As designers or developers, we are continually looking for all of those design resources, tools and apps that can help make our life easier and increase our productivity & creativity.

So today is the day to showcase all of what’s new for designers and developers for October 2020, below I’ve added some newly released and updated resources from JavaScript scripts, jQuery plugins to a few apps, tools for web development including a range of themes and plugins for WordPress and to fonts, icons etc.

If you think I’ve missed something that you think should of been on the list, let me know in the comments or if you know of a new a that should be featured on the November 2020 roundup, please either tweet it to me @SomeWhatCrtv or even use the Submit Resource form and your resource could be seen on next month list.



urlcat is a tiny JavaScript library that makes building URLs very convenient and prevents common mistakes.

Toast Beta


Toast is a forward thinking JavaScript meta-framework, utilizing the power of ES Modules and the Rust programming language enabling 10,000 page sites to build in 60 seconds.



Graffiti.js is a minimalistic GraphQL framework built on top of Node.js and MongoDB that aims to remove the need to write boilerplate code yourself.



Day.js 2KB immutable date-time library alternative to Moment.js with the same modern API


Sort Es

A dead simple library to help you to sort any array in JS and TS in a simple and efficient way.Completely written in typescript, 0 dependencies, 0.8 kb, tree-shakeable bundle, opensource.

Daily Me – iOS App

Daily Me

This is a simple yet powerful iOS  app that helps you navigate through the day. Set themes to help you focus, complete tasks, check widgets and log your experiences in a journal.

Price:  $2.99

Stream – iOS App


With Stream all your feeds appears as a unified timeline. With its simple user interface, ability to import existing lists, and support for open reading standards, Stream is a great choice if you’re looking for a different experience.

Price:  Free

Loop Network – iOS App

Loop Network

Loop is a closed-circuit social network where you can only have 20 close friends. You are also introduced to and interact with the friends of your close friends, optimizing the ’friend of a friend’ concept to introduce you to people all over the world.

Price:  Free

Serenade – Mac/Windows/Linux App


Serenade is the fastest way to write code with natural speech. Rather than memorizing keyboard shortcuts and language syntax, Serenade enables you to write code with commands like “create function” and “delete argument”.

Price:  Free

Snatch – Windows App

Snatch App

Beautiful and intuitive clipboard manager. It will save each copied text in history allowing you to access it later.

Price:  Free

Snip – Mac App

Snip Lightweight Macos Snippets Manager

Snip is a native macOS developer tool built in SwiftUI. Create and preview GitHub Markdown notes and save your code snippets to multiple storage locations.

Price:  Free

Mimestream – Mac App


Mimestream is a lightweight, native macOS email client built specifically for Gmail. It uses the Gmail API instead of IMAP to support Gmail-specific features such as categorized inboxes, labels, synced aliases, synced signatures, and more!

Price:  Free during Beta

Watercooler – Mac App

Water Cooler

Lightweight, Life-like,1-on-1 Video Calls for Mac

Price:  Free

Webeye – Web App

Web Eye

Get instant alerts via Email, Slack, Telegram or dedicated mobile app when your website, API, Server or other digital product goes down. checks at one-minute intervals from various locations, avoids fake alerts and acts within seconds.

Price: Starting from Free to $29.00 per month

MaestroCR – Web App


Become a maestro of your change requests with the next big thing in your live projects. Shorter correction, implementation, and going-live periods, transparency and documentation of the change process from approval to completion, all with Maestro!

Price: Starting from Free to $350.00 per month

Keypup – Web App


Reclaim your own dev time by automating processes, workflows & housekeeping activities. Get prioritized & aggregated views of issues and pull requests for you and your team, centralised across repos & project tools. Be poked when it’s your turn to action.

Price: Starting from Free to an enterprise plan where you have to contact them


Pixie Labs

Pixie gives developers instant application performance data. With Pixie, developers don’t need to change code, manually set up ad-hoc dashboards or compromise on how much data they can observe. Pixie Community is in Public Beta and is free forever!

Terminal Cheat Sheet

Terminal Cheat Sheet

All the knowledge you need to get up and running on terminals across operating systems. You might be an aspiring developer. Perhaps you just want to brush up on some basic terminal commands. Available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.



Dizzle turns CSS selectors into functions that tests if elements match them. When searching for elements, testing is executed “from the top”, similar to how browsers execute CSS selectors.

Asatru PHP Framework

Asatru Php

Asatru PHP Framework is a lightweight PHP framework designed for rapid application development.It provides dynamic routing, a view templating engine, ORM style database queries, security features and a handy CLI tool.

PageSpeed Compare

Pagespeed Compare

Compare performance metrics (lab and field data) of your pages against each other or your competitors. PageSpeed Compare makes use of Google PageSpeed Insights which is powered by Lighthouse and Chrome UX Report.


A11y Resources

a11yresources is a growing list of 200+ accessibility tools and resources. Hand-curated and updated daily.



Caasy is the glue between web developers and creative content creators. A headless content management system with a focus on efficient collaboration and maximum flexibility.

