This is the fourth of my yearly roundup of What’s New for Designers & Developers for 2020, in this roundup, I will be focusing on showing you what some of the exceptional web based apps that been released during this year.

I want to mention that not every app for your mobile that been featured in each of my roundups will be featured in today’s post, as I feel that this list could be enormous. So for your piece of reading pleasure, I will be splitting up the best of these web apps into month of release. So lets get in to it.


SSL Scout – Web App

Ssl Scout

SSL Certificates are tough to keep track of and many of the free SSL providers attempt automatic renew and sometimes fail with no notification. SSL Scout allows you to keep on top of these expiry dates and never let them expire without your knowledge.

Price: Free – Web App

Octopus, a lightning-fast visual sitemap builder. Create your site map and implement website development and content planning.

Price: From Free to $86.00 per month


Thundra – Web App


Thundra is an Application Observability and Security Platform for serverless, container, VM workloads helping developers debug, monitor, and secure. Pinpoint bottlenecks & take actions on cost, performance & security.

Price: Free to $990.00 per month

Clubhouse – Web App


Clubhouse is the collaborative home for software development that makes it easier and more enjoyable to plan and build with your teams.

Price: Free to $8.50 per month and per user

RoutePath – Web App


Easily add routing and HTTPS for any of your sites.No code, no config, no deployments, no worries.

Price: $15.00 per month


Datawaves – Web App


Simply push your events data, then retrieve it in a way that makes sense to you and your users.

Price: From Free 20K writes Per Month to $0.00015 Per write

DebugBear – Web App

Debug Bear

DebugBear is website monitoring tool built for front-end teams. Track bundle size, performance metrics, and Lighthouse scores over time and get alerted when there’s a problem.

Price: From $49.00 to $249.00

AskPenny – Web App

Ask Penny

AskPenny is your answer to “where do we keep our passwords?”, “Where are those files for this contract?”, “Where did we put the notes for the meeting?”. AskPenny provide a secure, simple solution to house all of your vital digital assets in one place, beautifully.

Price: £14.99


Documentator – Web App


With Documentator, you will never have to worry about assembling a document again. That’s because Documentator helps you through the process from start to finish.

Price: From $9.00 per month

Web Analyzer – Web App

Web Analyzer

Web Analyzer is a free page performance testing tool that allows users to analyze their website and check all issues related to development, speed and search engines.

Price: Free

Inbox by MessageBird – Web App

Inbox By Messagebird

Deliver modern support to your customers through WhatsApp, SMS, Voice, Messenger, LINE, WeChat, Telegram, and Email. Easy to set up and free to use, Inbox lets customers talk to you the same way they talk to their friends.

Price: Free


Kanban Boards by Crowdsourcer – Web App

Kanban Boards By Crowdsourcer

Create your MVPs, games, apps and more quicker and easier with the introduction of Kanban boards to Boost your team’s productivity with the highly visible, infinitely customisable boards and lists you’ve been asking us for.

Price: Free

App Calculator – Web App

App Cost Calculator

Inoxoft app cost calculator is a reasonable way to learn the price of the app without writing request emails, waiting for the response or trying to search in Google how much what service is priced in the IT market.

Price: Free

Hocus – Web App


The fast, easy-to-use time tracking app. Hocus was built for freelancers and teams of all sizes, it is the lightweight tool that fades into the background and lets you focus on doing great work.

Price: Free


Clustered Cloud – Web App


Clustered Cloud is an end-to-end application lifecycle platform that helps developers build, deploy and scale modern apps and microservices without having to worry about all the hard stuff.

Price: Free to $79.00 per month

SharpDash – Web App

Sharp Dash

Sharpdash is a service that helps people create admin dashboards to monitor data within minutes!

Price: Free to $9.99 per month or Buy SharpDash $300.00


Log Owl – Web App

Log Owl

Get the insights you need on how your IT services perform in production. Track errors with all the details you need to fix issues and get detailed user analytics, privacy-focused and all in one place.

Price: Free

DoEnd – Web App


DoEnd is an issue tracker built for speed, and designed for small teams.

Price: 14 Day free trial then it’s start at $4.00 per month


StatusTicker 2.0 – Web App


StatusTicker allows you to follow and monitor the statuses of your most critical services, all in one place. Use your Ticker on a screen in your office, and get real-time notifications sent to you and your team by email, SMS, Slack, and webhook.

Price: Start for free

Tascflow – Web App


Tasclow is a straightforward copy of the same workflow I was using to track my game development projects.It makes things a lot easier than using a spreadsheet and a Google timer though!

Price: From $0.00 to $5.99 per month

Glances – Web App


From any web app (or even Slack via our /glances command) see all data related to an email address in a simplified customer view. Information gets pulled in real time from across your connected workplace applications into a single view saving time and hassle.

Price: Starting at $12.00 per user/month


Dropbase – Web App


Dropbase helps you bring offline files, such as CSV, Excel, and JSON files into a live database. Import files. Process and clean up data using a spreadsheet interface or by writing custom code. Export to a live database or generate REST APIs with one click.

Price: Starting from Free to $49.00 per month/user

Cotter – Web App


Cotter is the fastest way to convert users , so you get to build apps and websites with instant, passwordless login. This save engineering time by creating an SDK that developers can copy and paste in minutes!

Price: Starting from Free


MaestroCR – Web App


Become a maestro of your change requests with the next big thing in your live projects. Shorter correction, implementation, and going-live periods, transparency and documentation of the change process from approval to completion, all with Maestro!

Price: Starting from Free to $350.00 per month

Keypup – Web App


Reclaim your own dev time by automating processes, workflows & housekeeping activities. Get prioritized & aggregated views of issues and pull requests for you and your team, centralised across repos & project tools. Be poked when it’s your turn to action.

Price: Starting from Free to an enterprise plan where you have to contact them


Weap – Web App

Weap allows you to easily backup your servers in 3 ways: Provider Snapshots (DigitalOcean, AWS, GCP, OVH, etc), Native File Backups, and Database Backups. Each plan has between 5GB and 250GB of storage which can be extended by connecting your own storage.

Price: Starting at €7.00 per month

Mailosaur – Web App


Automate email and SMS tests, like account verification and password resets, using any language or testing framework using the Mailosaur API. Stop email being delivered to customers using fake SMTP servers.

Price: Starting at 19.00 per month


Capacity – Web App


Capacity is the world’s first Work Automation Platform, powered by artificial intelligence, that automates support for customers & employees. The platform includes a knowledgebase, a helpdesk, and workflow automations, tied together by conversational AI.

Price: Request

Data Fetcher – Web App

Data Fetcher

Data Fetcher lets you easily make API requests within Airtable. Import your marketing data, look up stock prices, send emails or do anything else you can think of using APIs.

Price: Free to $30.00 per month

Autocode – Web App


Automate with code and level up from workflow engines without managing servers. Build webhooks, connect APIs and ship event-based apps in minutes. Use API autocomplete, code generation, one-click auth and instant hosting all from our complete in-browser IDE.

Price: Free to $250.00 per month


What’s New for Designers & Developers from 2020: Web Apps