WordPress provides various WooCommerce plugins, including subscription plugins, to streamline the operations of your online store.

WooCommerce subscription plugins enhance your store with subscription-based features not native to WooCommerce. For example, WooCommerce lacks built-in capabilities for setting up recurring payments essential for subscription products. Therefore, to designate a product as a subscription in your store, you’ll need to find a plugin offering these features.

Given the abundance of plugins with similar functionalities, selecting the right one for your business can be challenging. Using a poorly coded plugin can negatively affect your store’s security and performance.

If you’re seeking a subscription plugin for your WooCommerce store, prioritise options that adhere to WordPress coding and security standards, along with reliable technical support.

To simplify your decision-making process, I’ve curated a selection of subscription-based WooCommerce plugins

Understanding Subscription Services and Their Benefits:

Subscription models entail customers paying a fixed amount periodically to a business for continued access to products/services. Businesses adopt subscription-based models to secure recurring revenue and potentially expand their customer base for other marketing efforts.

Launching a subscription-based business offers several advantages:

  1. Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs: Engaging existing customers who trust your brand reduces the expense of acquiring new ones.
  2. Increased Customer Referrals: Satisfied subscribers are more likely to recommend your brand, leading to organic growth.
  3. Targeted Promotional Campaigns: Subscribers serve as a focused audience for targeted marketing campaigns, saving time and resources.

Types of Subscription Services:

Subscription services vary based on their objectives:

  1. Product Subscription: Delivering physical or digital products at specified intervals, such as magazines or subscription boxes.
  2. Membership Subscription: Providing access to products/services in exchange for recurring payments, like Netflix subscriptions.
  3. Email Subscription: Sending regular communications, such as sales updates or promotions, to subscribers.

Pros and Cons of Subscription Models:


  • Stable Revenue: Recurring payments provide financial stability.
  • Upselling Opportunities: Subscribers offer potential for additional sales.
  • Increased Customer Reach: Offering flexible payment cycles attracts more customers.
  • Competitive Pricing: Subscription models facilitate offering competitive prices.
  • Flexible Trials: Easily set up free trials to attract new customers.
  • Flexible Subscriptions: Customers can easily upgrade or downgrade their plans.


  • Initial Uncertainty: Churn rates and revenue may be volatile initially.
  • Customer Hesitancy: Some customers may hesitate to commit to recurring payments.

1. YITH WooCommerce Subscription

Yith Woocommerce Subscription

The YITH WooCommerce Subscription plugin is a versatile tool that empowers you to sell various subscription types—simple, virtual, and downloadable—to your customers. With this plugin, you can effortlessly create unlimited subscription plans for your products, allowing customers to choose the best fit for their needs.

Moreover, YITH facilitates smooth transitions for users, enabling them to upgrade, downgrade, or switch between plans with ease. It offers robust configuration settings, including the ability for customers to pause or cancel their subscriptions as needed.

One standout feature of the YITH plugin is its flexibility in handling subscription payments. You can define specific actions if a user fails to make a payment, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Furthermore, the plugin offers comprehensive email notification settings, keeping both you and your customers informed about critical events such as failed payments or suspended subscriptions. Additionally, it includes two additional coupons, providing discounts on signup and recurring fees, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

YITH WooCommerce Subscription boasts an array of functionalities, including integration with YITH WooCommerce Membership, payment synchronisation, and the ability to export subscriptions to a CSV file. Plus, it offers convenient monitoring of subscriptions and income directly from your dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Supports free trial and signup fee options for subscription products.
  • Allows customers to purchase multiple subscriptions simultaneously.
  • Enables users to switch between subscription plans for products.
  • Compatible with multiple payment gateways.
  • Facilitates automatic subscription renewal for seamless customer experiences.

2. Sumo Subscriptions

Sumo Subscriptions

The SUMO Subscriptions plugin is a robust WooCommerce solution for creating and selling various types of product subscriptions, including simple, variable, and grouped products.