Raven Figma Plugin


Raven Figma Plugin helps you in jotting down your design notes, tracking the progress of your work and integrating with productivity tools like Trello so that your team will know what you’re working on.


Wave Guide

Waveguide is a massive design knowledge bank with curated design learning content and thousands of artificially enriched examples of product and brand experience.



CSS only library to apply color filters.


Admin 2020

A clean and modern WordPress admin theme with a streamlined dashboard, Google Analytics Integration, powerful media library, dark mode, white label and much more.

Flat Preloader – Plugin

Flat Preloader

Flat Preloader helps you create the loading page with many excited gif icons. You can select where the loading page will be shown, such as the home page or all pages.

Price: Free

Cache Master – Plugin

Cache Master

Cache Master is an extremely light-weight and high-performace cache plugin that speeds up your WordPress sites on the fly. The core of Cache Master is driven by Shieldon Simple Cache, a PSR-16 simple cache library.

Price: Free

WP Umbrella – Plugin

Wp Umbrella

WP Umbrella is the best monitoring tool for WordPress. Monitors uptime, performance and PHP errors generated by theme and plugins. Get notified when downtimes and timeout happen.

Prevent and troubleshoot errors generated by theme and plugins. WP Umbrella also provides you with WordPress Health checks because you’re better safe than sorry!

Price: Free

Linkhood – Plugin


Linkhood is a WordPress plugin that helps you run your own URL shortener inside your WordPress website.

Price: $35.00

Add to Calendar – Plugin

Add To Calendar

Add to Calendar is now available as a WordPress plugin. This plugin provides a simple and flexible way for your users to add your events to their calendars. It has designed for event/seminar organizer to add an Add to Calendar button to their WordPress website. Right choice for Event Professionals, Developers & Agencies, Small Businesses, Community Organizations and other purpose.

Price: $25.00

WooCommerce Custom Notification Messages – Plugin

Woocommerce Custom Notification Messages

WooCommerce Custom Notification Messages will help you boost your sales by informing customers about promotions/offers/sales on the shop page/product page/cart page or during the checkout process.

Price: $17.00

Kalaratri – Theme


Aa child theme of Lalita, Kalaratri is a child theme that has a colorful, dynamic style and design for portfolio, business or agency content. Kalaratri has an easy to use admin with a lot of customizer functions, so You can build Your dream without coding knowledge. The theme is responsive so looks good on almost every devices.

Price: Free

Blog Starter – Theme

Blog Starter

Blog Starter is a themes for blogging. blog_starter has simple looks and smooth presentation mostly suited for personal blog and magazine type blog and it’s fully WooCommerce Supported. All customizer options available in WordPress are used. blog_starter a free WordPress theme is fully controlled and accessed from customizer view. It looks as per demo can be totally created from customizer option.

Price: Free

WP Magazine – Theme

Wp Magazine

WP Magazine WordPress Theme is easy to use theme for Passionate Bloggers, Writers and Editors. This theme is developed with lots of options that a magazine newspaper or blog need. You will also get unlimited google fonts, color options, easy to use customizer and most importantly show/hide and drag/drop options for all the sections.

Price: Free

Poco – Theme


Poco is an elegant & responsive fast food restaurant theme. Its was created for any online shop. You can use it for many purposes such as restaurants, cafes, fast food stores, bars or fast food blogs.

This is a WooCommerce theme that comes with many features and functionality that make your restaurant far different from other restaurants in the town. There are four creative homepage demos that are ready to use for you to choose from. Also, just by one click, you already have it imported in your WordPress website.

Price: $29.00

Industryo – Theme


Industryo is a WordPress Theme for Construction & Building websites, packed-up with niche functionalities and blocks, powered by Aheto plugin.

It includes unique service pages that will suit your service requirements, also such unique and specially dedicated pages and everything else required to successfully create a website. The theme is not limited to just construction and could easily be adapted to suit a wide range of applications.

Industryo is fully responsive and designed with high-end logistic in mind so naturally, it is a theme for mobile-friendly websites and applications, every single feature and page element will look amazing on the screens of tablets and mobile phones.

Price: $19.00

Glint – Theme


Glint is a personal portfolio WordPress theme which is an trendy, clean and creative designed template for showcasing personal portfolio. Designed for creative individuals who wants to make an online portfolio and want to showcase their own work and achievements. Glint used bootstrap 4 frameworks for the theme.

Price: $29.00

Hunterra – Font


Longtype – Font


Troptical – Font


XXII Aven – Font

Xxii Aven

Neutro Display – Font

Neutro Display Font

Unity Dashboard Kit

Unity Dashboard Kit

iOS 14 Retro Home Screen Icons

Ios 14 Retro Home Screen Icons

Gardening Icons

Gardening Icon Set

3D – Coopmade Icons

3d Coopmade Icons

Adobe Icon Set Group 1

Adobe Icon Set Group 1

Teensy – Social Media App UI Kit

Teensy Social Media App Ui Kit

Spend & Invest Cash UI

Spend & Invest Cash

Wealth – Financial Web UI Kit

Wealth Financial Web Ui Kit

Landify UI Kit

Landify Ui Kit Design


What’s New for Designers & Developers for October 2020