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We all understand the value of the WordPress admin interface as owners of WordPress websites. Great, but it could be even better. You may customise your WordPress dashboard to make it more nicer and to streamline your productivity.

For instance, a custom widget might replace the WordPress dashboard widget that comes with the platform. You can also customise your WordPress login page. The good news is that a straightforward WordPress dashboard plugin allows you to accomplish all of this.

But, why customise the Dashboard?

When utilising WordPress. The most crucial element of our website is the admin dashboard. It where the majority of your website administration like content production etc., May be done from there. You can. For instance, add new pages, modify the theme, and control all website settings.

Although the WordPress Dashboard’s interface is simple by default. Some users may not like it. Or you locate settings and choices in the incorrect location (difficult to navigate). Or perhaps you just don’t like the colours.

Do you feel the same way? If so, I recommend customising your WordPress admin dashboard!

You can white label your WordPress dashboard by customising your admin panel. This implies that you have complete control over how your brand looks and feels.

By placing your dashboards where you want them. You can not only make your WordPress administration area clearer and more appealing to you and your team.

Do you design websites specifically for your clients? Additionally, you might need to customise your dashboards because your consumers might ask for them.

Fortunately, there are 15 plugins in this WordPress Wednesday that may make creating custom dashboards for 2023 simple.

1. White Label CMS

White Label Cms

If you use WordPress to build your client’s website, this plugin allows you to customise your admin panel to suit your client’s needs and desires. Apart from the ability to create a branded login page, it offers 3 preset CMS profiles (website, blog or custom) to modify the menu system.

You can also send custom messages to your customers explaining how to use and navigate the admin panel. If you want to include your developer branding in the admin area, White Label CMS also gives you the option to add your logo to the admin header and footer area.

2. Admin Columns

Admin Columns

The admin menu of the side and top bars can be shown and hidden with this plugin.

By ticking a certain menu’s checkbox on the form and submitting it, this plugin provides a simple method for hiding admin menus from administrators.

Admins can also conceal menus based on a user’s role.

3. Hide Admin Menu

Hide Admin Menu

Admin Menu Editor is a great plugin that every webmaster should have installed. As administrators can personalise the WordPress default menu according to their choices. You can create new custom menus or rearrange the default menus to your liking. This plugin is great in that it improves the usability of the dashboard.

This plugin has a drag-n-drop interface for rearranging menu items in the admin panel. You can also customise your login page and remove WordPress branding from the top bar.

4. Dashboard Widget Suite

Dashboard Widgets Suite

The Dashboard Widget Suite is great for working with a large number of new dashboard widgets. It’s free and works on all versions of WordPress with relevant updates. This plugin displays a lot of relevant information about your website, database info, server info, custom notes, social buttons, and server debug logs.

And you have full control over all these widgets. You can decide which ones to show and where to place them on the screen. Overall, the Dashboard Widget Suite is a great plugin for WordPress users who aren’t too concerned with the technical side but still want access to their dashboard on demand.

5. Statify


The Statify WordPress Dashboard plugin is a privacy-friendly plugin. That does not use cookies or third parties. This plugin provides simple and compact access to your website’s view count.

It includes an interactive table followed by a list of the most popular sources and landing pages. The length of the list and the period of the stats can be set directly in the dashboard widget.

6. Admin Management Xtended

Admin Management Xtended

Admin Management Xtended uses features known from AJAX-driven CMS such as toggling post/page visibility, changing publish date and title without opening the edit screen or reloading the page. You can also change the page order by drag and drop, inline category management, inline tag management, etc.

7. Post Types Order

Post Types Order

With this plugin you can sort posts for any custom post type you’ve defined. Including default posts. You can also view posts within the admin interface sorted with the new sort. Most WordPress users need to reorder their posts. You has two ways of doing this.

This can be done manually by changing the WordPress Order field to a unique number for each post, but it can certainly be a daunting task if you have a lot of posts.

8. Dashboard Columns

Dashboard Columns

The Dashboard Columns plugin allows you to easily change the number of columns in your admin dashboard.

You can also better customise the look of your widgets without sacrificing a responsive interface by choosing your preferred layout from the Screen Options menu. On large screens, there are four columns to choose from. You can choose between 1 or 2 columns on the medium screen, and everything in one column on the small screen.

9. Custom Admin Page

Custom Admin Page

This is a simple plugin that adds unlimited custom WordPress pages to your admin dashboard. With TinyMCE, Gutenberg, WPBakery Page Builder, and Divi Builder, you can add as many pages as you want and customise the look and feel.

The plugin’s default settings include setting a custom page order, adding custom pages to parent pages, selecting custom page icons in the sidebar menu, and more.

10. Better Notifications for WP

Better Notifications For Wp

Better Notifications for WP is a powerful plugin that lets you customise the email notifications sent by WordPress using a WYSIWYG editor and shortcodes. All default WordPress email notifications are customisable. Notifications can be sent to individual users, multiple users, all users within a user role, or multiple roles. You can also turn on notifications with a premium add-on.

Emails are sent via your WordPress website but it uses wp_mail, but can also be sent via SMTP using the appropriate 3rd party plugins if you prefer.

11. Admin Dashboard Last Edits

Admin Dashboard Last Edits

Showing the most recent posts and pages on the admin dashboard is made simple and quick to do with Admin Dashboard Last Edits.

12. Branda

Branda White Labeling

Utilise Branda, the one and only premium and totally free white label WordPress plugin, to tailor every aspect of the platform to your brand. Change every aspect of your login screen, personalise system (default) emails, rapidly toggle maintenance mode and coming soon landing pages, change your dashboard, get rid of or replace logos, make cooler schemes, and a lot, lot more. Without changing any code, Branda has everything she needs to completely revamp WordPress.

With just one plugin and no further hack modifications, you may save time, solve plugin compatibility issues, and increase security.

13. Ultimate Dashboard

Ultimate Dashboard

A simple & light-weight plugin called Ultimate Dashboard been created to improve the customer experience inside the WordPress admin area.

So, why don’t you design a unique WordPress dashboard for you and your clients using Ultimate Dashboard. As it give the WordPress dashboard a more useful purpose by replacing the built-in widgets with your own.

14. White Label

White Label

White Label allows you to customise your WordPress login, admin panel, remove menus, and more. Also, you can add a custom logo, custom login, create a full custom WordPress dashboard with your own widgets and other features to help your customers use WordPress.

You can also add your own informative dashboard widgets to improve customer support with tutorials, FAQs, and instructions easily accessible from your dashboard. You can also add photos and videos.

15. Unlimited Client Dash

Ultimate Client Dash

Unlimited Client Dash allows you to create custom client dashboards with just a few clicks. This plugin allows you to provide instructions, create custom widgets, hide menu items, and more. You also have the option to create custom client dashboards, manage user features and rename WordPress. Quickly customise footers, login pages, and dashboards.

Also with this plugin, it provides you beautiful themes for your dashboard and you can choose as you like. And easily update your website with code snippets that help manage analytics and pixel tracking.


WordPress Wednesday – 15 WordPress Dashboard Plugins for 2023