This plugin comes packed with a range of features, such as payment synchronisation, allowing you to customise subscription durations and the number of renewals. You can also set up pre-approved subscription renewals and prorate synchronised subscriptions.

With SUMO Subscriptions, you get built-in PayPal and Stripe payment gateways, ensuring seamless automatic renewal of subscriptions without requiring user authorisation. Subscribers have the flexibility to choose between automatic or manual payment renewal options and can cancel their subscriptions at any time.

WooCommerce administrators have full control over subscription management, including the ability to manually generate subscription orders, assign orders to users, and adjust shipping charges and taxes during renewals, among other features.

Key Features:

  • Payment synchronisation for hassle-free subscription management.
  • Compatibility with various product types, allowing customers to purchase subscriptions alongside regular products.
  • Integration with built-in PayPal and Stripe gateways for automated subscription renewal.
  • Flexible payment renewal options, enabling subscribers to switch between manual and automatic renewal methods.
  • Support for free and paid product trials to give customers a taste of your subscription offerings.
  • Compatibility with all WooCommerce-supported themes, ensuring seamless integration and performance across different design setups.

3. WooCommerce Subscriptions

Woocommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Subscriptions stands out as a premium WordPress plugin designed specifically for WooCommerce, empowering you to establish a fully functional subscription-based online store. This plugin offers a range of essential features, including the ability to create multiple subscription plans, set periodic billing schedules, and generate invoices automatically.

In addition to these core functionalities, WooCommerce Subscriptions provides advanced options such as sign-up fees, free trial periods, and customisable billing and expiration periods for subscription products. Your customers can easily manage their subscription plans, whether it’s upgrading, downgrading, or switching between different plans.

The plugin boasts a diverse selection of payment gateway options for handling both automatic recurring payments and manual renewal payments. Manual renewals made through the WooCommerce payment gateway trigger automatic generation of email invoices and receipts, streamlining the process for both you and your customers.

One of the notable strengths of WooCommerce Subscriptions is its user-friendly interface, making it straightforward to control various plugin functionalities directly from the dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Empowers subscribers to manage their subscription plans with ease.
  • Allows for the creation of multiple subscription products tailored to your business needs.
  • Sends automatic renewal notifications to subscribers, ensuring transparency and convenience.
  • Handles automatic re-billing of failed subscription payments, reducing manual intervention.
  • Offers compatibility with a wide range of payment gateways, providing flexibility for your customers.
  • Facilitates seamless upgrades or downgrades of subscription plans, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.

4. Subscriptions for WooCommerce

Subscriptions For Woocommerce

Subscriptions for WooCommerce, a premium plugin developed by WebToffee, streamlines the process of managing recurring payments and billing for your online store.

This versatile plugin supports both simple and variable subscription models, catering to a wide range of products including physical, virtual, and downloadable items. You have the flexibility to configure free trials and charge sign-up fees, with options to create recurring discount coupons for enhanced customer satisfaction. Once applied, these coupons remain active for all subsequent renewals.

Seamless integration with major payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe ensures smooth transaction processing. Furthermore, you can establish multiple billing schedules to accommodate various subscription plans.

For simple subscription products, rates are calculated based on the subscription interval, while variable subscription products offer pricing flexibility based on customisable billing schedules.

A standout feature of this plugin is its extensive customisation options, allowing you to automatically notify customers/subscribers via email about critical subscription events such as account expiration, free trial commencement, suspended accounts, and completed transactions.

Key Features:

  • Support for simple and variable subscriptions across physical and downloadable product categories.
  • Capability to set signup fees and offer free trials to entice customers.
  • Ability to synchronise and prorate subscriptions for seamless billing experiences.
  • Multiple billing schedule options to cater to diverse subscription plans.
  • Automatic email notifications to keep subscribers informed about subscription-related events.
  • Automatic re-billing and initiation of failed subscription payments for uninterrupted service.
  • Compatibility with popular payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and more.

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