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It’s the last day of the December and 2021, and no one could have predicted the events of this year like we experience on the year before. But beside that I think now it’s the perfect time to showcase some excellent website inspiration. This time I’ve collected thirty one of the best websites that been either made or published during December.

So today’s post, I’m publishing 31 of the best websites that have made that can inspire you for your next website build. As I always like seeing what other developers have been building either for themselves or for a client.

*Like every other site inspiration posts from past months, all of the following websites you see are in no particular order.

1. Skinn Branding Agency

Skinn Branding Agency

2. Hard Work Club

Hard Work Club

3. American Heroes

American Heroes

4. Digital City

Digital City

5. Fuze


6. Agima Outsource

Agima Outsource

7. Hilight


8. Material Kitchen

Material Kitchen

9. La Dispensa del Chianti

La Dispensa Del Chianti

10. EQT Ventures

Eqt Ventures

11. Foxbear

Foxbear Games

12. Handmade Company

Handmade Company

13. Driftime 2021 Impact Report

Driftime 2021 Impact Report

14. Datavisual


15. Dovetail Studios

Dovetail Studios

16. Lemon Scuad

Lemon Scuad

17. SBH Plus

Sbh Plus

18. Photon Experience

Photon Experience

19. Ven Agency

Ven Agency

20. Doja Code

Doja Code

21. Highvibe Network

22. Everyday Robots

Everyday Robots

23. Corvette Care

Corvette Care

24. Healthline Transform

Healthline Transform

25. Pixel Pro Avionaut

Pixel Pro Avionaut

26. D-Wave Quantum Computing

D Wave Quantum Computing

27. Centre Culturel Desjardins

Centre Culturel Desjardins

28. The Swell Gallery by Ripple

The Swell Gallery By Ripple

29. The Holidays Carousel

The Holidays Carousel

30. The Unconventional Gallery

The Unconventional Gallery

31. ACAP



31 of the Best Made Websites from December 2021