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Today, social media is a crucial component of any offline or online business. The good news is that you can use WordPress social sharing plugins to make creating a platform easier if you already have a WordPress website.

These plugins include social media sharing capabilities into your website. Enabling users to distribute your information among their networks.

What Sorts of Social Media WordPress Plugins Do You Need?

When installing a plugin, it’s crucial to know what you’re getting into because each WordPress social networking plugin has a different function. Although not a comprehensive list. The most popular social networking plugins offer some of the following features and advantages:

Social sharing buttons – increase your online visibility because people who appreciate a page or article are more likely to share it on social media.

Links on social media icons – They let customers know that you have social media business profiles and give them the option to follow you by clicking through. It’s among the simplest techniques to increase your social media followings.

Social logins – Your website is more secure with a social login, which also reduces robot spam. Customers also find it simpler because they don’t need to create an entirely new login and password combination.

Social comments – The WordPress comments system by default lacks a social component. Hence, if someone comments on your post, it won’t encourage other people to do the same. But, Facebook comments may be read on both your blog and Facebook, which helps the debate spread much more quickly.

A tool for social locking – These tools are used to limit content on some blogs and businesses. In order to acquire access. The user must exchange something like a social follow or share. It’s a fantastic strategy to increase your following.

Social feed – Which shows your website visitors your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed. It enhances the visual appeal of your website and provides a sneak peek at what your actual social media profile will look like.

A social media poster – These plugins automate the procedure for posting on social media. You might set it up to automatically distribute your older blog posts to Twitter. For instance. Your followers gain from your constant sharing of material and reduced workload.

1. Social Snap

Social Snap

The top WordPress social sharing plugin, Social Snap, may help you build interaction and attract more traffic by utilising the potential of social media.

You can get Social Snap up and running in a matter of minutes. Enabling both new and returning visitors to spread the word about your content like wildfire!

They take delight in offering goods in a high-end UX/UI. Because of its user-friendly interface and straightforward design. Social Snap is the top option for both novice and experienced users seeking for a social sharing plugin.

In contrast to other social sharing plugins. Social Snap uses vector icons that load asynchronously and don’t slow down your website. They put in months of work to ensure that Social Snap performed flawlessly. While using it personally and providing your visitors with Social Snap social share and follow options. Expect nothing but the quickest speed.

Price: Free

2. Shareaholic


The most comprehensive set of tools for audience growth and engagement is called Shareaholic. You may add Similar Posts, Content Analytics, Social Sharing Buttons, Ad Monetisation, and more to your website.

Any website, no matter how big or little. May use this plugin to sell their content, engage and expand their traffic. Acquire insight, and monetise their audience. And it’s all kept in a single, uncomplicated dashboard.

By utilising cutting-edge code optimisation techniques like selective and lazy loading. This plugin is packaged in a small and incredibly quick bundle. When necessary, the plugin only loads the functionality you have chosen.

You’ll also have a set of tools on your website that are created to function flawlessly together because all the products are integrated.

Price: Free

3. Grow Social

Grow Social

One of the most user-friendly social sharing plugins available is Grow Social by Mediavine, formerly known as Social Pug. It enables you to include highly configurable social share buttons that seamlessly blend with the look of your website and improve interactions and social media shares.

Five of the most popular social media sites are included in the plugin’s free version, primarily Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

The social share button can be personalised for each social networking platform. To provide your visitors with social media proof, you can choose to have a simple social media icon share button, a share button with a bright label to capture their attention, or even social sharing buttons with social share numbers.

The social media sharing buttons can be positioned before and after the post text or you can create a floating sidebar for social media that follows readers as they scroll up and down the page.

Price: Free

4. Blog2Social


Another excellent free WordPress social media plugin is Blog2Social. The number of active WordPress installations there is actually above 70,000. You can automate social media sharing with this plugin so that you are not required to be online when things go live. Instead, you may automatically and separately schedule and publish blog entries to all of your social media networks.

You may post your material using Blog2Social to the profiles, business pages, community pages, and groups of the social media networks you choose. To increase traffic to your website, you can specify the sort of content and build a backlink to the post.

This plugin will save you a ton of time over manually posting blog content on all the major social media platforms because it supports all of them. It’s also frequently updated, so it’s continuously being improved.

Price: Free

5. Monarch


Another WordPress social media plugin worth considering is Monarch by ElegantThemes. There are more than 20 social networking sites included, including well-known ones like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Your ability to effectively promote yourself on social media can much depend on where you set your social sharing buttons.

Monarch gives you a wide range of options for where to put the sharing buttons, including automated fly-ins, floating sidebars, on photos and videos, automatic pop-ups, and above/below content.

The ability to share images is another another outstanding aspect of Monarch. To distribute media files on social media, you would generally require a different WordPress plugin, however Monarch can also handle it for you.

You may personalise the sharing button and the way that Monarch displays share counts.

Price: $89.00 Yearly or $249.00 Lifetime

6. Social Warfare

Social Warfare

My selection of the best WordPress plugins for social media includes Social Warfare, a completely responsive plugin with over a million downloads. It provides stunning, fully customisable social sharing buttons for your website that won’t detract from but rather improve its beauty. It’s also simple to set up.

Also, it gives you the choice of uploading images and descriptions tailored for Pinterest in order to promote any blog on the well-known image-sharing website. Also, the plugin comes with a widget that enables you to highlight the web page content that has received the most social media shares.

Additionally, this plugin provides you with a thorough analysis of the social data and automatically adds UTM tracking to each shared link so you can monitor the effectiveness of your social shares.

Price: $29.00 Single site, $89.00 Up to 5 sites, $139.00 Up to 10 sites, $349.00 Unlimited

7. Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress

The all-inclusive Easy Social Share Buttons plugin for WordPress offers social network integration.

Because of how adaptable it is, this is one of our favorite social sharing plugins for WordPress. The plugin connects with more than 50 social media platforms, offers over 30 automated display options, and lets you completely configure the buttons.

Also, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress include a widget that you can use to display your profiles and the number of followers who are following them anywhere you like using a shortcode.

Price: $22.00

8. Social Stream for WordPress

Social Stream For WordPress

With its distinctive designs and layouts, the Social Stream plugin makes it easier to highlight crucial social media activities. It has more than 30,000 installations and is GDPR compliant due to the fact that it won’t keep any visitor data.

When several networks are being pulled or there is a lot of traffic on your site, smart caching with the server enables you to offer content quickly without slow page loads.

Price: $49.00

9. FS Poster

Fs Poster

You may increase the size of your online community and the number of individuals who are actively linked by using FS Poster, a social media auto poster. Your WordPress content will be automatically shared as a result.

By using a social media scheduler, marketers can automatically publish their blogs, repost previously published content, bulk schedule several pieces, and directly disseminate individual articles on the most popular social networks.

It allows users to upload blog images, infographics, videos, and other content straight from within the WordPress platform itself to visual sharing networks, enabling users to share blog entries visually.

Price: $45.00

10. Jetpack Sharing

Jetpack Sharing

You’ve undoubtedly previously heard of the Jetpack plugin if you use WordPress. Social media sharing is one of the numerous things this one plugin can perform for your website.

Jetpack provides stunning, professional-looking, and simple social sharing buttons.

Price: Start with Jetpack Free or for social sharing it’s $1.00 for the first month, then $15 /month, billed yearly


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