As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers for September 2020, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the October 2020 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



GridlessBuilder.js is a JavaScript library for building responsive content without grid constraints. It makes a web page become more like a canvas where you can place blocks anywhere on it, freely arrange them, align, scale, rotate, shape and more.



Easy to implement, 3D typography for the web. Works with every font.



Danfo.js is an open source, JavaScript library providing high performance, intuitive, and easy to use data structures for manipulating and processing structured data.

Rhea – Android App


Rhea. is a task management application that helps you manage your schedule. , It reminds you of the time progress of tasks anytime, anywhere, allowing you to complete tasks on time and improve efficiency.

Price: Free

Journal – iOS App


Journal is a productivity tool designed to keep your projects moving forward and your head clear.

Price: Free

Quit Anger – iOS App

Quit Anger

Quit Anger is a mental health and self-care app to help manage and control anger. It can be used by anyone who is coping with anger problems, stress, or anxiety.

Price: Free

Magnetic – iOS/Mac App


Master your lists with hotkeys and gestures. Complete, delete, schedule, reschedule and move tasks in bulk. Mac, iOS and iPad.

Price: Free

Clink – iOS/Mac App


Clink helps you keep track of all the links, meeting IDs, and passwords for video meetings while working or learning from home,. With Clink, simply paste your video meeting links from virtually any meeting platform to save and organize them in one place.

Price: $0.99

CleanSpark – Mac App


A Mac only app, that allows you to declutter your screen with one click to safely share it on your next presentation

Price: $4.99

Git Streaks – Mac App

Git Streaks

Git Streaks displays your today’s green square on your menu bar, it motivates you to keep your GitHub streak going.

Price: Free

Image Colorizer – Web App

Image Colorizer

Image Colorizer is an AI-powered online tool that colorizes black and white photos, pictures and images automatically. Based on the deep learning technology, Image Colorizer could help you to convert black & white images to full color and give a new life to your old photos. It also provide free image colorizer apps on AppStore and .

Price: Free

Dropbase – Web App


Dropbase helps you bring offline files, such as CSV, Excel, and JSON files into a live database. Import files. Process and clean up data using a spreadsheet interface or by writing custom code. Export to a live database or generate REST APIs with one click.

Price: Starting from Free to $49.00 per month/user

Cotter – Web App


Cotter is the fastest way to convert users , so you get to build apps and websites with instant, passwordless login. This save engineering time by creating an SDK that developers can copy and paste in minutes!

Price: Starting from Free

ChatGen – Web App

Chat Gen

ChatGen is a hybrid chatbot platform that engages your visitors, captures leads, gets demos 24/7 & improve sales efficacy. Validate your chatbot workflows and verify ROI quick.

Price: Starting at $0.00 per month ofr 250 conversations/50 leads

Bed Time Calculator

Bed Time Calculator

Bed Time Calculator is a tool that helps you calculate your optimal bed time based on REM cycles, helping you wake up refreshed, alert, and ready to win the day.

Octo Ring

Octo Ring

Octo Ring is the the webring for GitHub. Octo Ring lets you surf GitHub to stumble upon cool people and projects, and show off your own profile without using creepy analytics, suggestion algorithms, or search engines.

Nice Ice

Nice Ice

Gather feedback from your users with one line of code.

Snippets of Hooks

Snippets Of Hooks

A beginner-friendly directory that teaches you how to use hooks using examples from the core React library — with sample code, useful prompts, and a cheat sheet.



Umami is a simple, easy to use, self-hosted web analytics solution. The goal is to provide you with a friendlier, privacy-focused alternative to Google Anaytics and a free, open-sourced alternative to paid solutions. Umami collects only the metrics you care about and everything fits on a single page.

CCSS – CrypticCSS


CCSS is an opinionated, low level utility to deal with CSS style objects. It’s not an out-of-the-box styling solution, instead it focuses on helping you deliver your own, custom tools. However, we also deliver some solutions built on top of CCSS.



Stitches is a fully-typed CSS-in-JS library featuring near-zero runtime, server-side rendering, multi-variant support, and a best-in-class developer experience.

Pull Request Badge

Pull Request Badge

A GitHub App lets you programatically insert badges in your pull request descriptions and then link them to anything.



A CSS splitter that takes in your main.css file and splits into component specific css files

Prompt API

Prompt Api

Prompt API is a highly curated API marketplace with a focus on reliability and scalability. It allows API developers to monetize their APIs, while letting others building the next big thing much easier and faster.



