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I’ve got a question to ask you? Do you know how many people visit your WordPress site daily, weekly, or even yearly?

Web traffic is one of the most fundamental KPIs, that every team that manages a site should be tracking. The number of people that visits your site shows you whether your presence online is growing. It can help illustrate the success of a marketing campaign, press release, or a new section in your site.

To secure the benefits above. You can’t rely on guessing these numbers. As your traffic numbers need to be measured accurately and consistently over time. Which means you will need to choose a good tool that you can easily access and that can scale with your site as it grows.

So, for this WordPress Wednesday post. Let’s look at 6 WordPress plugins that report quality data and provide data visualisation tools. So you can analyse your traffic and make important business decisions with it.

1. Site Kit by Google

Site Kit By Google

The first one is Google’s own plugin Site Kit. This has been built specifically for WordPress sites that want to track their traffic and user activity.

Relevant here is its ability to integrate Google Analytics into your WordPress site. It provides a dashboard for viewing your traffic without leaving your WordPress dashboard. And setup is fast and simple.

Also, it allows users to combine Google Search Console for improving SEO, AdSense for passive income via display ads. While it has PageSpeed Insights that is there to monitor page performance and more.

2. WP Statistics

Wp Statistics

WP Statistics lets you securely analyse your traffic data. Rather than sending the data from one app to another. This plugin records the information on your server.

Along with this plugin, you can examine visitor data records. Including the referring site, browser, and search engine. It has the top 10 countries with the most visitors and the top 10 most-visited pages.

This plugin does offers some paid add-ons. Which you can upgrade to see real-time stats. Create mini charts. And add conditions to change what your content is based on your analytics.

3. ExactMetrics

Exact Metrics

The ExactMetrics plugins connect your website using the Google Analytics tracking code. This plugin offers in-depth reports for you to analyse the performance of each post or page on your site.

Gain access to real-time reports, those reports will show visits to your website. Acquisition channels, traffic sources. You can use custom dimensions to track authors, publication year, categories, and user engagement.

Also, you can set permissions based on user roles to control who sees specific reports on your team.

4. MonsterInsights


MonsterInsights is one of the most popular Google Analytics plugins that enable all advanced Google analytics tracking features. And in just a few clicks of you will have a Google Analytics Dashboard thats shows you only the analytics reports that matter.

The reports included with this plugin are; audience, behaviour, and content reports. But if you need more granular data. Just set up a custom dimensions report. This then can help you determine what time to post content, which authors on your site are writing content that is meeting your goals. Lastly it even how tells you how well your SEO efforts are paying off.

5. Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics

Visitor Traffic Real Time Statistics

Visitor Traffic Real-Time Statistics is a useful plugin to track traffic from your WordPress dashboard. You will get in-depth reports of visitors’ behaviour. Including the kinds of browsers and operating systems, they are using to visit your site. Also, you can analyse search queries and redirects from search engines, like Google and Bing.

You can upgrade to the Pro version which gives you access to more features. So, see how many people are visiting your site in real-time. And also, see an interactive Google map of visitors’ locations.

6. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg

Not only, Crazy Egg tracks your traffic. But also generates a heatmap of your site to show you exactly where users are on your web pages. Where they are clicking. Lastly scrolling and typing.

With this plugin, you can provide yourself with insight that sometimes that data alone just can’t do.

With this plugin. You can identify areas of your site that need to be improved. Which could results in generating more clicks and conversions. You will also be able to leverage areas of your site that are working well and apply those tactics to other pages.


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Best Analytics & Traffic Plugins