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Recipes can be published on any WordPress website. But if you use a plugin designed specifically for recipes. Your recipes will be attractively formatted, simple to understand, and printable. You may add a lot of helpful features to your website for publishing this kind of content by installing one of the finest WordPress recipe plugins in this selection.

Installing a recipe plugin has many benefits. Including giving you access to templates made specifically for publishing recipes. A search tool that lets site visitors look only for recipes. And systems for classifying and organising your recipes so that your audience can easily find what they’re looking for.

Many of the greatest WordPress recipe plugins can make sure that your recipe information is search engine optimised. By doing this. You not only enhance the likelihood that people will find your website and its content. But you also let search engines like Google know that it has more than simply blog posts and pages. This should make it easier for users to find your material when they search for recipes explicitly.

These plugins may also allow you to add cooking timings, display nutritional information, and submit videos to your recipes, among other helpful features. In this WordPress Wednesday, I’m presenting few different WordPress recipe plugins, so make sure that you look over each plugin demo to see how your recipes might seem once they are published in order to choose the best plugin for your food site.

1. Tasty Recipes

Tasty Recipes

You may improve the recipe publishing functionality of your WordPress website with the help of Tasty Recipes’ many features.

You can import your recipes from a variety of platforms. Such as Ziplist, Meal Planner Pro, Cookbook. As well as any other free WordPress recipe plugins. If you choose to install this paid plugin. Consequently, switching to Tasty Recipes doesn’t need starting from scratch if you’ve previously used another WordPress recipe plugin. Depending on your preferences, you may decide whether to convert your recipes one at a time to see how they’ll look or all at once as part of the migration process.

You may simply switch to this recipe plugin and start taking advantage of the features. Such as the option to select from a number of recipe card display styles and integrate ads directly into your recipe content. To help you monetize your website. Paying for this paid option gives you access to a responsive help desk crew that can assist you while using Tasty Recipes, unlike some of the free WordPress recipe plugins.

Support for search engines, connecting to Pinterest in aid in social media promotion. And a user-friendly interface for including the recipes on your website are further factors to take into account when choosing a plugin. With Tasty Recipes’ styling capabilities. You can also play a more active role in the design of your dishes. Visitors can rate your recipes, which will help the best content appear at the top.

Price: Starting at $49.00 per year

2. Zip Recipes

Zip Recipes

One free plugin for organising and posting recipes on your WordPress website is Zip Recipes.

Zip Recipes was created to operate with the Google Search View. Just like some of the other well-known recipe plugins for WordPress. To assist your material appear in this search engine. With the help of this plugin, your recipes will not only be search engine optimised but also look fantastic when they are posted on your website.

Every recipe comes with information on how many servings it makes, a description, a list of the ingredients, and pictures to help you illustrate your points.

Also, the plugin includes a helpful print option on each recipe so that your visitors can instantly print off a clean, legible copy. Furthermore the Pinterest sharing buttons that Zip Recipes adds to any photographs you use in your recipes for simple promotion by your visitors are another wonderful feature.

It’s simple to add recipes to your WordPress blog or website. Your recipes are neatly categorised and kept apart from the other content on your website. To avoid having to learn a new system for entering recipe material. The recipes are added using the standard WordPress editor coupled with a few extra fields.

Although though this plugin has a commercial version, Zip Recipes’ free version has plenty of functionality. The ability to monetise your recipes using the affiliate link tool. And a recipe name auto-complete tool that enables you to discover the most well-liked and frequently searched variations of your recipe’s name are a few additional reasons to select this plugin.

Price: Free & Premium starts at $39.00 per year

3. Delicious Recipes

Delicious Recipes

A free WordPress recipe plugin that comes with six widgets is called Delightful Recipes.

This plugin will present more details in the search engine results pages when your website is listed because of its schema-friendly design. This additional material, which may include important recipe information, should catch readers’ attention and, ideally, increase website traffic.

People will notice your recipes in a tastefully presented way when they visit your website. This beautiful free WordPress recipe plugin also makes it simple for visitors to print your recipes. Support for image galleries and video content are two additional features.

Also, Delicious Recipes features an integrated rating system so that your visitors can quickly and simply offer feedback and see which of your recipes are the most well-liked. Check out this plugin for additional features including support for Pinterest Rich Pins, walk-through wizards to help you get started, and video tutorials.

If you require more functionality, Delicious Recipes also has a Pro edition.

Price: Free, premium starts at $59.00 per year

4. Recipe Card Blocks

Recipe Card Blocks For Gutenberg & Elementor

Recipe Card Blocks’ creator, WPZOOM, has greater exposure for their themes. Yet, its product lines also include plugins. Recipe Card Blocks is an excellent solution that has received numerous positive evaluations.

In actuality, one of the developer’s themes served as creative inspiration for the plugin. It will add a new Block to your editor where you may put things like ingredient lists, recipe specifics, dietary data, and other more basic things.

For speedy setup, you can bulk add ingredients to your recipe. Video integration is also possible. If you also want to provide a visual help and boost engagement, this is useful. A variety of styles are included in the package to assist you in customizing the appearance to your own branding. These recipes will also display beautifully on all devices due to their responsive functionality and Google AMP support.

Recipe Card Blocks is the best plugin for a straightforward plugin, and you may decide to upgrade if it becomes an essential part of your workflow.

Price: Free and Premium start at $59.00 per year

5. WP Recipe Maker

Wp Recipe Maker

A well-liked freemium option for publishing attractively displayed recipes on your WordPress website is WP Recipe Creator.

Adding recipes to your WordPress website or blog is made easier using the WP Recipe Creator plugin. WP Recipe Maker is not only often used for a plugin of this kind. But also receives high reviews from users. Your recipe material will also be optimised to improve its chances of being found by users of search engines like Google. Because the plugin was created with SEO in mind. By utilising this plugin, your content will now appear in both the conventional search mode and the Google recipe search engine.

You can leverage the social media integration of this plugin in addition to its SEO-friendly design to aid in the increased visibility of your website and its contents. You can make it really simple for your audience to share your recipes on Pinterest by turning on the optional sharing button. Also, visitors can rate your recipes, which might make your material stand out.

The print option, which ensures that your recipes appear excellent when printed out by your guests, is another helpful feature of WP Recipe Creator. This WordPress plugin makes it incredibly simple to add pictures and videos to your recipe pages. There is a premium upgrade available for WP Recipe Creator in addition to all the other capabilities if you require even more functionality.

Both the old WordPress editor and the “brand-new” Gutenberg editor are now compatible with WP Recipe Creator. This implies that the recipes on your website and the method for publishing recipes will remain available and completely functional for the foreseeable future.

Price: Free and Premium as a bundle starting at €49.00 (around $53.00)


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