The simplest WordPress starter theme including Sass, PostCSS, Autoprefixer, stylelint, Webpack, ESLint, imagemin, Browsersync, etc.

Wubtitle – Plugin


Wubtitle is the all-in-one plugin for dealing with video-to-text tasks in WordPress. Save tons of time automatically subtitling and transcribing your videos or instantly converting YouTube subtitles to plain text. Get started for free!

Price: Free

Use Hashtags – Plugin

Use Hashtags

With the Use Hashtags plugin, you can easily use hashtags in your WordPress blog/site. Just type # plus a word, and the plugin will automatically convert it to a link to the website search page, showing additional content that also uses that hashtag.

Price: Free

ThriveDesk – Plugin


ThriveDesk is easy to use yet powerful helpdesk plugin for WordPress. Your team can colloborate on conversation and help customer faster than ever. ThriveDesk is everything you need to convert, support, and delight your customers.

Price: Free

WP Eventin – Plugin


WP Eventin is a simple and easy to use Event Management Plugin to manage Event, Conference and Sell Tickets by WooCommerce. The Eventin Plugin supports WordPress Shortcode and Elementor Builder. The plugin comes with both Single and Multi Event features. You can use Zoom on Single Event and Schedule or Where you want.

Price: $29.00

BeeMail – Plugin


BeeMail is an All-in-one and fully-featured email marketing plugin for WordPress with or without WooCommerce. With BeeMail, you have a powerful digital marketing and sales funnels management platform right in your WordPress with all capabilities like: contact & list management, email marketing, form design & publishing.

Price: $49.00

FireMobile – Plugin


FireMobile allow users to login/register simply with their mobile number. No more password or email required. You can easily use this plugin in your WordPress or in your WooCommerce store to keep track of your customer using their mobile number.

Price: $25.00

Seedlet – Theme


Seedlet is a free two-column layout theme that has classically elegant typography which creates a refined site to gives your works and images space to breathe and shine. Seedlet was built to be the perfect partner to the block editor, and supports all the latest blocks.

Price: Free

LearnMore – Theme


LearnMore is a minimal, elegant and modern theme that allows you to create a top-notch Knowledge Base solution for your company.

Price: Free

Ameya – Theme


Ameya is a fast and lightweight, multi-purpose WordPress theme. Enjoy Ken Burns effect, background elements, & smooth animations. Build amazing website with Ameya.

Price: Free

Playroom – Theme


Playroom is a theme perfect for all types of kids oriented websites, including kid entertainment center and party venue websites. Packed with a neat selection of event, booking and party venue templates, as well as full Elementor Page Builder plugin compatibility and two premium plugins bundled for free.

Price: $34.00

Industroz – Theme


Industroz is a factory & industrial WordPress Theme is a perfect solution for creating all types of industry, engineering or machinery businesses. Industroz has beautiful & unique design that will be best suited for your industry online web presence like projects, services, products, blog, testimonial and team pages etc.

Industroz is based on Advanced Custom Fields, Elementor Page Builder, Woocommerce and Slider Revolution plugin. It comes with 4 unique pre-made homepages.

Price: $59.00

Wonderment – Theme


Wonderment is an elegant multi-concept theme ideal for every modern agency, creative or business website. Beautiful selection of templates for portfolio, shop, blog, and a whole lot more, paired with full Elementor Page Builder Compatibility. Get Wonderment, and get a mesmerizing website for all your projects & creative work!

Price: $79.00

Free Education illustrations

Free Education Illustrations

Mister Sally – Font

Mister Sally

Mondaine – Font


Thalweg – Font


Prosaic Std – Font

Prosaic Std

Kanyon – Font


Fidena – Font


Fostter – Font

Fostter Script Font

Fattern – Font

Fattern Color Svg Font

Unoline Icons Set

Unoline Icons Set

88 Essential App Icons

88 Essential App Icons

Design Icon Set

Design Icon Set

Vicolo Illustrations Kit

Vicolo Illustrations Kit

Video Sharing Platform App UI Kit

Video Sharing Platform App Ui Kit

Study Mobile UI Kit

Study Mobile Ui Kit

Folio: Designer Portfolio Kit

Folio Designer Portfolio Kit


What’s New for Designers & Developers for September 2020