Old Risograph Poster Photo Effect

This photo effect transports you to the past, resembling the echoes of yesteryear’s through the artistic medium of Risograph technology and imbuing a visual texture that exudes both richness and nostalgia. It injects a captivating retro aura into your creative endeavors, making it ideal for setting the atmospheric tone for indie music events, vintage product campaigns, or any design project in search of a genuine retro touch.

Delivered as a high-quality PSD file complete with Smart Objects, this effect is perfectly sized for posters, simplifying its integration into expansive visual projects. With four meticulously crafted color options tailored specifically for the Risograph effect, you can effortlessly strike that sublime, imperfect balance that ensures your work remains etched in memory.

Download from Pixel Buddha


Freebie Tuesday – 26th of September – Old Risograph Poster Photo Effect