feeds, portfolios and more. Furthermore, the theme has eCommerce support. So you can easily sell items from your gaming website.

There is also a premium content editor in this theme package, which allows you to edit any of the theme templates with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. You can modify your site in other ways. Such as choosing the incorporated slideshows or creating your own are also possible too. Lastly, the theme also has some social media integration features that simplify the process of publishing social content.

Price: $60.00

5. Geco


Geco is a gaming WordPress theme that comes with multiple website demos. Once you’ve decided that this theme is the right gaming theme for you and your project. Then it will not take too long to launch your gaming site.

You can choose from the three demos that can be imported into your site within in a few clicks. Thus providing you with a strong base for your site. The theme has packed full of templates. So you should have everything you need to get started. Geco has pre-built templates for your home, contact and about pages.

All of the themes templates seamlessly integrate into the complete design of the theme, so your site will have a uniform look throughout.

The Geco theme has all been populated with lots of useful features and functions. Features such as the sliders, galleries, and interesting layouts all work together to give your site a professional look. If you need to mod any of the theme templates. You can use the supported Elementor page builder plugin.

You can easily add products to your site as it’s fully eCommerce support. So if you’d like to make your website a place where gamers can hang out, this could be the theme for you.

Price: $49.00


WordPress Wednesday – 5 Best Gaming WordPress Themes