Once you start getting a decent amount of traffic to your blog, AdSense or direct banner advertising can be a regular stream of revenue for your site. Some bloggers may keep their sites ad-free to retain focus on the content, while many other blogs and sites start as business ventures with profit as their goal.

There’s one obstacle that many encounters are that advertising is a monetisation strategy that is hard to maintain and manage. Playing around with your AdSense code and even your theme can become a nightmare.

Luckily, you can simply fix those problems if you set up an ad management plugin on your WordPress site. In this WordPress Wednesday here are six WordPress advertising plugins that can help you boost your blog revenue by presenting an all-around ad management solution.

1. AdRotate

Adrotate Ad Manager & Adsense Ads

The AdRotate plugin makes ad management easy. With this plugin, you can display your own adverts or even from third-party networks such as Google AdSense etc. This plugin enables periodic scheduling of ads and carefully calculates clicks and impressions while it displays the top-performing ads on your site.

There is a premium version of this plugin that includes some features such as geo-targeting, ad-blocker detection and as well others tools that enable you to easily sell and manage multiple ad campaigns.

Price: Free, while the premium starts at €39 for a single site

2. WP Bannerize Pro

Wp Bannerize Pro

This plugin creates a custom post type called “Banners”. Which enables you to create banners like you would create a post or a page.

To create a banner, you first upload/import the banner image and select if you want to track the impressions and CTR and then publish the banner. Once the magic done it will then generate you a banner shortcode. Now you can display the banner in any post, page or widgetised area using the shortcode.

Theres extra features include geo-targeting, IP restrictions, role-based ad targeting, and a fully stacked analytics dashboard.

Price: Free

3. Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads – Ad Manager & Adsense

This plugin is your go-to ad-management, Advanced Ads comes with tons of useful features ranging from basic ad creation to displaying third-party ads, geo-targeting ads, also a highly customisable ad-network. And with Advanced Ads, you can build, display, configure, filter and lastly target your ads based on your visitors.

Like other plugins on this list, Advanced Ads also has a premium version or well it’s premium add-ons which are available to purchase, add-ons such as Selling Ads that help you sell ad-spots in your site. Also, the premium version allows essential features such as advanced ad-injection, innovative ad-placement areas such as side header, or floating ads and many more.

Price: Free, premium starts at €39.00 for single site

4. WordPress Ad Widget

Ad Widget

WordPress Ad Widget is a super simple plugin that enables you to display both Google Ads and custom ads on your WordPress site. If you were to sell ad spots on your site, you could offer a variety of options to your customers. The plugin has over 55 ad-formats you can advertise such as Facebook pages, Instagram profiles and more.

Price: Free


Adning Wp Pro Advertising System

Formerly WP Pro Advertising System, the ADNING plugin is a perfect solution for managing and display adverts on your website. Visitors are more likely to click on a beautiful, eye-catching ad.

With this plugin, you can play around with different types of ads until you find the ones that generate the most clicks. You can place ads on your site in an assortment of shapes and sizes, too, so you can potentially monetise any area of your site. The plugin has an “Ad Grid” which lets you display multiple banners in one ad space. The plugin supports shortcodes, iframes, and widgets, giving you a variety of ways to place ads on your website.

The plugin can also rotate your ads using stunning transition animations. This fully responsive is super-easy to configure ad management plugin, and it includes a detailed analytics function for tracking how your ads are performing.

Price: $29.00

6. Ads Pro

Ads Pro

Ads Pro is a multi-purpose WordPress advertising manager is one of the most sold ad-management WordPress plugin out on CodeCanyon.

Simply, it helps manage your ads in your WordPress site. This plugin supports filterable ads based on categories, tags and devices and it can be configured to display ads only after visitors have spent a precise amount of time on the site and restrict the number of times ads are shown to a user per session and it has also has geo-targeted ads with twenty different display styles that can be placed over twenty-five different placements.

The plugin also allows you create a self-serving ad platform, and the plugin allows you to sell three different billing models; CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and CPD (cost per day) and is supported payment gateways include Stripe, PayPal, WooCommerce, and Bank Transfer.

Price: $57.00


WordPress Wednesday – 6 Ad Management Plugins